Law of Attraction Testimonial – The Problem With Seeing Life Through a Microscope

Sometimes, life turns upside down. Things happen that we don’t particularly want to happen. We start to feel empty and in despair. All that positive thinking you have claimed to be so good at just goes out the window. You feel like a fraud.

If you are particularly sensitive, things are even worse because your emotions are so powerful and focused. Whatever you focus on tends to magnify in your own mind.

Focus is like a microscope. It makes small things look really big.

A mite looks mighty big when viewed through a high magnification microscope. But then, so does a single grain of diamond dust. One is bad and scary, while the other as good and beautiful. Yet, both are small, too small to be seen with the naked eye.

I am a very emotional person and I pick up easily on other people’s emotions. Sometimes, I can’t tell if I’m really feeling something or if I’m just feeling what someone close to me is feeling.

I know one thing. Just as positive emotions can lift me up to incredible heights, negative emotions can plunge me into a dark abyss!

Negative emotions have a tendency to increase my focus. Why? Because I want to find out what’s causing it! Then, I churn the thought over and over again in my mind, taking it apart and putting it back together again, hour after hour, day after day. And with the passing of time, like a black hole, that negative thought keeps attracting more and more negative energy until I find myself neck-deep in muck at the bottom of a mental and emotional abyss.

Positive emotion on the other hand takes much less focus. There is not much to think about. If it feels good, I just let it happen.

I should know better. But then, since when does logic trump emotion?

I recently found myself in such a deep emotional abyss that it drained so much of my energy. I became tired and listless. It took me a lot of time to rest and re-energize before I had the strength to climb out of it. It took a lot of mental and emotional realignment. But, thankfully, it worked!

Just as the negative plunge began with a single thought, so did the rise from the abyss.

I remembered that when I look at a mite through a microscope, I ignore that tremendous amount of clean space around it. When I take the slide from the microscope and gaze at it with my own eyes, the mite is too small to be seen.

I began to realize that I was focusing on the 1% of my life that was negative instead of the 99% that was positive. And, by focusing on the 1% through the microscope of my mind, I was causing it to dominate my perception.

By simply shifting my thoughts to the 99% around the negative aspect, I was able to halt the build-up of negative energy and climb out of the abyss.

It doesn’t happen quickly. Just as time increased the negative energy of my thought, so was time needed to negate the negative energy and build the positive energy.

I offer no details of the circumstances. In fact, such details are not important. It was the feeling around the circumstance that mattered.

I was operating just like a radio – receiving waves of emotion, magnifying them, and then sending them out again. These waves would reach kindred emotions, magnify even more and return to me like a tsunami. It was a vicious cycle.

I had to break the cycle. I had to reverse the frequency from negative to positive. It was incredibly hard work for the mind is such a powerful thing. The first and most important thing was – to STOP THINKING! It was important to just be still. Only when I made the slight turn to positive did I begin the journey to freedom.

Life is vibratory and cyclic. We encounter both good and bad cycles throughout our lives. When we understand this, we can shift our cycles upwards to stay positive. Then, we have the potential of only experiencing good in our life.

The journey to depression starts with the entertainment of a single negative thought. Energy goes with attention and time. A negative thought is a black hole, pulling more and more energy into it the more time we entertain it. But the reverse is just as true. Positive thought is a white bubble, shining powerfully out into the world.

I am fortunate that even in the midst of a depression, I found the way out through thought and knowledge. I am more determined now, more than ever, to forever break the pull of negative thought.

Law of Attraction – The Compression of Time – Part III

Previous posts on the compression of time suggested two ideas:

First, the concentration of mass or energy can warp multi-dimensional space-time and bring two distant points or two or more conscious fields together such that the time to traverse space, or realize manifestation is reduced.

Second, that intention and the manifestation of that intention exist simultaneously like the archer and his target. The path between the intention and manifestation is time, and time is just an ingredient in the whole process of manifestation with its magnitude being dependent on the energy behind the intention.

This final post in this series investigates Energy. It attempts to answer the question, “What Energy needs to be supplied and concentrated to reduce the time between intention and manifestation?”

Looking at ourselves as multidimensional beings, there are various types of energy that we can draw from.

First, there is physical energy. This is energy based on material sources. To sustain our physical being, we depend on food, water and air. These chemical sources are transformed within the body into heat and mechanical energy. But concentration of such energy does not produce much of an effect on manifestation except to cause us to gain physical weight.

Second, there is thought. Thought can be thought of as both with and without form. We cannot touch thought, but we can form thought images and in that manner, thought has form. Thought is where mass and energy merge.

But is thought, itself, Energy? It can’t be seen, heard or touched by physical senses. But thought does exist and, therefore, must exist in a different form. The Law of Conservation of Mass and Energy, as well as Einstein’s equation E = mc^2, suggests that if thought is real, but not mass, then it has to be energy.

Our minds are a conglomeration of thought with as many as 60,000 thoughts in a single day. That means we have 60,000 opportunities for magnetic thought radiation. However, we never hold on to a thought for a sustained period of time, and thus, unlike a black hole, gain no power from it.

Then, there is emotion. This is where I have stumbled in the past, thinking of emotion as Energy. As I give this more thought, I find a problem with this. The problem is, you can’t increase or decrease emotion indefinitely. Not can you store it. There is a limit to how much emotion a person can experience. As a result, it must not be energy itself. Instead, it must be an indicator of Energy.

Emotion must be like a gas gauge with indicator in both positive and negative sides. There is a common “Empty” indicator but must also have “Full” indicators for both positive and negative poles. Emotion indicates if a person is aligned with Energy in either pole. It is like the timing in a car. If dialed in correctly, the car’s efficiency is high. If not aligned, efficiency is low.

We know from experience that emotion and thought are related. Positive thought produces positive emotions and negative thoughts produce negative emotions. Thought seems to be the catalyst for emotion. It is rare that emotion precedes thought.

Even then, thought energy is limited to our being and has very little power to move Creation in a grand way. There must be another source of Energy. In fact, there must be only one source of Energy and all other forms, especially the lower ones like our mental and physical energies are merely reflections of that Energy.

It is this Grand Energy that must move Creation and Manifestation.

Energy’s response to our lower level energy must be according to its intensity and clarity. The closest analogy I can find is that of the radio.

The radio’s manifestation of sound does not come directly from the signal received through its antenna. The signals received by the radio are extremely weak and when received, cannot be heard. They are, by themselves, quite powerless.

For us to actually hear these signals, the radio creates a larger copy of these tiny signals using a power source, electronics and speakers to a form that can be heard by the human ear.

Like the radio, Creation must use the clarity and intensity of our thoughts to manifest automatically using its own Energy. The clearer and more focused the pictures and feelings we provide, the easier the Manifestation becomes. The manifestation is not a matter of direct order but, like the radio, it simply follows the Law of Attraction.

The secret of compressing time, therefore, lies in our ability to concentrate our own thoughts in the direction of positive emotion. Unfortunately, concentration of thoughts in the direction of negative emotion also compresses time, but with negative results. It behooves us, as we achieve concentration, to focus on the positive instead of the negative.

Considering that we think 60,000 thoughts a day, the concentration on a single thought can increase our creative power by 6,000,000 percent! Thus, we gain the energy from this synergism of thought, just as the alignment of dipoles within a magnet creates its attractive magnetic field.

Our own magnetic power depends on the alignment and stability of our thoughts and our ability to focus only on what we want to manifest.

The process of manifestation, itself, is driven my Law. Putting our thoughts into driving manifestation is a waste of Energy.

This series of posts has brought about the following conclusion:

The Intention and its Manifestation occur simultaneously just as an archer and his target exist at the same time. The path between Intention and Manifestation is time. The time between Intention and Manifestation depends on the Energy behind the Intention and Energy is driven by the focus and intensity of the Intender.

Law of Attraction – How Manifestation May Look Like As Seen From Above

I always wondered what creation would look like when seen from above. So I decided to give it a lot of thought.

I lay down, closed my eyes and let my imagination fly free searching for the answers to that very question. I started from a single known thought and just watched and listened. That’s when my imagination took me to something truly amazing.

I started by looking at the physical body as a mere grain of sand. From a high vantage point, our world must look like beach full of individual grains of sand, each one aware only of other grains in its immediate vicinity and completely unaware that there are worlds beyond our own little cubic centimeter of space.

Then I saw that each grain was covered in a large drop of viscous gel. This was the grain’s thought or mental body. It was free to flow and easily merged with the coating of other drops of similar type and consistency. These outer coatings sparkled with flashes of light that were the constant parade of human thoughts.

Each sparkle was a flash of thought with its brightness or dullness dependent on whether the thought was of positive or negative quality. This coating of thought comprised mostly of energy but still had some form that extended from the sand grain into the space surrounding it. As it took space, it easily merged with those of other grains with like density and consistency.

Beyond the gel coating were even larger coats that varied in consistency from a free-flowing liquid, to an even finer gas field graduating to an immense field of pure Energy. The finer the coating, the more space it took. As the formless auras of these grains of sand met each other, they simply merged into a single formless field.

Ultimately, all consciousness merged into a single Mind.

We are the Universe!

It is within this merged aura of Energy that a grain from one end of the beach communicates with sand grains in the other end of the beach. While they are individually one, at the higher vantage point, they are the same.

As above, so below.

I see the whole Creation as a glowing mass of fluid with finer densities on the outside, coating a colloidal suspension of sand particles moving around in gobs of gel like a complex and variegated lava lamp, always in motion, moving without my having to lift a single finger.

From the viewpoint of the grains of sand, things are happening in random; but not from my high vantage point.

From when I am, I see some grains of sand with outer gel coverings that glow brightly. Most of the grains merely sparkle with the flashing of thought. The glowing ones are those with unified, purposeful thought and feeling. Their alignment of thought and feeling creates a powerful magnetic field around them. The more unified and focused the thought, the more powerful the magnetic field.

These points of high magnetic energy cause ripples in the colloidal suspension just as the formation of a bubble would in a pond. As these ripples expand through regions of finer densities, the power of their waves increase in response, driving movement within the suspension.

Therefore, the few glowing particles move creation, while the others merely follow the currents that form.

The glowing particles don’t need to consciously form the currents of creation. They merely glow and the currents respond, just as candle flame causes air currents to move from hot areas to cold areas. The movement is driven by Law.

The movement of current is being driven by the individual and collective power of these glowing particles. In a Universe of attraction, there is a tendency for particles of like nature and energy to attract, resulting in the arrangement of the Universe with glowing particles conglomerating, surrounded by the typical sparkling particles.

Since all particles are merged at the higher finer densities, there is automatic communication between all particles such that proximity matters not. Movement towards likeness always occurs.

This brings me back to my observations from the top. If I were the Grand One watching the Universe, I would not have to do a thing, because each person’s inner thought and desire already create movement towards fulfillment. The probability of manifestation fulfillment depends on their alignment and strength of desire.

Since the Grand One and the sand particles are really one identity, it is like being the observer and the player at the same time.

The sand particle, being immersed in the current is unaware of its movement. Still, its Energy not only affects those around it, but also, the entire creation.

Is this really what happens?

All I know is that this can easily describe the physics of magnetic particles or varying strengths suspended in a mixture of viscous fluids. If the physical laws are indeed reflections of the greater laws, then what I imagined is how a limited mind like mine would perceive the mechanics of higher Law.

Regardless of how it truly looks, the point is that we are the drivers of our destiny, and that success of that drive depends on how aligned and focused we are.

Charismatic Presence – Tapping Into the Power of Universe

Influence and attraction are manifestations of power. And power is a function of Energy. The more Energy one can draw from, the more power one has for influence and attraction.

In this world, there is one true thing about energy. Energy flows from high to low. Water flows downhill. Wind blows from high pressure to low pressure. Current flows from high voltage to ground.

Extrapolating this principle to the higher dimensions, it must also be true that Energy must flow down to us from the much more energetic Higher Dimensions.

So how come we don’t feel it?

When we want to run a flashlight, we need a battery. If we want the flashlight to shine brighter, we add more batteries, or use higher voltage batteries, to increase the flow of current to the bulb filament for it to glow brighter.

What if life were the same? What if each dimension was like a battery of exponentially increasing potential. That is, the mental power source is greater than the physical, the emotional source significantly greater than the mental, and the spiritual source infinitely more powerful than the rest.

If we installed a D-cell battery, a 6-volt battery and a 12-volt car battery end-to-end to a light bulb, and connect the other end of the light bulb to ground, the bulb would glow to a brightness commensurate with combined power of all of these batteries.

But, what if we installed the 6-volt battery backwards? Since the 12-volt and D cell batteries are still correctly installed, their combined energy, being greater than the 6-volt battery, would still supply current to the light bulb. But the bulb’s brightness would be significantly reduced.

Now what if we reverse the direction of the 12-volt battery as well? With the majority of the current now flowing away from the light into ground, the light bulb will fail to glow.

Is this how the flow of life current is but in a much more complicated way?

Perhaps physical, mental, emotional and spiritual energies are connected in a single power circuit connecting the Highest Dimension to the physical. Perhaps this is how we are always connected to the Source. Then the flow of Energy will always be there, but dependent on the polarity of the Energy source.

For example, let’s talk about success. Success is different for each person, although the world loves to put a standard to it. A tycoon’s version of success differs from the street artist. When the one tries to succeed in the other’s field, the misalignment in polarity cuts the flow of energy resulting in failure and stress.

I know no one better than myself so I offer myself as an example.

The physical body is attuned to a certain polarity for individual success. At 5’7” tall and would never succeed in the NBA even if I was any good in basketball (which I’m not). So my physical battery is misaligned for sports but offers no resistance whatsoever to a research and writing career.

Now, go to the mental field. I have a knack for concepts and ideas but I lose track of details. When I’m focused on theories, ideas, concepts and puzzle solving, my ideas and energy flow. I am at my very best. But when I am put in a position of managing money, schedules and people with emphasis on details, my energy falters, and I get tired and fatigued. Not only do I tire and fatigue easily, I tend to do a terrible job.

Rise to the emotional field. There is no form to speak of and the effects of emotional polarity can apply to anyone. When people feel good, positive energy flow they are at their best. When people feel bad, energy flows away from them they are at their worst. The power of the emotional battery is enormous and is the hardest to align. Can you remember a time when you felt incredibly bad? Can you remember how hard it was to feel happy then?

Unfortunately, it seems to be easier to flip from happy to sad than to flip from sad to happy. With the power of this particular Energy, being able to create and maintain a positive emotional level goes a long way in both influence and manifestation. It is also the dimension that offers the strongest connection to other people.

Enter the realm of spirit. Unfortunately, I don’t think I have a good analogy for this. To me, it must be like being immersed in a pool full of energized water. This would be a region beyond thought and feeling so, being a creature dominated by thought and feeling, I can only intellectualize this state. I can only extrapolate that rising from the positive emotional field to this must be an indescribable orgasmic experience.

Since Energy flows from the Highest Source to the lowest, being able to align the Highest Energies to our goal provided the power to overcome reverse polarities in the physical and mental fields. That’s why the emotions are so important. Sales people know this! Strong emotions will overcome logic in human interaction.

What does this say?

This means that we are already connected to an immense power source. The problem does not lie in being connected. The problem lies in our misalignment to it.

We misalign in thoughts and emotions. These misalignments are thoughts and emotions that are opposite in polarity to what we want. We want to succeed but we think we can’t. We want to have a house but we feel like we are not worthy. We are extremely complex beings whose physicality is merely the tip of an upside-down, infinitely huge, iceberg!

But that does not mean access to power is not accessible. The power needed for influence and manifestation must only be a miniscule fraction of the available energy. After all, other people have done it and, in the grand scheme of things, there is hardly any difference from one person to another. When looking down from the Higher Dimensions, Bill Gates and I probably don’t look much different from each other.

The secret is in allowing and alignment. And for that, we need the tools of mental and emotional disciplines to achieve our goals.

Foremost among these tools is meditation.

Law of Attraction Testimonial – The Secret Treasure Within Your Personality

I took the Myers-Briggs test again. I turned out to be an INFJ personality which stands for Introversion (I), Intuition (N), Feeling (F) and Judging (J). The Myers-Briggs system classifies this type of personality as the “Protector”.

This was actually nothing new. I took this test a long time ago but I didn’t like being labeled as a non-aggressive and emotional so I ignored it. I was told success goes to the Type A, logical personality. I wanted to succeed and get the promotions and money! I wanted to be seen as a go-getter!

I had to be really honest with myself this time. I was taught that aggressive, Type A personalities win in this world. All the other personality tests I have taken put me in the same category as the Myers-Briggs test and I tried to deny that I was truly an INFJ. I thought that being an INFJ was a success killer.

I took another test in which the personalities were described in colors – red for fiery leaders, yellow for cheerful and personable people, blue for the logical analyst and green for the friendly and non-aggressive. I turned out to be green. So does being “green” take me out of the running for success?

The last ten years of my career have been the most satisfying. I changed my outlook in work from one where corporate money and success were key to one where thoughts, ideas and creativity reigned.

I took a position that was aligned with who I truly was. I embraced that fact that I was a thinker, a creative, someone who loved to work alone, who needed to understand how things worked, and one who could lose himself in puzzles and mysteries.

I was right-brained but I also exhibited strong left-brained tendencies by making plans, checklists and being quite expert in mathematical analysis. I avoided stress by doing things well ahead of time so I would never rush. I was always early, never late.

In other words, I really was an INFJ.

For a long time, I thought I had to be an extroverted analyst to succeed in the engineering world.

Yet, over the last ten years, despite being a non-aggressive, “anti-social”, thinker, idealist, intuitive problem solver, I found myself at the top of the engineering world in my company.

So, I didn’t have to be someone else’s idea of the “successful personality” after all to be happy and successful.

I just needed to be true to myself!

Any personality type can succeed and attract all the trappings of success by first embracing their unique skills and mindsets. For within each mindset is the secret of success, success that is unique for each person, if they are willing to allow themselves to be so.

Each person is a genius in their own field. Ask a genius musician to build a rocket and failure is sure to occur.

It is here that I am cautious when counseling others, especially those just starting their careers. My way isn’t your way. Your success is particular to your make-up. Your special powers come from the type of person you are. I am an emotional thinker. You could be a practical doer!

The Type A person can’t help being Type A and becomes aggravated when told to sit down and think! The thinker hates to be pushed for a decision without being given the time to actually think. The doer doesn’t want to waste time analyzing and the analyst needs to “do the numbers” before committing to a critical action.

Each one of us is most magnetic when we allow ourselves to be what we truly are despite what the world says we should do to achieve success.

Does that mean we only attract to ourselves those of similar personalities? Not necessarily. Our uniqueness is what makes us important. Just because I’m not the fiery leader that many people admire doesn’t mean that my input is not valuable. In fact, my success comes from my intuitive faculty. I can see in my head what’s going to happen if you do step A, and I can read how people feel when event B happens.

I complement fiery leadership rather than displace it. I have my own fun role to play. I have embraced the person that I am. My stress level has gone down because I no longer strive to follow other people’s idea of what I should do. I can do things my way while allowing others the freedom to do things in their own special way.

And what’s even better? I attract easy and fun work. Even now things are changing so that more fun work, possibly outside my current source of income, is coming my way.

I have even demoted money as the most important goal of life. Money never made me happy. Don’t get me wrong! Money is important! I don’t find poverty appealing by any means. I can’t think properly when my bank account drops to near zero. But thinking, creating, and solving puzzles make time pass quickly and happily. Then the money comes anyway!

Don’t listen to me!

Follow your heart. Be who you are. And you will attract your own treasure.

Law of Attraction Testimonial – A Rendezvous With The Dance

In the performing arts, I began as a dancer. Even as the years have degraded my ability to perform, it had not diminished my desire and ability to create. Give me the music and the dance appears immediately in my mind. The work of choreography had been one my greatest joys.

It was the year 2003. I found myself in an engineering position in the East coast that was not very much fun.

At the same time, I became part of a very small church which gave me a chance to perform once more as a singer.

The thing about the performing arts bug is that, when it bites, it infects you dramatically (pun intended). I began to sing again, and write songs again. But I missed the stage.

I wanted to create.

I wanted to choreograph.

I knew at this point that if I could make anything real in my mind, I could make it happen. What separates the fantasy from the manifestation is the intent to make something happen. Otherwise, it is nothing more than a vivid daydream.

No! It was my intention to re-enter the theatrical world and create once more.

The only problem was, I didn’t know how to make this happen. I had no connections with any theatrical group. I didn’t even know where they were. By this time, this did not bother me. I had already seen my desires come to fruition in ways I could not have imagined, nor controlled. All I needed to do was to intend and to imagine the intention fulfilled.

That was easy. I simply play music, close my eyes and experience the choreography in my mind.

That’s a funny thing about imagination. You have the freedom to imagine anything, but the only imaginings you can do easily, are those that are aligned with your true desires. I could easily imagine an enjoyable and satisfying choreography session, but I sweat at trying to imagine myself playing in a football game. The former is easy, fun, as simple as taking a step. The latter is WORK!

There was always a social gathering after church. I was with a group of men, chatting about something which I can no longer remember. At a certain point, one of the gentlemen proudly announced that his son got the lead role in a high school’s production of the musical “Bye Bye Birdie”.

Then he mentioned the high school was in desperate need of a choreographer!

My body gives me a signal whenever I come across the right answer for a problem. It is a quiver. Even though I look relaxed outside, I quiver and shake within. It’s like a wild vibration that only I can hear or sense.

Needless to say, I informed this gentleman that I was a choreographer and I offered my credentials from years past. He brought that list to the show’s director and I was requested to come in for an interview “audition”.

I knew I was going to get the job. Whenever the quiver comes, things always turn out right.

I came in the middle of the production so I had very little time. But the work was right and the dance came to me whenever I heard the music.
The work was successful and the choreography was noted in the newspapers.

The school was happy enough to have me back for the next year and planned a production that would utilize even more dramatic choreography.

Unfortunately for the school, but fortunately for me, I was on my way back to the West coast.

As has been my experience with achieving my desires, it was not important to know how to make something happen. Plans are fine, but attachment to a single and very specific plan closes the door to other easier ways to get what you want.

It’s like a comparing the ability of a kindergarten student to a rocket scientist on ways to get to the moon. One can cut out paper rockets and stay firmly on the ground. The other can get to the moon in a hundred different ways.

So plan your trip and take your first step. But trust in the Universe to get you there.

As a postscript, there was something else of note that happened during that production.

I was struggling with the choreography at one point. There was something that was not working and I couldn’t quite put a handle on it.
During one rehearsal, one student’s mother was watching and told me that the energy seemed a bit low. She told me how one choreographer used to give the cast exercises in the beginning to get them going.

That brought me back to another time when one stage director told a cast that their actions had to be large on stage to be seen by the audience.
The quiver hit me again. I knew what I had to do. I realized what the problem was.

The next rehearsal, I “commandeered” the stage from the director and musical director. I had the entire cast on stage and had them copy me as I danced to some simple steps. With each step, I made the movements bigger and bigger, wilder, more and more energetic. By the time we were done, they were hyped up, breathless, and excited! They got the idea. Make the movements big, increase the energy, and even the simple steps excite the audience. It wasn’t the steps that made a difference. It was their attitude of fun!

What’s the point? The answers to your questions often come from others around you. The direction you have to go is shown to you by others. The Universe speaks to you though people, circumstances and intuition. That’s why humility is so important. It makes you open to receive.

All you have to do…is see…and listen.