Law of Attraction – The Faraway Land of Impossible Dreams

A young lady dreams of owning her own record label one day. Yet at this point in time, she is so downhearted because nothing seems to be going her way. She is young, fresh out of school, without the degree or the resources to make things happen.

Her brief foray into the music business hit a brick wall and she was forced to retreat.

She wonders if her dreams will ever come true.

Yet, in her dissatisfaction, I see the very driving force of achievement.

I offer only one piece of advice – no matter what happens on the outside, never ever let go of your dream!

As I see it, her only obstacle is believing that there is only one way to achieve her dream.

I can understand her downheartedness. Haven’t we all been there? Is her situation so unique? Sometimes our dreams are so big that, from where we stand at the moment, they seem almost impossible.

In 1962, President Kennedy challenged the nation to send a man to the Moon by the end of the decade and bring him back safely to Earth. While I’m sure this excited a lot of scientists, it must have felt for the engineers like trying to lift the Great Pyramid a mere foot off the ground. After all, at that time, the United States was just barely succeeded in rocketing a man to orbit, a mere 50 miles above the Earth. The jump from 50 miles above the Earth to 240,000 miles to the Moon, in just eight years, seemed like an enormous leap!

If anything qualified as an impossible dream, this was probably it!
Yet, in 1969, a mere seven years from President Kennedy’s challenge, Neil Armstrong, became the first human to step on the Moon and safely returned to Earth!

That was a monumental achievement!

It was beset by problem after problem. Lessons were learned through mistakes, trial and error, hard work and even tragedy. The tragic loss of three astronauts on the ground led to advancements in the space capsule that protected the lives of several other astronauts who did eventually travel to the moon.

It would have been so easy to say, “forget it, let’s pack it up, it can’t be done!” and end the space program right there and then. But every roadblock was either creatively overcome or bypassed and the dream became a reality.

The dream and the dreamer are connected and are drawn inevitably to each other.

Between them is a force that draws them together, as long as both exist! Lose the dreamer and the dream dies. Lose the dream and the dreamer no longer exists. Both are needed and one sustains the other.

The trip to Moon was an exercise in the Law of Gravity, a model of attraction. The astronauts and the Moon were drawn to each other. The spacecraft traveled a curve path determined by the mutual gravitational attraction of the Earth, the Moon and the spacecraft. With the exception of rocket burns from the Earth, correction burns along the way to the Moon and orbital injection burns at the Moon, the spacecraft merely coasted, riding the connecting line of gravity.

The Moon pulled the astronauts, just as the astronauts pushed towards the Moon.

The closer the astronauts got to the Moon, the faster they traveled.

It is difficult for this young lady, at this point in her life, to see that she is already moving towards her dreams. Degrees and resources come at the right time in the journey. The only pre-requisite, is to keep her eye on the dream, and take things step by step.

This was true for the journey to Moon. In the beginning, the trip to the Moon was nothing more than a sketch on a piece of paper.

But with the resources of the United States and NASA made available, the right minds and talent were gathered to make the dream a reality.

Our dreams are also sketches on a piece of paper. We need the resources of a Greater Mind and Talent to make our dreams possible. Just as the dream and the dreamer co-exist, so do the resources to make the dream happen. It’s just than we can’t see the complex and magnificent operation at work.

Regardless, this invisible orchestration continues until the dreamer gives up or the dream is abandoned. But as long as both exist, the rendezvous of dreamer and dream must happen!

Hence the admonition – “Never let go of your dreams!”

If you have been around for half a century as I have, you already know what I mean.

If you are young, and embarking on your journey to destiny, you may need to trust me a little.

Sometimes we lose track of the fact that it’s fun to put things together. Dreams are like LEGO blocks. The fun is in finding the right block to use in relation to all the other blocks. Once the whole thing is built, it’s not that much fun anymore. We then start building another dream.

It is good to realize the fun in building a dream. All it takes is the realization that there is no one way to get to your dream.

There is just YOUR WAY!