Charismatic Presence – The Science Behind Turning the Other Cheek

When I was younger, I thought that “turning the other cheek” was a really bad idea. It was a recipe for attracting bullies! The best guys were those who would fight back! Nobody ever gave them a hard time.

But then, I grew up.

That didn’t mean that I knew any better. I still thought “turning the other cheek” was dumb. It was the stuff of wimps. It gave people an excuse to take advantage of you.

Then something happened just changed my whole outlook.

One morning, the program manager of a huge program I was working on stopped by my cubicle, fuming and ranting about me making him lie to his customer. As it turned out, he had just concluded a phone call in which he had informed his customer that things were coming along wonderfully. Right after his phone call, he was informed of a failure that would blow his schedule and budget away. In aerospace, there is no such thing as a “small” failure.

Of course, it wasn’t my fault! I didn’t cause the failure. So what if I was in charge of the work? Why get on my case?

That’s what I should have said. Instead, I just stood there and let him rant. I merely listened and nodded my head. I offered myself as the sacrificial lamb. I actually can’t remember a single word he said.

In about a minute, his rant dissipated and he walked into my cubicle, sat down and just placed his head in his hands.

He apologized and then thanked me for listening. Only then did I offer the options for recovery.

This was significant. For the first time in my career, I decided not to fight back and came out victorious is the process. Not only that, I gained so much respect that it solidified my leadership position in the company.

This began a new way, for me, of dealing with difficult and angry people. I opted to not return negative response to negative stimuli. When someone insults me, I smile and say nothing. When someone shouts at me, I use a soft response. When I feel angry, I shut up. Since I did not transmit negative actions, I never received negative responses.

In other words, I turned the other cheek, but not in a demeaning cowardly way. It is not surrendering – it is nullifying.

I began to realize that most people are re-actors. They merely respond! The few who consciously control their action, can get whatever re-action they want from others merely by deciding what action to take.

It works in the same way that noise cancelling headphones work.

Noise is vibration. Every sound has a characteristic wave pattern. What noise cancelling headphones do is to create a mirror copy of the prevailing noise vibration. Then, by playing that same frequency over the noise, the two waves, being opposite, cancel each other out.

What you get is – silence. Peace!

Whenever a person is in any emotional state, whether good or bad, they emit the vibration of that state. When that vibration meets vibration of similar type, the two waves add up and magnify. The return wave is, therefore, greatly increased. This is how emotional states in groups can intensify.

This is why responding with anger to anger causes only more anger. The emotional states cascade!

But if the emotional vibration of one person is responded to by an equal but opposite vibration, the emotional effect cancels out. If the opposing vibration is greater, then that vibration dominates. The other person, being a re-actor, begins to respond to the more powerful vibration.

This is how charismatic personalities influence the feelings of people. The strength of their character and emotional states overpowers the dominant vibration of most people. The stronger the emotional state, the stronger the influence on others, especially with the help of media. As their emotional vibration is received by others, resonance causes that vibration to increase and reflect back to the sender. With this, the charismatic personality gets more and more powerful.

So in reality, “turning the other cheek” is not the act of a coward. It is the act of a charismatic personality who understands the power of vibration and influence. It is the stuff of leadership, the power of the visionary.

Whoever taught us to “turn the other cheek” was a genius and a highly enlightened personality. My only regret was that it took me so long to understand its true value.

Law of Attraction Testimonial – The Problem With Seeing Life Through a Microscope

Sometimes, life turns upside down. Things happen that we don’t particularly want to happen. We start to feel empty and in despair. All that positive thinking you have claimed to be so good at just goes out the window. You feel like a fraud.

If you are particularly sensitive, things are even worse because your emotions are so powerful and focused. Whatever you focus on tends to magnify in your own mind.

Focus is like a microscope. It makes small things look really big.

A mite looks mighty big when viewed through a high magnification microscope. But then, so does a single grain of diamond dust. One is bad and scary, while the other as good and beautiful. Yet, both are small, too small to be seen with the naked eye.

I am a very emotional person and I pick up easily on other people’s emotions. Sometimes, I can’t tell if I’m really feeling something or if I’m just feeling what someone close to me is feeling.

I know one thing. Just as positive emotions can lift me up to incredible heights, negative emotions can plunge me into a dark abyss!

Negative emotions have a tendency to increase my focus. Why? Because I want to find out what’s causing it! Then, I churn the thought over and over again in my mind, taking it apart and putting it back together again, hour after hour, day after day. And with the passing of time, like a black hole, that negative thought keeps attracting more and more negative energy until I find myself neck-deep in muck at the bottom of a mental and emotional abyss.

Positive emotion on the other hand takes much less focus. There is not much to think about. If it feels good, I just let it happen.

I should know better. But then, since when does logic trump emotion?

I recently found myself in such a deep emotional abyss that it drained so much of my energy. I became tired and listless. It took me a lot of time to rest and re-energize before I had the strength to climb out of it. It took a lot of mental and emotional realignment. But, thankfully, it worked!

Just as the negative plunge began with a single thought, so did the rise from the abyss.

I remembered that when I look at a mite through a microscope, I ignore that tremendous amount of clean space around it. When I take the slide from the microscope and gaze at it with my own eyes, the mite is too small to be seen.

I began to realize that I was focusing on the 1% of my life that was negative instead of the 99% that was positive. And, by focusing on the 1% through the microscope of my mind, I was causing it to dominate my perception.

By simply shifting my thoughts to the 99% around the negative aspect, I was able to halt the build-up of negative energy and climb out of the abyss.

It doesn’t happen quickly. Just as time increased the negative energy of my thought, so was time needed to negate the negative energy and build the positive energy.

I offer no details of the circumstances. In fact, such details are not important. It was the feeling around the circumstance that mattered.

I was operating just like a radio – receiving waves of emotion, magnifying them, and then sending them out again. These waves would reach kindred emotions, magnify even more and return to me like a tsunami. It was a vicious cycle.

I had to break the cycle. I had to reverse the frequency from negative to positive. It was incredibly hard work for the mind is such a powerful thing. The first and most important thing was – to STOP THINKING! It was important to just be still. Only when I made the slight turn to positive did I begin the journey to freedom.

Life is vibratory and cyclic. We encounter both good and bad cycles throughout our lives. When we understand this, we can shift our cycles upwards to stay positive. Then, we have the potential of only experiencing good in our life.

The journey to depression starts with the entertainment of a single negative thought. Energy goes with attention and time. A negative thought is a black hole, pulling more and more energy into it the more time we entertain it. But the reverse is just as true. Positive thought is a white bubble, shining powerfully out into the world.

I am fortunate that even in the midst of a depression, I found the way out through thought and knowledge. I am more determined now, more than ever, to forever break the pull of negative thought.

Law of Attraction: The Compression of Time – Part I

I always advise patience when it comes to manifesting through the Law of Attraction. But, actually, I am no different from anybody else. If I could, I would find some way to manifest quicker. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if the Aladdin’s Lamp actually existed? Make a wish and a booming bass voice says, “You’re wish is my command!” (Echo…Echo..)

Is it possible to make manifestation happen quicker? And if so, what is the process?

Sometimes, once a thought is born in my mind, it has to move to its completion without letting my mind rest.

This happened to be one of those thoughts.

And it started with Einstein.

Einstein proved that space (the three spatial dimensions) and time are interlaced. In the simplest of terms, it simply means is that you can’t be in two places at the same time.

So space engineers have a daunting problem in trying to reach the next galaxy, Alpha Centauri, which is 4.4 light years away. That means it takes almost four and a half years to get there at the speed of light. According to, it will take a Space Shuttle 165,000 years to get there. Does that mean that we will never ever get to Alpha Centauri? Are we doomed to stay within the confines of our limited real estate within our Solar Syste
Well, let’s not be too hasty!

Einstein also proved that all mass warps space-time. It’s like putting a bowling ball on top of your mattress. The bowling ball warps the mattress. The heavier the bowling ball, the more the mattress warps.

Now keep the bowling ball the same size but increase its mass. In other words, use a bowling ball with much denser material like lead. The mattress now begins to warp so much that it bends and wraps around the bowling ball until the ends of the mattress touch.

If there was a gerbil standing on one end of the mattress, it could merely step onto the other end of the mattress without any effort at all. The gerbil just traveled the whole length of the mattress in a single step!

Space-time can be warped, but it requires an enormous amount of energy provided by a very large mass.

So, if physical space-time can be warped, can’t metaphysical space-time be warped as well? In other words, can we warp our metaphysical space-time continuum so that we can touch our goals without moving a single step? If the physical world is an imperfect model of the finer dimensions, shouldn’t higher dimension space-time warping exist as well?

Which brought up another question in my mind – is there such a thing as time in the Higher Dimensions? That’s a question for future investigation.

This is intriguing. There is a name for instantaneous manifestation – miracles! If we accept that some enlightened individuals can perform miracles, have they been able to tap into an immense energy source so that they manifest merely by bending the multidimensional space-time continuum?

If even one person can do it, then the principle must be sound, and others must be able to do it as well!

The most massive things in the physical universe are black holes yet they occupy very little space (comparatively speaking). They are the ultimate in attraction force in the physical universe.

The space around them warps so much that anything that “falls” into their funnel can’t get out, even light. Since light can’t escape, there is no light to communicate to others outside what the black hole looks like. That is an incredibly strong attractive force.

When two black holes warp space, their “warp funnels” may connect allowing two points in space that are far apart to be merely a step apart. Scientists call this a “wormhole”, a shortcut through space-time.

The key thing about black holes is their density. In black holes, the space between atoms, especially the neutrons, have been removed, concentrating all of these basic particles of matter into a tiny amount of space. When you think about the size and mass of the sun and remove all the space between its neutron, protons and electrons, you get an object a fraction of the sun’s size of a thimble but with the same mass and gravitational power.

Black holes are a concentration of mass-energy.

When it comes to the realm of manifestation, mass does not matter. Einstein also proved that mass and energy are one and the same thing. A thimble full of mass results in an incredible amount of energy. That energy, when controlled, powers cities for ages. Uncontrolled, it can be released in a millisecond in a powerful destructive city-leveling explosion.

In the higher realms, we must be dealing with the concentration of pure Energy.

So if space-time warping occurs at the physical level, then it must also happen to a much greater degree at the higher dimensions. It must be then be possible to warp the multi-dimensional space-time to bring the ingredients of a goal together for manifestation.

As we delve further into this, we must enter the realm of miracles.

Law of Attraction – How Manifestation May Look Like As Seen From Above

I always wondered what creation would look like when seen from above. So I decided to give it a lot of thought.

I lay down, closed my eyes and let my imagination fly free searching for the answers to that very question. I started from a single known thought and just watched and listened. That’s when my imagination took me to something truly amazing.

I started by looking at the physical body as a mere grain of sand. From a high vantage point, our world must look like beach full of individual grains of sand, each one aware only of other grains in its immediate vicinity and completely unaware that there are worlds beyond our own little cubic centimeter of space.

Then I saw that each grain was covered in a large drop of viscous gel. This was the grain’s thought or mental body. It was free to flow and easily merged with the coating of other drops of similar type and consistency. These outer coatings sparkled with flashes of light that were the constant parade of human thoughts.

Each sparkle was a flash of thought with its brightness or dullness dependent on whether the thought was of positive or negative quality. This coating of thought comprised mostly of energy but still had some form that extended from the sand grain into the space surrounding it. As it took space, it easily merged with those of other grains with like density and consistency.

Beyond the gel coating were even larger coats that varied in consistency from a free-flowing liquid, to an even finer gas field graduating to an immense field of pure Energy. The finer the coating, the more space it took. As the formless auras of these grains of sand met each other, they simply merged into a single formless field.

Ultimately, all consciousness merged into a single Mind.

We are the Universe!

It is within this merged aura of Energy that a grain from one end of the beach communicates with sand grains in the other end of the beach. While they are individually one, at the higher vantage point, they are the same.

As above, so below.

I see the whole Creation as a glowing mass of fluid with finer densities on the outside, coating a colloidal suspension of sand particles moving around in gobs of gel like a complex and variegated lava lamp, always in motion, moving without my having to lift a single finger.

From the viewpoint of the grains of sand, things are happening in random; but not from my high vantage point.

From when I am, I see some grains of sand with outer gel coverings that glow brightly. Most of the grains merely sparkle with the flashing of thought. The glowing ones are those with unified, purposeful thought and feeling. Their alignment of thought and feeling creates a powerful magnetic field around them. The more unified and focused the thought, the more powerful the magnetic field.

These points of high magnetic energy cause ripples in the colloidal suspension just as the formation of a bubble would in a pond. As these ripples expand through regions of finer densities, the power of their waves increase in response, driving movement within the suspension.

Therefore, the few glowing particles move creation, while the others merely follow the currents that form.

The glowing particles don’t need to consciously form the currents of creation. They merely glow and the currents respond, just as candle flame causes air currents to move from hot areas to cold areas. The movement is driven by Law.

The movement of current is being driven by the individual and collective power of these glowing particles. In a Universe of attraction, there is a tendency for particles of like nature and energy to attract, resulting in the arrangement of the Universe with glowing particles conglomerating, surrounded by the typical sparkling particles.

Since all particles are merged at the higher finer densities, there is automatic communication between all particles such that proximity matters not. Movement towards likeness always occurs.

This brings me back to my observations from the top. If I were the Grand One watching the Universe, I would not have to do a thing, because each person’s inner thought and desire already create movement towards fulfillment. The probability of manifestation fulfillment depends on their alignment and strength of desire.

Since the Grand One and the sand particles are really one identity, it is like being the observer and the player at the same time.

The sand particle, being immersed in the current is unaware of its movement. Still, its Energy not only affects those around it, but also, the entire creation.

Is this really what happens?

All I know is that this can easily describe the physics of magnetic particles or varying strengths suspended in a mixture of viscous fluids. If the physical laws are indeed reflections of the greater laws, then what I imagined is how a limited mind like mine would perceive the mechanics of higher Law.

Regardless of how it truly looks, the point is that we are the drivers of our destiny, and that success of that drive depends on how aligned and focused we are.

Law of Attraction – Is it Job Hunting or Work Attracting?

In recent weeks, I sadly had to say “farewell” to many colleagues who have left the company for other jobs, maybe ones that pay better, but more likely, ones that offer more satisfying work. The unusual number of departures seems to reflect my own dissatisfaction in the lack of creative satisfaction in my current position.

Does that mean I’m looking for a job?

I’ve been wondering that for quite a while now.

It is obvious that I am unsatisfied with my current work situation yet, I have avoided job hunting. Somehow, job hunting doesn’t sit well with me. It feels blocked, upstream, closed, like trying to run against hurricane winds.

I have learned a long time ago that forcing things to happen is just a waste of Energy. Run into a brick wall and all you get are broken bones. But follow the brick wall and you may just find a door!

Somehow, the right thing to do seems to be to attract the work I want instead! I can’t explain it. It is a thought that feels relaxed and flowing. Somehow, in my dissatisfaction lies the pathway to satisfaction. What a paradox!

So I chose not to job hunt! Instead, I chose to attract the work!

This seems to go against convention. The wisdom of the world is that you have to dig for your treasure, you have to fight for what you want, you have to compete against everyone else and go for those precious nuggets of gold because they are so hard to come by.

But looking at the world around me I see the opposite. A magnet simply sits still and pulls like things towards it. The Earth and all celestial objects attract each other with an intensity based on their mass and distance. Wind moves from high to low pressure. These things happen without having to work at it. They just follow natural law. There’s no hunting involved! (Unless hunting is what you really want to do.)

The physical world is a world of duality. Everything has an opposite, and the breaking up of unity to create opposites produces lines of attractive force that connect the two poles. That is the secret of the magnet and the battery.

Therefore, for every source, there is a recipient. For every need, there is a supply. For every problem, there is a solution. And, for every worker, there is the perfect work. The two poles, because they are aligned should approach each other along their lines of connection.

Furthermore, the source and recipient both apply force to each other. As with the Law of Gravity, the closer the two attractants get, the faster they approach each other. It is only when they are far apart does it seem like there is no movement. Yet the force connection between the two already exists and movement is inevitable and predictable.

So I had to look back at my own employment history. Did I actually get a job through a job hunt?

Surprisingly, the answer is a resounding “No!!!”

There were times when job dissatisfaction caused me to job hunt. I prepared my resumes and send them out en masse. The feeling dissatisfaction was so strong that my mental magnet was colored by dissatisfaction. My efforts were futile. As I recollect it, for all my efforts in finding a new job and leave the aerospace industry, I only received one interview request. And that failed miserably.

The thing is, my job hunts were always done in an atmosphere of fear and dissatisfaction!

As I looked back at my employment history, I found that my job transitions were like a chain, a progression that mirrored my own growth. I didn’t even look for these jobs. They found me!.

Each new job built over the foundation of the previous job. As a result, the work, responsibility and prestige grew stronger with each progression. The progression was smooth and natural. Each job was connected through both conditions and people, one leading to the next without my lifting a single finger to make it happen.

In other words, each new job reflected the growth and potential of my own personality, skills and mindset.

Compared to my job hunts, my attracted jobs were consistent with expansion and the need to grow! There was no fear involved, just excitement for new adventures!!!

New adventures! What a wonderful way to live life!

Now as I look to grow further, I find myself sitting still and waiting. While I may seem physically still, I continue to work on my essence and mindset preparing for that new adventure that is sure to come.

I know precisely what I want. My dream is clear and intact. I have embraced my introverted, intuitive self and preparing for work that is 90% thought and 10% presentation that is inspirational and motivational in nature. I don’t really care if it’s a job or business. By keeping the essence strong, the dream can be achieved in many different ways.

When it comes down to it, it’s the work that matters. It’s what makes the adventure fun!

This blog might even be it!

Whatever the outcome, I know the transition will be smooth and natural.

So I keep the essence foremost in my mind. I create a sense of creative thought and feeling and allow the Universe to connect all the dots necessary to make it work.

I’m happily on course for my rendezvous with destiny.

Charismatic Presence – The Radiation of Genius

The goal of this and subsequent posts is to investigate a particularly interesting personal ability. This is the ability of one to influence others without saying a single word. It is influencing by mere presence. For this investigation, I shall call it the Charismatic Presence.

I have encountered this from some “special” people. I call special only because only a few seem to exhibit this Presence while being unaware of it. Physically, there is nothing special about them. They look and sound just like everyone else. They range from short to tall, from thin to large. They come independent of race or gender. Some are healthy and some are physically infirm. In other words, there is nothing physical about them that you can identify as the source of their particular magnetism.

The company I once worked in produced tanks for the Navy. One day, Navy engineers visited for a design review and a tour of the facility. The Navy group was divided into two groups and I was given responsibility one for during the plant tour.

Halfway through the tour, the two groups converged in one assembly area. Around that same time, my boss showed up and shook the hands of the people in the other group.

That’s when someone in my group said something that just floored me.

He looked at my boss and commented to me, “Now that’s a genius!”

I was shocked! I knew that. But how did he, without even as much as a handshake?

There was a reason why my boss was boss. He was, and still is, a very creative engineer who could invent a new valve on the back of a napkin while having lunch, with only seconds to come up with a design. He was self-taught in many analytical software packages and is a brilliant presenter. He comes up with solutions to problems within minutes of learning the problems to the amazement of those around him.

He has been considered as a genius, not only within the company, but also among the customers who use his designs. It is an accolade that he is completely aware of and is comfortable accepting. His genius is apparent as he talks about his designs.

Yet, one person who has never met or spoken to him before, immediately senses him as a genius.

Considering the fact that he does not look like Einstein, and wore the same type of shirt and tie we all did, how did he get singled out as a genius?

Perhaps part of that may be the title of “genius”. Everyone is a genius is one thing or another. The only thing is that a few may have had the good fortune or drive to actually work in their field of genius. The feeling of prestige from being considered a genius must radiate out to others.

This particular radiation must be sensed by something other than our eyes and ears.

His case in not the only one I have encountered. I have encountered others who projected powerful magnetism upon entering a room. Most of these people, though not all, are in positions of authority, not by decree, but by personal achievement. I believe that this self-made achievement is also a factor.

I encounter such individuals now as I watch their videos online. This type of radiation is so strong that it even comes through digital media.

This has convinced me that such magnetism and influence exist and that there is a science behind it. If one person can create charisma, then so can others. Charismatic Presence is not a physical condition but must emanate, radiate, from the higher dimensions of our being. The search for it must, therefore, transcend the physical.

Being unable to see and touch the metaphysical, I can only infer from the physical models. The laws of nature are the imperfect reflections of the greater laws of mind, emotion and spirit. And from observation of physical mechanisms, we can learn how to use the metaphysical mechanisms.

From the charismatic presence of matter, we can learn the Charismatic Presence of humans.

In the next post, I will touch on the models of the magnetism and vibration the combination of which result in attraction and influence.