A Story of Point

Point lives in a two-dimensional world.  He is surrounded by millions of other points living in the same world.  Point can move from place to place and when he does, he leaves a line that shows his path.

When Point want to go someplace, he never seems to go straight to that place.  He finds himself taking unusual routes and sometimes encountering other points in their journey to their destinations.

Point wonders why things never so directly to where he wants to go.  Sometimes, he seems to be going away from where he wants to go.  Sometimes, he just stops and suddenly finds himself in a totally different place, unaware of how he got there in the first place.  He sees points get born and he sees them die only to reappear in some other area of two-dimensional space-time.

Sometimes, Point is sure he is going to get to his destination and sometimes he doesn’t.  Sometimes it can happen quickly and sometimes it takes the longest time.   When he wants to go left, he finds himself moving towards the right or instead of going forward, he goes backwards.

He sees other points moving towards their destinations and find that some are moving quickly while most seem to move in random directions.  Sometimes, they are just standing still.

One day, Point wanted to know why things were the way they were.  Was everything random?  Was there any reason to the strange paths some points take in their lives?  Why does life sometimes take points towards their goal and why life sometimes oppose them?

Things should be easy!  Just move in the direction of your goals and take control of your actions and you will get to your destination.  But why so many detours?  Why are there other points and lines in his way?  Is there any rhyme and reason to all the things that happen to points?

One day, Point did something very strange.

Point looked up!

Other points thought he was weird.  No points look up!

Why look up?  There was no such thing as “up” in a two-dimensional world!  All the scientists and rational points said we can only perceive two dimensions and time!  But something made Point look upwards and Point looked for a long time.  Somehow, he knew there was such as thing as “Up”.

Point kept gazing upwards asking for a sign, for enlightenment.

One day, Point was given a gift.  He was able to move up!  He climbed something, and from a new vantage point, he saw something and began to understand.  His awareness grew.  He began to remember something he already knew, but not as a point.  He was no longer just a point!  He was something much greater!


He was part of something called a pen!  Each point just the tip of a pen, manifested from many other unseen points.  He was in a world of infinite number of points arranged in three physical dimensions!  He saw other pens on top of similar points.  From his new vantage point, he could now see that the movement of lines in his any other points’ lives were not random at all but part of an expression of forms that meant something!

When he looked down for the first time, from his new awareness, he recognized letters, words, sentences and paragraphs.  He could see pens moving. not in random patterns, but it intelligent lines and curves each one meaning something profound.  Everything had meaning!

There was nothing random after all.  All the lines, all the gaps, all the detours were part of a whole story written by a larger consciousness of which he was a part.  He came from one of  countless pens, becoming part of a line, a curve, a letter, a word in two-dimensional space, sometimes to leave it and then return to it, etching another mark, another set of points, another life!

Then Point wondered..

Was there any more?

So, Point looked upward again.


Law of Attraction Testimonial – The Problem With Seeing Life Through a Microscope

Sometimes, life turns upside down. Things happen that we don’t particularly want to happen. We start to feel empty and in despair. All that positive thinking you have claimed to be so good at just goes out the window. You feel like a fraud.

If you are particularly sensitive, things are even worse because your emotions are so powerful and focused. Whatever you focus on tends to magnify in your own mind.

Focus is like a microscope. It makes small things look really big.

A mite looks mighty big when viewed through a high magnification microscope. But then, so does a single grain of diamond dust. One is bad and scary, while the other as good and beautiful. Yet, both are small, too small to be seen with the naked eye.

I am a very emotional person and I pick up easily on other people’s emotions. Sometimes, I can’t tell if I’m really feeling something or if I’m just feeling what someone close to me is feeling.

I know one thing. Just as positive emotions can lift me up to incredible heights, negative emotions can plunge me into a dark abyss!

Negative emotions have a tendency to increase my focus. Why? Because I want to find out what’s causing it! Then, I churn the thought over and over again in my mind, taking it apart and putting it back together again, hour after hour, day after day. And with the passing of time, like a black hole, that negative thought keeps attracting more and more negative energy until I find myself neck-deep in muck at the bottom of a mental and emotional abyss.

Positive emotion on the other hand takes much less focus. There is not much to think about. If it feels good, I just let it happen.

I should know better. But then, since when does logic trump emotion?

I recently found myself in such a deep emotional abyss that it drained so much of my energy. I became tired and listless. It took me a lot of time to rest and re-energize before I had the strength to climb out of it. It took a lot of mental and emotional realignment. But, thankfully, it worked!

Just as the negative plunge began with a single thought, so did the rise from the abyss.

I remembered that when I look at a mite through a microscope, I ignore that tremendous amount of clean space around it. When I take the slide from the microscope and gaze at it with my own eyes, the mite is too small to be seen.

I began to realize that I was focusing on the 1% of my life that was negative instead of the 99% that was positive. And, by focusing on the 1% through the microscope of my mind, I was causing it to dominate my perception.

By simply shifting my thoughts to the 99% around the negative aspect, I was able to halt the build-up of negative energy and climb out of the abyss.

It doesn’t happen quickly. Just as time increased the negative energy of my thought, so was time needed to negate the negative energy and build the positive energy.

I offer no details of the circumstances. In fact, such details are not important. It was the feeling around the circumstance that mattered.

I was operating just like a radio – receiving waves of emotion, magnifying them, and then sending them out again. These waves would reach kindred emotions, magnify even more and return to me like a tsunami. It was a vicious cycle.

I had to break the cycle. I had to reverse the frequency from negative to positive. It was incredibly hard work for the mind is such a powerful thing. The first and most important thing was – to STOP THINKING! It was important to just be still. Only when I made the slight turn to positive did I begin the journey to freedom.

Life is vibratory and cyclic. We encounter both good and bad cycles throughout our lives. When we understand this, we can shift our cycles upwards to stay positive. Then, we have the potential of only experiencing good in our life.

The journey to depression starts with the entertainment of a single negative thought. Energy goes with attention and time. A negative thought is a black hole, pulling more and more energy into it the more time we entertain it. But the reverse is just as true. Positive thought is a white bubble, shining powerfully out into the world.

I am fortunate that even in the midst of a depression, I found the way out through thought and knowledge. I am more determined now, more than ever, to forever break the pull of negative thought.

Law of Attraction Testimonial – The Secret Treasure Within Your Personality

I took the Myers-Briggs test again. I turned out to be an INFJ personality which stands for Introversion (I), Intuition (N), Feeling (F) and Judging (J). The Myers-Briggs system classifies this type of personality as the “Protector”.

This was actually nothing new. I took this test a long time ago but I didn’t like being labeled as a non-aggressive and emotional so I ignored it. I was told success goes to the Type A, logical personality. I wanted to succeed and get the promotions and money! I wanted to be seen as a go-getter!

I had to be really honest with myself this time. I was taught that aggressive, Type A personalities win in this world. All the other personality tests I have taken put me in the same category as the Myers-Briggs test and I tried to deny that I was truly an INFJ. I thought that being an INFJ was a success killer.

I took another test in which the personalities were described in colors – red for fiery leaders, yellow for cheerful and personable people, blue for the logical analyst and green for the friendly and non-aggressive. I turned out to be green. So does being “green” take me out of the running for success?

The last ten years of my career have been the most satisfying. I changed my outlook in work from one where corporate money and success were key to one where thoughts, ideas and creativity reigned.

I took a position that was aligned with who I truly was. I embraced that fact that I was a thinker, a creative, someone who loved to work alone, who needed to understand how things worked, and one who could lose himself in puzzles and mysteries.

I was right-brained but I also exhibited strong left-brained tendencies by making plans, checklists and being quite expert in mathematical analysis. I avoided stress by doing things well ahead of time so I would never rush. I was always early, never late.

In other words, I really was an INFJ.

For a long time, I thought I had to be an extroverted analyst to succeed in the engineering world.

Yet, over the last ten years, despite being a non-aggressive, “anti-social”, thinker, idealist, intuitive problem solver, I found myself at the top of the engineering world in my company.

So, I didn’t have to be someone else’s idea of the “successful personality” after all to be happy and successful.

I just needed to be true to myself!

Any personality type can succeed and attract all the trappings of success by first embracing their unique skills and mindsets. For within each mindset is the secret of success, success that is unique for each person, if they are willing to allow themselves to be so.

Each person is a genius in their own field. Ask a genius musician to build a rocket and failure is sure to occur.

It is here that I am cautious when counseling others, especially those just starting their careers. My way isn’t your way. Your success is particular to your make-up. Your special powers come from the type of person you are. I am an emotional thinker. You could be a practical doer!

The Type A person can’t help being Type A and becomes aggravated when told to sit down and think! The thinker hates to be pushed for a decision without being given the time to actually think. The doer doesn’t want to waste time analyzing and the analyst needs to “do the numbers” before committing to a critical action.

Each one of us is most magnetic when we allow ourselves to be what we truly are despite what the world says we should do to achieve success.

Does that mean we only attract to ourselves those of similar personalities? Not necessarily. Our uniqueness is what makes us important. Just because I’m not the fiery leader that many people admire doesn’t mean that my input is not valuable. In fact, my success comes from my intuitive faculty. I can see in my head what’s going to happen if you do step A, and I can read how people feel when event B happens.

I complement fiery leadership rather than displace it. I have my own fun role to play. I have embraced the person that I am. My stress level has gone down because I no longer strive to follow other people’s idea of what I should do. I can do things my way while allowing others the freedom to do things in their own special way.

And what’s even better? I attract easy and fun work. Even now things are changing so that more fun work, possibly outside my current source of income, is coming my way.

I have even demoted money as the most important goal of life. Money never made me happy. Don’t get me wrong! Money is important! I don’t find poverty appealing by any means. I can’t think properly when my bank account drops to near zero. But thinking, creating, and solving puzzles make time pass quickly and happily. Then the money comes anyway!

Don’t listen to me!

Follow your heart. Be who you are. And you will attract your own treasure.

Law of Attraction Testimonial – The Opportune Moment for Dreams To Come True

Perhaps the hardest thing one deals with in the Law of Attraction is time. As much as we want our wishes to come true right now, some things have to age properly to meet our expectations. The grander the dream, the more time is necessary.

Because of today’s technology, we are becoming used to immediate gratification. Unfortunately, the Universe doesn’t always grant immediate gratification. Sometime, a little time and patience is necessary.

My engineering career began with a dream in the 60’s. That was a time when man was embarking on a daring journey to the Moon. As a small boy, I was fascinated by the power of a rocket launch and the magical serenity of the stars as viewed from space.

I wanted to be a rocket man.

Perhaps that was my motivation for taking chemical engineering in college. Among all the engineering disciplines, this offered the promise of creating fire and thrust by the loud chemical reaction of two liquids. It was a pathway for me to build the chariots to the Moon.

In my last year of college, I still had the dream. I grew up and went to school in a Third World country. There were no such things as rockets. The energies of education were geared towards the necessities of life – food, oil, pottery, soap, etc.

As I declared to my classmates that I wanted to work on rockets, I was laughed at! I became a laughing-stock. I was the dreamer, the guy who would never do anything practical. What a fool!

That was when I stopped talking about my dreams. It’s hard enough to believe that one’s dreams can come true, but let one person ridicule that dream and your spirit just comes crashing down. Then the dream is thrown away and forgotten.

So what does one do? Do something practical! After all, that is what engineering is all about. So I made soap!

I lasted about six months. My first employer gave me the option to leave the company rather than get fired. Of course, I took the option and realized my own mental make-up was not compatible with the industries available where I lived. I wanted to be part of something greater.

I had another option. I opted to take my chances in the US.

I left everyone behind and tried a new life in California. I came from an accredited school so my degree was completely compatible.

It took a while to find a job. In the meantime, I helped my cousin in his entertainment work.

Every year, he sponsored a festival for artists called “Tapestry in Talent”. As a no-talent part of his crew, I was given the job of running the movie projector for the story of the Moon Space Program.

I was in heaven! The job was easy – run a movie projector. But the subject matter was something that captured my imagination. In full color and stereo, I experienced, over and over again, the power of the launch from Cape Kennedy, the orbits around the Earth, the trek across space to the Moon, the historic first step on the Moon surface and the triumphant return.

I would run this movie over and over again for the audience. But it was I that was truly affected.

I wished more than ever to work with rockets.

I was no rocket engineer. I had no job, no experience, and was culturally naive.

At least, a job surfaced. I made silicon chips for the newly born computer industry.

But I could never escape the vision of space. I looked for jobs with NASA, but I had no credentials to offer. No job offers came.

All I could do was dream.

Then, one day, as I walked towards one of my bus stops on the way home, I passed an Air Force recruiting office. Something drew me in. I went through military training in college so a career in the military was a lot more appealing than making silicon chips.

But there was something more important with this particular event.

I was offered the chance to work with rockets! And after getting my commission, I assigned to the Air Force’s Rocket Propulsion Laboratory. I had arrived. The rest is history.

Time is actually quite a friend. In the engineering world, the creation of anything special involves understanding its relationship with time. The more grand and critical the final product, the more time is required for its proper development.

Whenever things are circumvented for the sake of time, both time and money are lost. Allowing time to do its work, makes the manifestation strong. Find a shortcut and the manifestation stands on a three wall foundation. It’s unstable and crumbles at the slightest disturbance.

Every engineer who has had the “pleasure” of having to fix something because not enough time was taken earlier to do the work right, knows what I’m talking about.

This was true for the Moon program. It had to go through its paces, going through the right steps in the right time to achieve the historic landing. Skipping a single step would have caused the whole thing to fall. Impatience would have kept us on the ground.

That decision to join the Air Force thrust me into the space program. But to get there, I first had to have the desire, then the relevant degree, then the previous military experience which made the Air Force an attractive option. Then I had to be just the right age.

This rocket guy was once a kid who had a dream that everyone laughed at. But time had a way of making it happen.

Dreams never die. They just await the opportune moment.

Law of Attraction Testimonial – A Rendezvous With The Dance

In the performing arts, I began as a dancer. Even as the years have degraded my ability to perform, it had not diminished my desire and ability to create. Give me the music and the dance appears immediately in my mind. The work of choreography had been one my greatest joys.

It was the year 2003. I found myself in an engineering position in the East coast that was not very much fun.

At the same time, I became part of a very small church which gave me a chance to perform once more as a singer.

The thing about the performing arts bug is that, when it bites, it infects you dramatically (pun intended). I began to sing again, and write songs again. But I missed the stage.

I wanted to create.

I wanted to choreograph.

I knew at this point that if I could make anything real in my mind, I could make it happen. What separates the fantasy from the manifestation is the intent to make something happen. Otherwise, it is nothing more than a vivid daydream.

No! It was my intention to re-enter the theatrical world and create once more.

The only problem was, I didn’t know how to make this happen. I had no connections with any theatrical group. I didn’t even know where they were. By this time, this did not bother me. I had already seen my desires come to fruition in ways I could not have imagined, nor controlled. All I needed to do was to intend and to imagine the intention fulfilled.

That was easy. I simply play music, close my eyes and experience the choreography in my mind.

That’s a funny thing about imagination. You have the freedom to imagine anything, but the only imaginings you can do easily, are those that are aligned with your true desires. I could easily imagine an enjoyable and satisfying choreography session, but I sweat at trying to imagine myself playing in a football game. The former is easy, fun, as simple as taking a step. The latter is WORK!

There was always a social gathering after church. I was with a group of men, chatting about something which I can no longer remember. At a certain point, one of the gentlemen proudly announced that his son got the lead role in a high school’s production of the musical “Bye Bye Birdie”.

Then he mentioned the high school was in desperate need of a choreographer!

My body gives me a signal whenever I come across the right answer for a problem. It is a quiver. Even though I look relaxed outside, I quiver and shake within. It’s like a wild vibration that only I can hear or sense.

Needless to say, I informed this gentleman that I was a choreographer and I offered my credentials from years past. He brought that list to the show’s director and I was requested to come in for an interview “audition”.

I knew I was going to get the job. Whenever the quiver comes, things always turn out right.

I came in the middle of the production so I had very little time. But the work was right and the dance came to me whenever I heard the music.
The work was successful and the choreography was noted in the newspapers.

The school was happy enough to have me back for the next year and planned a production that would utilize even more dramatic choreography.

Unfortunately for the school, but fortunately for me, I was on my way back to the West coast.

As has been my experience with achieving my desires, it was not important to know how to make something happen. Plans are fine, but attachment to a single and very specific plan closes the door to other easier ways to get what you want.

It’s like a comparing the ability of a kindergarten student to a rocket scientist on ways to get to the moon. One can cut out paper rockets and stay firmly on the ground. The other can get to the moon in a hundred different ways.

So plan your trip and take your first step. But trust in the Universe to get you there.

As a postscript, there was something else of note that happened during that production.

I was struggling with the choreography at one point. There was something that was not working and I couldn’t quite put a handle on it.
During one rehearsal, one student’s mother was watching and told me that the energy seemed a bit low. She told me how one choreographer used to give the cast exercises in the beginning to get them going.

That brought me back to another time when one stage director told a cast that their actions had to be large on stage to be seen by the audience.
The quiver hit me again. I knew what I had to do. I realized what the problem was.

The next rehearsal, I “commandeered” the stage from the director and musical director. I had the entire cast on stage and had them copy me as I danced to some simple steps. With each step, I made the movements bigger and bigger, wilder, more and more energetic. By the time we were done, they were hyped up, breathless, and excited! They got the idea. Make the movements big, increase the energy, and even the simple steps excite the audience. It wasn’t the steps that made a difference. It was their attitude of fun!

What’s the point? The answers to your questions often come from others around you. The direction you have to go is shown to you by others. The Universe speaks to you though people, circumstances and intuition. That’s why humility is so important. It makes you open to receive.

All you have to do…is see…and listen.

Law of Attraction Testimonial – The Rescue From Oblivion

Be very careful what you ask for. You WILL get it.

In a previous post, I described my quest for corporate success. I applied visualization to get what I wanted but I focused on the trappings and not the essence. I received the trappings – the executive office, the position, the prestige, the salary – but in a work environment and position that was out of tune with the person that I was.

For that mistake, I found myself a virtual prisoner of circumstance. I had left a wonderful engineering position in the West coast for a position I was completely unsuited for in the East coast. I felt out of place. I had burned my bridges. I could not find a way back. The move east alone was traumatic for me and my family, leaving us both emotionally and financially devastated.

I became a troll, alien to my family and grudgingly paying credit card debt that would take decades to clear. I was prone to accidents and experienced hardship after hardship. I hated the snow and the winters. I bought and damaged a brand new car. Misfortune followed me. I was a negativity magnet.
It took another three years before I decided that I had enough.

I made an internal decision, a specific intention, to go back to the West coast where I belonged, where I was happy, in a position that would be emotionally satisfying, while repairing my financially dire situation.

Surprisingly enough, my wife, who was opposed to any more moving (we moved three times in nine years), gladly concurred with the return to the West Coast.
But that that year showed no hope for such a move. There were no job openings at my previous place of employment. No potential employers replied to my resumes and calls. Furthermore, the housing market was such that selling our house at that time would have resulted in a loss, something our finances could not handle.

There was no way back. It was incredibly discouraging.

I resorted to something I had done in the past – journaling.

I bought a small notebook and started to journal as if it were months into the future.

I wrote in longhand. It was personal. I could write without having to worry about spelling. There were no backspaces to make corrections on the fly. It was not important. I just needed to dream happy things. Writing a journal made it feel as if good things had already happened.

I wrote about the joy of leaving the East for a new opportunity in the West. It was warm where I was going. Snow storms were a thing of the past. For a change, a trip to the airport for the move back was like being released from prison, at last.

I wrote about how the sun shone all the time and how my work environment was full of creative and inspiring moments. I was part of a team where I fit in as a designer and analyst, working in conjunction with those who enjoyed putting things together and testing them.

I described the fun my kids had at the park which was a sunny walk away along two lane roads so wide that you could fit three wide body trucks across easily.

I had a vision of a walk path lined by evergreen trees from which I could see the parking lot of my new place of employment.

I did this every day and reveled in the fantasy. When one notebook was done, I destroyed it and started a new notebook. It didn’t matter that the story was the same. It was an enjoyable fantasy. I changed small things but kept the theme the same.

I lost count of how many small notebooks I filled up and destroyed. They were for no one’s eyes except my own. I never even re-read my entries. The writing merely focused my imagination.

All the time, I focused on the journal. I did no job search as I had no inkling of where to go. I did nothing to improve my chances of moving back west. The Internet was not as pervasive then as it is now. I couldn’t tell what the job market was like.

Then, one morning, I received a telephone call. The voice on the other was a very familiar and welcome voice, one that I heard many times in my old company.

I learned that times had changed. I worked for two companies at the West coast and both companies had merged into one.

And, they had a problem. They needed someone with special expertise and familiarity of the product line with a long history. I happened to have that special expertise.

I was especially suited for that position.

The whole journey back to the West coast was like jumping off a plane. There was no resistance, just a series of easy and successful steps.
First, there was the job interview. It was less of a job interview than a welcome home, even before the offer.

Then there was the sale of the house. In that one year, the housing market shifted and our house gained a $100,000 increase in value. The house sold within a month of us buying another house in the West. The equity gained paid for everything, including our credit card debt and put us, for the first time in four years, with extra money in savings.

Then, my salary was maintained even as I rejected offers for management positions.

But there was another development. Shortly after my acceptance, a new position was created within the company that allowed engineers to rise up a different ladder, one similar to management, but focused only technical expertise. Despite being only in the company for a few months, I was one of the first to be promoted to this position. The ceiling over my career had broken.

One day, as I explored the area where I worked, I walked down a pathway with evergreens the overlooked some buildings. I had seen this before- in my own imagination.

I was back!

The same process that cast me into oblivion raised me back to prosperity.

I look back at the valuable lessons learned, earned through emotional and financial distress. I swore never again to pursue things for the sake of money or position.

There is only one true goal for all action – the pursuit of happiness. That is the essence. And it is different for each person. The path of happiness for one may not apply to another. Each one needs to find their path to happiness. The trappings of success will follow close behind.