Am In Awake or Am I Still Dreaming?

I woke up one day with an epiphany.

While I was asleep, I didn’t know I was dreaming.

Now that I am awake, how sure am I that I am really awake?  What if I am just dreaming a more lucid dream in just another level of soul-sleep?

When I am asleep, my subconscious mind constructs a drama that seems natural or normal.  I don’t question any of the weird things (and there were a lot!)  in my dream that I would consider unusual or impossible when I am awake.

If I am in a more lucid dream, then my mind is also constructing my life drama around my dominant thoughts, my unconscious imagination and my belief system, just as my subconscious mind did in my sleeping dream.  In other words, my life is just a reflection of who I am, what my dominant thoughts are, and what I believe is possible or impossible at this moment.

Then, that’s why spiritual sciences call the material Creation a grand illusion!  It is a construct as pliable as modeling clay!  It just flows and changes with the life template embedded in your mind.  When your mind is red, your world turns red.  Think blue and you see blue all over the place.

So, if the mind constructs the drama, then changing the plot, the belief system, must change the direction of life drama.  Just like in a sleeping dream, we don’t have direct control over the events in the dream, yet the dream drama continues within the confines of our subconscious thoughts and beliefs.  That is the whole idea behind dream therapy.

What if the same is true while we are “awake”?  We don’t truly have any control over the events in our lives (though we may fool ourselves into thinking so) but these events unfold in accordance with our belief system.  That is why we see patterns in our lives and why we can almost predict what is going to happen in our future.

We must be able to redirect our life drama by changing the premise of the drama itself.  We don’t need to control the drama.  We just need to choose the premise and give it our attention.

That is where imagination comes in.

Our environment has programmed negativity into our belief system and we are usually unaware of how we tend to reinforce that by negative imagination.

Because of this, negative imagination is easy.  Imagining well-being is harder.

But disciplined, deliberate imagination is the key towards changing that belief system.  Consciously change your beliefs (not lip service) and your life drama changes.  You can’t control specific life events, but you can choose the essence of those events by changing your beliefs.  Then it does not matter how events evolve because they will always conform to your belief system and the depth and breadth of your imagination.

If you change your beliefs and expectations towards the positive, then life must reflect that back to you.  That’s why life is just an illusion.   It is a play.  It is theatre.  It is a drama that revolves around the main themes and images that your entertain, develop and protect in your mind.

Change you mind, consciously choose only feel-good thoughts and pictures, and you give the Universe the well-being theme around which to build your life!



A Dream is like a flower within a seed.  When planted in your soul with faith and patience, it MUST blossom, unfailingly and perfectly, in its own sweet time.

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Law of Attraction – The Compression of Time – Part III

Previous posts on the compression of time suggested two ideas:

First, the concentration of mass or energy can warp multi-dimensional space-time and bring two distant points or two or more conscious fields together such that the time to traverse space, or realize manifestation is reduced.

Second, that intention and the manifestation of that intention exist simultaneously like the archer and his target. The path between the intention and manifestation is time, and time is just an ingredient in the whole process of manifestation with its magnitude being dependent on the energy behind the intention.

This final post in this series investigates Energy. It attempts to answer the question, “What Energy needs to be supplied and concentrated to reduce the time between intention and manifestation?”

Looking at ourselves as multidimensional beings, there are various types of energy that we can draw from.

First, there is physical energy. This is energy based on material sources. To sustain our physical being, we depend on food, water and air. These chemical sources are transformed within the body into heat and mechanical energy. But concentration of such energy does not produce much of an effect on manifestation except to cause us to gain physical weight.

Second, there is thought. Thought can be thought of as both with and without form. We cannot touch thought, but we can form thought images and in that manner, thought has form. Thought is where mass and energy merge.

But is thought, itself, Energy? It can’t be seen, heard or touched by physical senses. But thought does exist and, therefore, must exist in a different form. The Law of Conservation of Mass and Energy, as well as Einstein’s equation E = mc^2, suggests that if thought is real, but not mass, then it has to be energy.

Our minds are a conglomeration of thought with as many as 60,000 thoughts in a single day. That means we have 60,000 opportunities for magnetic thought radiation. However, we never hold on to a thought for a sustained period of time, and thus, unlike a black hole, gain no power from it.

Then, there is emotion. This is where I have stumbled in the past, thinking of emotion as Energy. As I give this more thought, I find a problem with this. The problem is, you can’t increase or decrease emotion indefinitely. Not can you store it. There is a limit to how much emotion a person can experience. As a result, it must not be energy itself. Instead, it must be an indicator of Energy.

Emotion must be like a gas gauge with indicator in both positive and negative sides. There is a common “Empty” indicator but must also have “Full” indicators for both positive and negative poles. Emotion indicates if a person is aligned with Energy in either pole. It is like the timing in a car. If dialed in correctly, the car’s efficiency is high. If not aligned, efficiency is low.

We know from experience that emotion and thought are related. Positive thought produces positive emotions and negative thoughts produce negative emotions. Thought seems to be the catalyst for emotion. It is rare that emotion precedes thought.

Even then, thought energy is limited to our being and has very little power to move Creation in a grand way. There must be another source of Energy. In fact, there must be only one source of Energy and all other forms, especially the lower ones like our mental and physical energies are merely reflections of that Energy.

It is this Grand Energy that must move Creation and Manifestation.

Energy’s response to our lower level energy must be according to its intensity and clarity. The closest analogy I can find is that of the radio.

The radio’s manifestation of sound does not come directly from the signal received through its antenna. The signals received by the radio are extremely weak and when received, cannot be heard. They are, by themselves, quite powerless.

For us to actually hear these signals, the radio creates a larger copy of these tiny signals using a power source, electronics and speakers to a form that can be heard by the human ear.

Like the radio, Creation must use the clarity and intensity of our thoughts to manifest automatically using its own Energy. The clearer and more focused the pictures and feelings we provide, the easier the Manifestation becomes. The manifestation is not a matter of direct order but, like the radio, it simply follows the Law of Attraction.

The secret of compressing time, therefore, lies in our ability to concentrate our own thoughts in the direction of positive emotion. Unfortunately, concentration of thoughts in the direction of negative emotion also compresses time, but with negative results. It behooves us, as we achieve concentration, to focus on the positive instead of the negative.

Considering that we think 60,000 thoughts a day, the concentration on a single thought can increase our creative power by 6,000,000 percent! Thus, we gain the energy from this synergism of thought, just as the alignment of dipoles within a magnet creates its attractive magnetic field.

Our own magnetic power depends on the alignment and stability of our thoughts and our ability to focus only on what we want to manifest.

The process of manifestation, itself, is driven my Law. Putting our thoughts into driving manifestation is a waste of Energy.

This series of posts has brought about the following conclusion:

The Intention and its Manifestation occur simultaneously just as an archer and his target exist at the same time. The path between Intention and Manifestation is time. The time between Intention and Manifestation depends on the Energy behind the Intention and Energy is driven by the focus and intensity of the Intender.

Law of Attraction – The Compression of Time – Part II

In the last post, we established that one way to compress time in the physical universe is through the warping of space-time. In a universe of matter, the greater and denser the mass, the more space-time warps around it. As space-time warps, two points that are a large distance apart may move closer together resulting in the reduction of time it takes to traverse the distance between the two points.

If material space-time is warped by the concentration of mass such black holes, then a similar warpage must occur with the concentration of Energy in the formless planes. After all, Einstein has proven that mass and energy are one and same thing.

There has been a lot of discussion in metaphysics and New Age thought that time is purely a physical phenomenon. It is suggested that in the realms of thought, emotion and spirit, there is no such thing as time. Even among physicists, many question the existence of time in the material world.

Does the question of time come up at all in the higher dimensions? Does time actually exist? If it doesn’t exist, is time compression then, impossible? Or is it really just a matter of viewpoint?

The premise in creation with the Law of Attraction is that the cause and effect occur simultaneous and that it is only the existence of time in the physical plane that makes the effect follow the cause.

I always wondered what how this happens. In what way do cause and effect happen simultaneously?

Perhaps it is not that time does not exist, but that results are predictable. When results are predictable then the cause and the result exist simultaneously.

Take the analogy of an archer preparing to let launch an arrow towards a target. The archer sets the arrow in the bow and pulls back the bow string while aiming at a target. The archer’s aim sets the target while the tension in the bow provides the energy needed by the arrow to reach that target.

Once the arrow is released (intention), an outcome is assured. In other words, cause and effect occur simultaneously. The trajectory of the arrow and its final destination would be predictable by physical laws. The probability of hitting the bull’s-eye depends on the skill of the archer and the power of the bow. But once the arrow is launched, the archer has no more influence on the outcome.

The aim of the archer (the clarity of thought) and the tension of the bow (Energy) determine the curve the arrow will travel. Through the law of gravity, the laws of motion and aerodynamics, arrow will travel a certain path. The releasing of the bow (the intention) triggers the outcome (manifestation).

If the archer’s aim is poor (lack of thought clarity), the arrow will miss the target. However, the tension in the bow is also important. Too little tension (low emotional intensity) and the arrow may not have enough energy to reach the target. Either way, the result is predictable and dependent on the initial conditions – the aim and the tension of the bow.

The difference between the release of the arrow (the intention) and the arrival at the target (manifestation) is time.

So time must exist at the higher dimensions but must also be relative to our own timeframe. Perhaps, when metaphysics states that cause and effect appear simultaneously, it is not because time doesn’t exist, but that awareness at the higher dimensions allows cause and effect to be “visible” and “predictable”.

Einstein argued that time is relative. He didn’t argue that time did not exist. He argued that absolute time does not exist and that time is dependent on the timeframe of the observer.

So, if space-time is warped by the concentration of mass, then there must be a similar mechanism in the higher planes of creation. In these planes, form will disappear. Therefore, if form and Energy are similar, then the lack of form must mean an abundance of Energy.

If mass and energy are the same, then concentration of energy then must warp space-time as well.

But there is another aspect of time that can’t be ignored. Looking again at the physical model, black holes just don’t happen. The power and the concentration of black holes occur over time as the concentration of mass pulls in more mass. The greater the mass accumulated, the greater the gravitational field and more mass is pulled into the black hole.

Over time, the power of the black hole increases exponentially. The same must be true for the concentration of Energy.

So how would the archer change the time between the release of the arrow and contact with the target?

One way would be to increase the tension of the bow. The more precise approach would be to increase the energy applied to the arrow. If the archer changes the bow’s design to use steel, the amount of energy stored in the bow would increase dramatically and the speed of the arrow would increase. With the increased speed, the time to target is decreased. If the approach is changed to that using gun powder, another step increase in speed is achieved and the contact is achieved sooner.

Another way is to use the same bow, but move the target closer. This is similar to the warping of space-time. Change the environment conditions such that the target and the bow approach each other.

In both cases above, the common source is increased energy. It is very likely that with increased energy, both results above will exist.

This material analogy brings the next step in the compression of time – the concentration of Energy. The question becomes – “What Energy needs to be concentrated for manifestation time to be compressed?”

Law of Attraction: The Compression of Time – Part I

I always advise patience when it comes to manifesting through the Law of Attraction. But, actually, I am no different from anybody else. If I could, I would find some way to manifest quicker. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if the Aladdin’s Lamp actually existed? Make a wish and a booming bass voice says, “You’re wish is my command!” (Echo…Echo..)

Is it possible to make manifestation happen quicker? And if so, what is the process?

Sometimes, once a thought is born in my mind, it has to move to its completion without letting my mind rest.

This happened to be one of those thoughts.

And it started with Einstein.

Einstein proved that space (the three spatial dimensions) and time are interlaced. In the simplest of terms, it simply means is that you can’t be in two places at the same time.

So space engineers have a daunting problem in trying to reach the next galaxy, Alpha Centauri, which is 4.4 light years away. That means it takes almost four and a half years to get there at the speed of light. According to, it will take a Space Shuttle 165,000 years to get there. Does that mean that we will never ever get to Alpha Centauri? Are we doomed to stay within the confines of our limited real estate within our Solar Syste
Well, let’s not be too hasty!

Einstein also proved that all mass warps space-time. It’s like putting a bowling ball on top of your mattress. The bowling ball warps the mattress. The heavier the bowling ball, the more the mattress warps.

Now keep the bowling ball the same size but increase its mass. In other words, use a bowling ball with much denser material like lead. The mattress now begins to warp so much that it bends and wraps around the bowling ball until the ends of the mattress touch.

If there was a gerbil standing on one end of the mattress, it could merely step onto the other end of the mattress without any effort at all. The gerbil just traveled the whole length of the mattress in a single step!

Space-time can be warped, but it requires an enormous amount of energy provided by a very large mass.

So, if physical space-time can be warped, can’t metaphysical space-time be warped as well? In other words, can we warp our metaphysical space-time continuum so that we can touch our goals without moving a single step? If the physical world is an imperfect model of the finer dimensions, shouldn’t higher dimension space-time warping exist as well?

Which brought up another question in my mind – is there such a thing as time in the Higher Dimensions? That’s a question for future investigation.

This is intriguing. There is a name for instantaneous manifestation – miracles! If we accept that some enlightened individuals can perform miracles, have they been able to tap into an immense energy source so that they manifest merely by bending the multidimensional space-time continuum?

If even one person can do it, then the principle must be sound, and others must be able to do it as well!

The most massive things in the physical universe are black holes yet they occupy very little space (comparatively speaking). They are the ultimate in attraction force in the physical universe.

The space around them warps so much that anything that “falls” into their funnel can’t get out, even light. Since light can’t escape, there is no light to communicate to others outside what the black hole looks like. That is an incredibly strong attractive force.

When two black holes warp space, their “warp funnels” may connect allowing two points in space that are far apart to be merely a step apart. Scientists call this a “wormhole”, a shortcut through space-time.

The key thing about black holes is their density. In black holes, the space between atoms, especially the neutrons, have been removed, concentrating all of these basic particles of matter into a tiny amount of space. When you think about the size and mass of the sun and remove all the space between its neutron, protons and electrons, you get an object a fraction of the sun’s size of a thimble but with the same mass and gravitational power.

Black holes are a concentration of mass-energy.

When it comes to the realm of manifestation, mass does not matter. Einstein also proved that mass and energy are one and the same thing. A thimble full of mass results in an incredible amount of energy. That energy, when controlled, powers cities for ages. Uncontrolled, it can be released in a millisecond in a powerful destructive city-leveling explosion.

In the higher realms, we must be dealing with the concentration of pure Energy.

So if space-time warping occurs at the physical level, then it must also happen to a much greater degree at the higher dimensions. It must be then be possible to warp the multi-dimensional space-time to bring the ingredients of a goal together for manifestation.

As we delve further into this, we must enter the realm of miracles.

Law of Attraction – The Faraway Land of Impossible Dreams

A young lady dreams of owning her own record label one day. Yet at this point in time, she is so downhearted because nothing seems to be going her way. She is young, fresh out of school, without the degree or the resources to make things happen.

Her brief foray into the music business hit a brick wall and she was forced to retreat.

She wonders if her dreams will ever come true.

Yet, in her dissatisfaction, I see the very driving force of achievement.

I offer only one piece of advice – no matter what happens on the outside, never ever let go of your dream!

As I see it, her only obstacle is believing that there is only one way to achieve her dream.

I can understand her downheartedness. Haven’t we all been there? Is her situation so unique? Sometimes our dreams are so big that, from where we stand at the moment, they seem almost impossible.

In 1962, President Kennedy challenged the nation to send a man to the Moon by the end of the decade and bring him back safely to Earth. While I’m sure this excited a lot of scientists, it must have felt for the engineers like trying to lift the Great Pyramid a mere foot off the ground. After all, at that time, the United States was just barely succeeded in rocketing a man to orbit, a mere 50 miles above the Earth. The jump from 50 miles above the Earth to 240,000 miles to the Moon, in just eight years, seemed like an enormous leap!

If anything qualified as an impossible dream, this was probably it!
Yet, in 1969, a mere seven years from President Kennedy’s challenge, Neil Armstrong, became the first human to step on the Moon and safely returned to Earth!

That was a monumental achievement!

It was beset by problem after problem. Lessons were learned through mistakes, trial and error, hard work and even tragedy. The tragic loss of three astronauts on the ground led to advancements in the space capsule that protected the lives of several other astronauts who did eventually travel to the moon.

It would have been so easy to say, “forget it, let’s pack it up, it can’t be done!” and end the space program right there and then. But every roadblock was either creatively overcome or bypassed and the dream became a reality.

The dream and the dreamer are connected and are drawn inevitably to each other.

Between them is a force that draws them together, as long as both exist! Lose the dreamer and the dream dies. Lose the dream and the dreamer no longer exists. Both are needed and one sustains the other.

The trip to Moon was an exercise in the Law of Gravity, a model of attraction. The astronauts and the Moon were drawn to each other. The spacecraft traveled a curve path determined by the mutual gravitational attraction of the Earth, the Moon and the spacecraft. With the exception of rocket burns from the Earth, correction burns along the way to the Moon and orbital injection burns at the Moon, the spacecraft merely coasted, riding the connecting line of gravity.

The Moon pulled the astronauts, just as the astronauts pushed towards the Moon.

The closer the astronauts got to the Moon, the faster they traveled.

It is difficult for this young lady, at this point in her life, to see that she is already moving towards her dreams. Degrees and resources come at the right time in the journey. The only pre-requisite, is to keep her eye on the dream, and take things step by step.

This was true for the journey to Moon. In the beginning, the trip to the Moon was nothing more than a sketch on a piece of paper.

But with the resources of the United States and NASA made available, the right minds and talent were gathered to make the dream a reality.

Our dreams are also sketches on a piece of paper. We need the resources of a Greater Mind and Talent to make our dreams possible. Just as the dream and the dreamer co-exist, so do the resources to make the dream happen. It’s just than we can’t see the complex and magnificent operation at work.

Regardless, this invisible orchestration continues until the dreamer gives up or the dream is abandoned. But as long as both exist, the rendezvous of dreamer and dream must happen!

Hence the admonition – “Never let go of your dreams!”

If you have been around for half a century as I have, you already know what I mean.

If you are young, and embarking on your journey to destiny, you may need to trust me a little.

Sometimes we lose track of the fact that it’s fun to put things together. Dreams are like LEGO blocks. The fun is in finding the right block to use in relation to all the other blocks. Once the whole thing is built, it’s not that much fun anymore. We then start building another dream.

It is good to realize the fun in building a dream. All it takes is the realization that there is no one way to get to your dream.

There is just YOUR WAY!