Law of Attraction – The Faraway Land of Impossible Dreams

A young lady dreams of owning her own record label one day. Yet at this point in time, she is so downhearted because nothing seems to be going her way. She is young, fresh out of school, without the degree or the resources to make things happen.

Her brief foray into the music business hit a brick wall and she was forced to retreat.

She wonders if her dreams will ever come true.

Yet, in her dissatisfaction, I see the very driving force of achievement.

I offer only one piece of advice – no matter what happens on the outside, never ever let go of your dream!

As I see it, her only obstacle is believing that there is only one way to achieve her dream.

I can understand her downheartedness. Haven’t we all been there? Is her situation so unique? Sometimes our dreams are so big that, from where we stand at the moment, they seem almost impossible.

In 1962, President Kennedy challenged the nation to send a man to the Moon by the end of the decade and bring him back safely to Earth. While I’m sure this excited a lot of scientists, it must have felt for the engineers like trying to lift the Great Pyramid a mere foot off the ground. After all, at that time, the United States was just barely succeeded in rocketing a man to orbit, a mere 50 miles above the Earth. The jump from 50 miles above the Earth to 240,000 miles to the Moon, in just eight years, seemed like an enormous leap!

If anything qualified as an impossible dream, this was probably it!
Yet, in 1969, a mere seven years from President Kennedy’s challenge, Neil Armstrong, became the first human to step on the Moon and safely returned to Earth!

That was a monumental achievement!

It was beset by problem after problem. Lessons were learned through mistakes, trial and error, hard work and even tragedy. The tragic loss of three astronauts on the ground led to advancements in the space capsule that protected the lives of several other astronauts who did eventually travel to the moon.

It would have been so easy to say, “forget it, let’s pack it up, it can’t be done!” and end the space program right there and then. But every roadblock was either creatively overcome or bypassed and the dream became a reality.

The dream and the dreamer are connected and are drawn inevitably to each other.

Between them is a force that draws them together, as long as both exist! Lose the dreamer and the dream dies. Lose the dream and the dreamer no longer exists. Both are needed and one sustains the other.

The trip to Moon was an exercise in the Law of Gravity, a model of attraction. The astronauts and the Moon were drawn to each other. The spacecraft traveled a curve path determined by the mutual gravitational attraction of the Earth, the Moon and the spacecraft. With the exception of rocket burns from the Earth, correction burns along the way to the Moon and orbital injection burns at the Moon, the spacecraft merely coasted, riding the connecting line of gravity.

The Moon pulled the astronauts, just as the astronauts pushed towards the Moon.

The closer the astronauts got to the Moon, the faster they traveled.

It is difficult for this young lady, at this point in her life, to see that she is already moving towards her dreams. Degrees and resources come at the right time in the journey. The only pre-requisite, is to keep her eye on the dream, and take things step by step.

This was true for the journey to Moon. In the beginning, the trip to the Moon was nothing more than a sketch on a piece of paper.

But with the resources of the United States and NASA made available, the right minds and talent were gathered to make the dream a reality.

Our dreams are also sketches on a piece of paper. We need the resources of a Greater Mind and Talent to make our dreams possible. Just as the dream and the dreamer co-exist, so do the resources to make the dream happen. It’s just than we can’t see the complex and magnificent operation at work.

Regardless, this invisible orchestration continues until the dreamer gives up or the dream is abandoned. But as long as both exist, the rendezvous of dreamer and dream must happen!

Hence the admonition – “Never let go of your dreams!”

If you have been around for half a century as I have, you already know what I mean.

If you are young, and embarking on your journey to destiny, you may need to trust me a little.

Sometimes we lose track of the fact that it’s fun to put things together. Dreams are like LEGO blocks. The fun is in finding the right block to use in relation to all the other blocks. Once the whole thing is built, it’s not that much fun anymore. We then start building another dream.

It is good to realize the fun in building a dream. All it takes is the realization that there is no one way to get to your dream.

There is just YOUR WAY!

Charismatic Presentation – The Concentrating Power of Life’s Flux-Capacitor

In the movie “Back to the Future”, the scientific genius, Dr. Brown, finds a way to go back and forth in time using a device he invented called – the Flux Capacitor!

Of course, such a device is completely fictional! It doesn’t exist!

Or does it? (Kidding!)

But creative minds will probably find a way to explain how this Flux Capacitor works….

Okay, here it goes…

In engineering, flux is the amount of flow though a given area. The greater the flux, the greater the power.

A capacitor is any device, electronic or mechanical, that stores energy. The more energy the device can store, the greater the power it can discharge over a short period of time.

What do these things have to do with Charismatic Presence and Personal Magnetism?

In magnetics, the force of a magnet depends on its flux density (that’s a REAL term). What this means is that more and more lines of force are crammed into a fixed area. To bring it down to an even simpler concept – the more concentrated the magnetic lines over an area, the stronger the force.

The secret to strong magnetism, therefore, is to concentrate the power of magnetism.

The human magnet therefore, like the physical magnet, becomes more magnetic when magnetic potential is concentrated. That means, when the focus of body, mind and emotions are focused onto one goal or manifestation, a person’s ability to influence and attract increases geometrically.

This takes a lot of introspection and mental training.

We are typically unaware of how scattered our thoughts and emotions are. That is, until we try to consciously focus on one, and only one, idea or thought. When we do that, we realize that after a few seconds, our minds drift on to other thoughts. It can’t keep still. I have read that we think around 60,000 thoughts in a day.

That means our magnetic energy is diminished to only 1/60,000th of its potential power!

That’s a HUGE loss! It’s like driving a sports car with a large leak in the engine cylinders. You step on the gas and the engine goes…whuuuh?

It’s no wonder that anyone who can concentrate on a single subject can achieve incredible things!

So where does the Capacitor part come in? In the “real” world, a capacitor in the flow circuit slows down the build-up of power as it stores incoming energy but it can discharge the power in a short period of time in a huge burst. That’s how the spark plug in our cars works.

How does that help the human magnet? Here’s the creative mind at work again. We have the ability to store magnetic energy. We can build it up slowly through breathing and concentration and store it in nerve bundles within our physical body. Then when we need it, we direct the energy towards our objects of influence in a short period of time through a powerful surge of Energy and blast it into the Universe.

Does a Flux-Capacitor really exist?


But the principles behind Flux and Capacitors are real and practical. These exist in inanimate matter and in humans, and by extrapolation, must exist as well in the Higher Dimensions.

These boil down to the increase and storage of Energy through the use of mental and emotional concentration and directing it to our goal using the power of our mind.

This requires the development of concentration and imagination.

Law of Attraction Testimonial – The Secret Treasure Within Your Personality

I took the Myers-Briggs test again. I turned out to be an INFJ personality which stands for Introversion (I), Intuition (N), Feeling (F) and Judging (J). The Myers-Briggs system classifies this type of personality as the “Protector”.

This was actually nothing new. I took this test a long time ago but I didn’t like being labeled as a non-aggressive and emotional so I ignored it. I was told success goes to the Type A, logical personality. I wanted to succeed and get the promotions and money! I wanted to be seen as a go-getter!

I had to be really honest with myself this time. I was taught that aggressive, Type A personalities win in this world. All the other personality tests I have taken put me in the same category as the Myers-Briggs test and I tried to deny that I was truly an INFJ. I thought that being an INFJ was a success killer.

I took another test in which the personalities were described in colors – red for fiery leaders, yellow for cheerful and personable people, blue for the logical analyst and green for the friendly and non-aggressive. I turned out to be green. So does being “green” take me out of the running for success?

The last ten years of my career have been the most satisfying. I changed my outlook in work from one where corporate money and success were key to one where thoughts, ideas and creativity reigned.

I took a position that was aligned with who I truly was. I embraced that fact that I was a thinker, a creative, someone who loved to work alone, who needed to understand how things worked, and one who could lose himself in puzzles and mysteries.

I was right-brained but I also exhibited strong left-brained tendencies by making plans, checklists and being quite expert in mathematical analysis. I avoided stress by doing things well ahead of time so I would never rush. I was always early, never late.

In other words, I really was an INFJ.

For a long time, I thought I had to be an extroverted analyst to succeed in the engineering world.

Yet, over the last ten years, despite being a non-aggressive, “anti-social”, thinker, idealist, intuitive problem solver, I found myself at the top of the engineering world in my company.

So, I didn’t have to be someone else’s idea of the “successful personality” after all to be happy and successful.

I just needed to be true to myself!

Any personality type can succeed and attract all the trappings of success by first embracing their unique skills and mindsets. For within each mindset is the secret of success, success that is unique for each person, if they are willing to allow themselves to be so.

Each person is a genius in their own field. Ask a genius musician to build a rocket and failure is sure to occur.

It is here that I am cautious when counseling others, especially those just starting their careers. My way isn’t your way. Your success is particular to your make-up. Your special powers come from the type of person you are. I am an emotional thinker. You could be a practical doer!

The Type A person can’t help being Type A and becomes aggravated when told to sit down and think! The thinker hates to be pushed for a decision without being given the time to actually think. The doer doesn’t want to waste time analyzing and the analyst needs to “do the numbers” before committing to a critical action.

Each one of us is most magnetic when we allow ourselves to be what we truly are despite what the world says we should do to achieve success.

Does that mean we only attract to ourselves those of similar personalities? Not necessarily. Our uniqueness is what makes us important. Just because I’m not the fiery leader that many people admire doesn’t mean that my input is not valuable. In fact, my success comes from my intuitive faculty. I can see in my head what’s going to happen if you do step A, and I can read how people feel when event B happens.

I complement fiery leadership rather than displace it. I have my own fun role to play. I have embraced the person that I am. My stress level has gone down because I no longer strive to follow other people’s idea of what I should do. I can do things my way while allowing others the freedom to do things in their own special way.

And what’s even better? I attract easy and fun work. Even now things are changing so that more fun work, possibly outside my current source of income, is coming my way.

I have even demoted money as the most important goal of life. Money never made me happy. Don’t get me wrong! Money is important! I don’t find poverty appealing by any means. I can’t think properly when my bank account drops to near zero. But thinking, creating, and solving puzzles make time pass quickly and happily. Then the money comes anyway!

Don’t listen to me!

Follow your heart. Be who you are. And you will attract your own treasure.

Law of Attraction Testimonial – The Rescue From Oblivion

Be very careful what you ask for. You WILL get it.

In a previous post, I described my quest for corporate success. I applied visualization to get what I wanted but I focused on the trappings and not the essence. I received the trappings – the executive office, the position, the prestige, the salary – but in a work environment and position that was out of tune with the person that I was.

For that mistake, I found myself a virtual prisoner of circumstance. I had left a wonderful engineering position in the West coast for a position I was completely unsuited for in the East coast. I felt out of place. I had burned my bridges. I could not find a way back. The move east alone was traumatic for me and my family, leaving us both emotionally and financially devastated.

I became a troll, alien to my family and grudgingly paying credit card debt that would take decades to clear. I was prone to accidents and experienced hardship after hardship. I hated the snow and the winters. I bought and damaged a brand new car. Misfortune followed me. I was a negativity magnet.
It took another three years before I decided that I had enough.

I made an internal decision, a specific intention, to go back to the West coast where I belonged, where I was happy, in a position that would be emotionally satisfying, while repairing my financially dire situation.

Surprisingly enough, my wife, who was opposed to any more moving (we moved three times in nine years), gladly concurred with the return to the West Coast.
But that that year showed no hope for such a move. There were no job openings at my previous place of employment. No potential employers replied to my resumes and calls. Furthermore, the housing market was such that selling our house at that time would have resulted in a loss, something our finances could not handle.

There was no way back. It was incredibly discouraging.

I resorted to something I had done in the past – journaling.

I bought a small notebook and started to journal as if it were months into the future.

I wrote in longhand. It was personal. I could write without having to worry about spelling. There were no backspaces to make corrections on the fly. It was not important. I just needed to dream happy things. Writing a journal made it feel as if good things had already happened.

I wrote about the joy of leaving the East for a new opportunity in the West. It was warm where I was going. Snow storms were a thing of the past. For a change, a trip to the airport for the move back was like being released from prison, at last.

I wrote about how the sun shone all the time and how my work environment was full of creative and inspiring moments. I was part of a team where I fit in as a designer and analyst, working in conjunction with those who enjoyed putting things together and testing them.

I described the fun my kids had at the park which was a sunny walk away along two lane roads so wide that you could fit three wide body trucks across easily.

I had a vision of a walk path lined by evergreen trees from which I could see the parking lot of my new place of employment.

I did this every day and reveled in the fantasy. When one notebook was done, I destroyed it and started a new notebook. It didn’t matter that the story was the same. It was an enjoyable fantasy. I changed small things but kept the theme the same.

I lost count of how many small notebooks I filled up and destroyed. They were for no one’s eyes except my own. I never even re-read my entries. The writing merely focused my imagination.

All the time, I focused on the journal. I did no job search as I had no inkling of where to go. I did nothing to improve my chances of moving back west. The Internet was not as pervasive then as it is now. I couldn’t tell what the job market was like.

Then, one morning, I received a telephone call. The voice on the other was a very familiar and welcome voice, one that I heard many times in my old company.

I learned that times had changed. I worked for two companies at the West coast and both companies had merged into one.

And, they had a problem. They needed someone with special expertise and familiarity of the product line with a long history. I happened to have that special expertise.

I was especially suited for that position.

The whole journey back to the West coast was like jumping off a plane. There was no resistance, just a series of easy and successful steps.
First, there was the job interview. It was less of a job interview than a welcome home, even before the offer.

Then there was the sale of the house. In that one year, the housing market shifted and our house gained a $100,000 increase in value. The house sold within a month of us buying another house in the West. The equity gained paid for everything, including our credit card debt and put us, for the first time in four years, with extra money in savings.

Then, my salary was maintained even as I rejected offers for management positions.

But there was another development. Shortly after my acceptance, a new position was created within the company that allowed engineers to rise up a different ladder, one similar to management, but focused only technical expertise. Despite being only in the company for a few months, I was one of the first to be promoted to this position. The ceiling over my career had broken.

One day, as I explored the area where I worked, I walked down a pathway with evergreens the overlooked some buildings. I had seen this before- in my own imagination.

I was back!

The same process that cast me into oblivion raised me back to prosperity.

I look back at the valuable lessons learned, earned through emotional and financial distress. I swore never again to pursue things for the sake of money or position.

There is only one true goal for all action – the pursuit of happiness. That is the essence. And it is different for each person. The path of happiness for one may not apply to another. Each one needs to find their path to happiness. The trappings of success will follow close behind.

The Law of Attraction – Testimonial – Imagineering Disneyland

I have studied the thoughts of both supporters and detractors of the Law of Attraction. Of course, everyone is entitled to their own opinion and I have no desire whatsoever to argue. I am no preacher, or missionary. I’m simply a person who likes to know how things work, then use that knowledge to make my life better.

I have been the recipient of both positive and negative results of the Law of Attraction which has led to a deeper understanding of the Law.

In this and upcoming posts, I have decided to share the stories of such manifestations, not to teach, preach or shove things down your throat but, maybe, it may inspire you to keep a positive outlook in life. With all the negativity in media, keeping positive can be very hard indeed.

These happened to me in accordance to my own thoughts and beliefs. You will have your own results depending on the make-up of your own mind.

The first thing that always comes to mind when I think of the Law of Attraction is Disneyland.

Disneyland in California is my family’s favorite vacation spot. However, now that we live a thousand miles away, getting to Disneyland is an expensive matter, especially when there are bills to pay and we only have one income source. There was no extra money for vacations.

But I kept getting pummeled from spouse and kids alike for a trip to Disneyland.

I had come across “The Secret” at that time and I found myself relating to the part where we tend to say, “I can’t afford it!” all the time. At that particular time, that was a very true and real statement.

So I decided to change my mind. I kept everything to myself (something which is extremely important!) I merely worked things out in my head. No one had any inkling I was considering it. In fact, because I said nothing, that usually meant “No”!

I went into my imagination daily. I experienced the whole trip. It began with packing the bags, including my obsessive routine with checklists. I visualized driving down our driveway and taking one look back at the house. Then there was the plane trip, the hotel and finally…..Disneyland.
I decided not just to see and hear the trip but to experience the joy of Disneyland. I experience the smiles and my kids laughing and enjoying the rides. I even brought in the hot sun and the joy of drinking ice-cold water while resting our tired feet in the shade. I even included the exhaustion at the end of the day. That was part of Disneyland. You can’t spend a whole day in the park and not get tired. It was a good kind of tired. That made it just as real.

And I added one more feeling – the feeling that the money for the trip did NOT affect my savings account at all. In other words, the money for the trip would come from outside my normal take home pay. It was a relaxed feeling, as if someone else were paying for the trip.

Because I actually had money in my savings account for the trip, I felt no anxiety. I just didn’t want to touch that money. It’s actually quite hard to build up a savings account on a single income basis and blow it in an expensive vacation.

As I continued this “fantasy”, I intended for it to come true, while not being attached to a specific way of it coming to fruition.

I actually had no idea how to make it happen. The hardest part of the whole process was to throw that thought away.

Even then, I was the mind engineer. For me to move in one direction, I knew I had to remove all friction and all opposing forces. Saying, “yes, I go” while simultaneously saying “but, I don’t know how..” creates a resistive force that prevents forward motion. The thought of “how” just had to go!
I was looking towards having the trip during the summer.

My past experience with the Law of Attraction is that solutions usually pop up in unexpected ways.

I made the decision for Disneyland in January. I found a vacation package which included a special plane fare in which the kids flew free! That came out to $2500. Sounds low now, but it was a special package and that was back in the 2005 timeframe when the kids were less than 10 years old.
Around the April – May time frame, something happened.

At work, I was given two awards in recognition for jobs well done. Because of the level of economic prosperity at time, these awards included cash prizes. The total cash prize came out to something like $1500!

At that same time, I received a tax refund of about $1000. The combined total was exactly what I needed for the Disneyland trip.
Only when these monies appeared did I reveal to the family that we would be taking a trip to Disneyland. At no time did I bring up the Law of Attraction. This is a personal thing. It was between me and the Universe, and now I share it with you.

As I look back at the supporters and detractors of the Law of Attraction, and my own studies into the religions of the word, it became apparent to me that the most difficult thing for people is to detach themselves from a specific outcome.

People want a certain something in a certain way and they make specific plans and work those plans with great intensity. That’s because we are told that the harder you work, the more likely you are to achieve your goals. Fun is not part of the picture. The problem comes up when the goal is so specific that only one prize is available to meet the desires of many.

By being too specific, we close our eyes to the potential for other emotionally satisfying ways to achieve our goals.

Yes, it took a few months for the money to appear but (1) I didn’t have to “make” it happen and (2) August was a great month for visiting Disneyland.

I would consider that highly satisfying!

The Law of Attraction – The Essence of Creative Imagination

Long before I learned about the Law of Attraction, I realized that, if I could make any event real in my mind, that is, if I could see, hear it and feel it, it would invariably happen.

With this realization, I experimented to make something I wanted, happen.

But then, I was to learn something extremely important. It was a bitter lesson that would govern the rest of my life.
I was an engineer in a large aerospace corporation. I led a team that was involved in a very complex system costing millions of dollars. I was the lead engineer in one of the most prestigious programs and we had significant success that cemented my reputation. Not to mention that it had a dramatic impact on my paycheck!

Then somebody put a bug up my ear.

One of my colleagues told me that, one day, he wants to be the President of the company.

That got me thinking. Why not me? Why can’t I be the president of a company? My family had a lot of prominent people in the government and private sectors. I was expected to succeed. Why not make a name for myself in the industry? Going for the president of a company was the proper thing to do and it would make my family proud!

So, knowing that I could visualize things into existence, I imagined the trappings of the presidency. I visualized a large office, with a large desk and a window wall. Everything in that office just shouted..”Mr. President”.

That was it!

Over the years, inspired by Tesla (that’s another story), I improved my ability to visualize. And not just visualize. If I imagined a beach, I heard the people playing, the sea gulls and the surf. I saw the white sand, the colorful towels, the palm trees swaying as well as the distant car lanes. I felt the sun on my face and the coarse, warm sand under my feet. I picked up a handful of sand and felt the grains of sand flow through my fingers, something I loved to do in “real” life.

So I imagined my presidential office in all its colorful and solid “reality”.

To get to the presidency in the company I worked in involved climbing up quite a few ladders with lots of very capable people entrenched in their positions. I was an engineer in a position of technical leadership. I had demonstrated excellent technical leadership (according to my reviews) but have never been in management. From where I was, the climb to the presidency looked like the climb up the staircase of the Empire State building.

Then, it happened.

An executive recruiter was referred to me by an acquaintance from a previous job. The position was for a management position in a small engineering company with only two steps to the presidency.

I took the job.

When I arrived at my new office, I saw the office of my imagination, complete with the window wall.

I got what I imagined!

But I was in for a rude awakening.

I got the office, but I also got a lot of heartache.

You see, I was a terrible match for the job!

My personality was at odds with the work of management. I wanted time to think and create and I found myself engaged in meeting after meeting solving problems in personnel and money. I wanted to invent new things but found myself planning corporate strategies and personnel schedules and budgets. I liked working solo but found I had to deal with a lot of other people. I hate conflict yet found myself fighting with other managers!
I came to realize that I was not made of management material!

I was miserable!

I learned that being a manager of engineers meant that I no longer engineered. The creativity was gone! What I once thought was to be paradise became a prison. I was trapped. I moved my family across the country for a job I didn’t really like.

I got what I thought was the right corporate path, but I did not ask what my heart truly wanted! I did what I thought I was expected to do to make my family proud.

Looking back, I easily imagined the office because it was pleasurable (emotionally) to have such a prestigious working place. But I could not imagine the work because it was actually distasteful to me. Had I tried to imagine the work, I believe I would have had extreme difficulty holding an image. My own emotions would have repelled the thought.

Does this mean my original thought about vivid imagination was wrong?

No. But it was missing something extremely important. It was missing my heart’s desire. I focused on the trappings and not the work. I missed working on the essence of what I truly wanted.

Because of this misstep, I suffered through four years in a job I hated, in a place I disliked. But I applied the same process to recover, this time including the essence and the feeling of what I wanted. Just as before, I got what I wanted. And I am much happier for it.
That was another key lesson. Happiness is success. The trappings like the office, the car, the mansion and the wealth have nothing to do with it. Success is as individual as we are. If we go for the happiness, then success is assured. Different things make different people happy. There is no one happy strategy for all.

So despite the heartache, the lesson learned was tremendous.

It reinforced my belief and knowing in the creative power of Imagination. And, I replaced by goals of position and wealth with that of happiness. Events that followed vindicated this strategy. As I got happiness, the position and wealth followed, in surprising ways.

As Einstein professed, imagination is, indeed, the preview of life’s coming attractions.

The Law of Attraction – How About a Nice Game of Chess?

I was helping out a young performing arts student prepare for an audition. As the work ended, he commented to me that he was going to use “The Secret” to win the part.

I didn’t dissuade him from doing so, but I wondered how he would feel as he competed against those who were possibly better and more experienced than he. If he failed, would that convince him that the Law of Attraction was wrong? Would he feel discouraged and mad at the teachers of the Law of Attraction?

So I started thinking, “How does this Law of Attraction really work?” Is it truly as simple as “The Secret” says it is?

As an engineer, I like knowing how things work and often look at models to get an idea. This takes from believing, to knowing. The physical world is a model of a larger and more refined Universe. By seeing how the model works, we can infer, if not completely understand, how the greater Universe operates.

So how would the Law of Attraction satisfy this young man’s desire to win a coveted role? What model can I use to predict the probabilities?

Interestingly enough, I turned to the game of chess. Assuming that we, four-dimensional beings, are engaged in a nice (and friendly?) game of two-dimensional chess. Each player has the tools, the training, the specific goal and the strong desire to win. This game depends more on strategy than on probability. Yet, even probability plays a role as the human mind is not completely logical. Not everything is completely predictable, even in engineering. Emotions are unpredictable, and the human mind is prone to not-so-logical emotional moves.

What if we now focus, not on the players, but on the pieces?

The fields of view and awareness are now very much limited!

The pawn can only move one square at a time. The is the law of its position. The knight can only move in right angles but can jump over other pieces. The bishop has no influence over the pawns, and king, with it limited movement, tries to hide behind other pieces in its immediate vicinity. Some pieces can’t make their move because other pieces are in the way! On the other hand, each piece, while limited in its ability, can still do things the other pieces can’t do! This same is true for every piece, even one as powerful as the queen.

Sound like life!

But these limitations do not apply to the game player who, while living under each piece’s law, sees the grand scheme of things and can use the abilities of each piece to win.

We are in a similar game of chess. From our viewpoint, we can only see what is in our immediate vicinity. We are completely unaware of the bigger game and the other pieces in that game!

In the case of the performing arts student, there is only..the part. It is one event in the space-time continuum. There is no awareness of the other million opportunities that may even greater emotional satisfaction. And, as it is with youth, it may seem missing this the one and only opportunity represents the end of “life” as we know it.

But this does not hold for the Game Master. The Game Master is not limited by the four-dimensionality of the chess board we know as our world. To orchestrate the granting of our desires, the Game Master may take indirect routes in response to the strategy of the opponent. That not only affects space, but also time. For the grand scheme to be achieved, some pieces (in terms of events or circumstances or even time) may need to be discarded to achieve the price. What may look like failure, is nothing more than a strategic move!

Now let’s complicate the whole thing. Chess is a two-dimensional game played by players who operate in a four-dimensional (space-time) world. As we zoom further out, we may see the world as being played by single collective consciousness engaged in a multidimensional game of chess. A move may not be a single square but a distribution of possibilities, iterating in time until all objectives are met.

At the level of the performing arts student, disappointment may occur because of the narrowness of a view, with an attachment to a specific outcome within a short span of time. In the multidimensional game of life, there are infinite moves possible which can happen simultaneously. Yet time affects the appearance of the outcome as influenced by all the factors and players in the game. I wouldn’t even dare to apply my four dimensional mind to this problem.

The key is not to be attached to a specific outcome. By remaining open to all possibilities, not only on our specific space-time location, but in others, we avail ourselves to the Wisdom of the Game Master! This is the true meaning of Detachment!

How amazing the plans and strategies of Providence. If only we could trust that things will happen according to our request, with the outcome better than the limited and specific view we had in mind.

My own life experience reflects this. The things that made a difference in my life came in ways I never expected. But if I forced things by applying my own limited power and intellect, I invariably hit a brick wall or wade through a pond of quicksand.

There is amazing power and ease in this kind of detachment. Decide on the template, the feeling, then allow the Universe to plan the moves. Then, simply, let the Universe move you.