A Story of Point

Point lives in a two-dimensional world.  He is surrounded by millions of other points living in the same world.  Point can move from place to place and when he does, he leaves a line that shows his path.

When Point want to go someplace, he never seems to go straight to that place.  He finds himself taking unusual routes and sometimes encountering other points in their journey to their destinations.

Point wonders why things never so directly to where he wants to go.  Sometimes, he seems to be going away from where he wants to go.  Sometimes, he just stops and suddenly finds himself in a totally different place, unaware of how he got there in the first place.  He sees points get born and he sees them die only to reappear in some other area of two-dimensional space-time.

Sometimes, Point is sure he is going to get to his destination and sometimes he doesn’t.  Sometimes it can happen quickly and sometimes it takes the longest time.   When he wants to go left, he finds himself moving towards the right or instead of going forward, he goes backwards.

He sees other points moving towards their destinations and find that some are moving quickly while most seem to move in random directions.  Sometimes, they are just standing still.

One day, Point wanted to know why things were the way they were.  Was everything random?  Was there any reason to the strange paths some points take in their lives?  Why does life sometimes take points towards their goal and why life sometimes oppose them?

Things should be easy!  Just move in the direction of your goals and take control of your actions and you will get to your destination.  But why so many detours?  Why are there other points and lines in his way?  Is there any rhyme and reason to all the things that happen to points?

One day, Point did something very strange.

Point looked up!

Other points thought he was weird.  No points look up!

Why look up?  There was no such thing as “up” in a two-dimensional world!  All the scientists and rational points said we can only perceive two dimensions and time!  But something made Point look upwards and Point looked for a long time.  Somehow, he knew there was such as thing as “Up”.

Point kept gazing upwards asking for a sign, for enlightenment.

One day, Point was given a gift.  He was able to move up!  He climbed something, and from a new vantage point, he saw something and began to understand.  His awareness grew.  He began to remember something he already knew, but not as a point.  He was no longer just a point!  He was something much greater!


He was part of something called a pen!  Each point just the tip of a pen, manifested from many other unseen points.  He was in a world of infinite number of points arranged in three physical dimensions!  He saw other pens on top of similar points.  From his new vantage point, he could now see that the movement of lines in his any other points’ lives were not random at all but part of an expression of forms that meant something!

When he looked down for the first time, from his new awareness, he recognized letters, words, sentences and paragraphs.  He could see pens moving. not in random patterns, but it intelligent lines and curves each one meaning something profound.  Everything had meaning!

There was nothing random after all.  All the lines, all the gaps, all the detours were part of a whole story written by a larger consciousness of which he was a part.  He came from one of  countless pens, becoming part of a line, a curve, a letter, a word in two-dimensional space, sometimes to leave it and then return to it, etching another mark, another set of points, another life!

Then Point wondered..

Was there any more?

So, Point looked upward again.


Do We Need to Understand Life’s Software?

At the moment, I am writing a blog entry.  My goal is to post this entry and release it to the web.

It is actually a process of manifestation.  I have a vision for the blog post and a process for that to happen.  But I don’t know how WordPress converts my typed words into 1’s and 0’s, then assembles them into packages of information, transmitting them through silicon and copper pathways, though air ways at the speed of light to receivers all over the world.

Then, those receivers taken those 1’s and 0’s and transform them into words once more that can be understood by human eyes.

I have no idea how to do this!

Oh, no!  What a nightmare!

But then,  all I really have to do is press a button and the software takes care of it all without any help from me or any other human.

So why do I try to make manifestation happen?

If I “work” at it, do I make electrons move faster?  Do I stack molecules more efficiently?  Can I push the Software of the Universe to move quicker? Can I make someone from Ukraine read my post?

Or do I slow it down by inputting conflicting messages? (It’s working….no, it’s not…wait…yes, it is…no…wait)

Since, the Software is going to give me my garbage back anyway,  why not go along for the ride and enjoy the ups and downs, left and right turns, slow and fast curves.

The Universe is God’s computer and gives us exactly what we ask for.  Garbage in – garbage out.  Happy in – happy out. 

It’s more fun to let go, KNOWING  that life will take us to our destination while giving us a thrill along the way.

An Old Law of Attraction Story – The Wish Fulfilling Tree

Even before the Law of Attraction became popular, I was aware of its existence as every religion I studied stated the law in one way or another.

But, I especially loved it when the law was illustrated through a story.

There is a story from either Hindu or Buddhist lore (not really sure which) about the Wish Fulfilling Tree.  This tree is supposed to indiscrimately grant every wish expressed by anyone underneath its branches.  It is said that our world is the Wish Fulfilling Tree, granting every wish that we dwell upon. 

The story, as I remember it, goes something like this.

A man decided to travel from one city to another by crossing the desert.  Unfortunately, he had understimated the provisions he needed for the trip and half way through, he ran out of food and water.

He continued for another two days, hoping to come across an oasis from which he could quench his thirst.

He was about to give up when he spotted a tree in the distance.  Nearly delirious with thirst, and wary of the tricks the desert can play on the mind and eyes, he staggered towards the tree, expecting it to disappear as he approached.

To his delight, the tree was real and he found respite under its shade.

Revived by an hour’s rest under the tree’s cooling shade, the man said, “Oh how I wish there was water.”

Within seconds, the man felt a coolness under his right hand and found a bubbling stream of cool water rising from a underground spring.  Delighted, he scooped handful after handful of refreshing water to his parched lips.

Drinking his fill, he rested against the trunk of the tree until he felt the pangs of hunger.

Looking up at the branches above him, he said, “Oh how I wish there were the juiciest of fruit above me.”

He was jolted by the impact of a fresh fig upon his head.  Suddenly, figs and dates fell from the branches above, piling up around him up to his knees.  Laughing with delight, he gorged himself on the heavenly fruit buffet.

The sudden appearance of water and food caused him to suspect that he was under no ordinary tree.  Perhaps it was the fabled Wish Fulfilling Tree that he had heard so much about.

Buoyed by gifts of food and drink, he dared to wish for something even greater.  “Oh”, he said, “I wish I had the wealth of kings!”

Before the last syllable left his lips, it began to rain gold coins and jewels, much more than he could fill his pockets and satchel with.

Looking up at the tree with wonder, he said, “I don’t believe it!  This is impossible!”

With that, everything disappeared and he was left as thirsty and as famished as when he arrived.


I love this story so much because it reminds me why we don’t get what we pray for– we just don’t believe within us that what we ask for can happen!  And that is also a wish fulfilled!

A Period of Growth

I’ve been gone a while.  But what a while it was, a roller coater ride of emotion and manifestation that merely strengthened my understanding of the Law of Attraction.

Life is cyclic, but only if we allow the cycles to occur.  We have our ups and downs but only because we believe and accept it.

After my last post, I found myself in one of those incredible lows.  I found myself in a depressed state in a relationship, at my work and in my business.  I found myself believing reality and forgetting that I, like everyone else, am a creative creature with the ability to influence “reality”.

There are times in our lives when the past catches up with us.  It is the manifestation of our previous thoughts and emotions.  Our thoughts and emotions are, in fact, one because the two are inexorably linked.  Our thoughts create our emotions and our emotions color our thoughts.  I wondered if one can exist without the other but I find no evidence of that in human beings.

I allowed myself to feel the negative pole of emotion and paid the price.  I allowed myself to fall into a pit of despair.

I know better.  But that doesn’t mean I always do the right thing.  Just like all, I make my mistakes and learn from them.

I am an introverted intuitive and I have a strong sense of others’ feelings.  While it allows me to relate to others, I oftentimes absorb others’ negative emotions as well.  Then, in a continuous feed back loop, my negative state reinforces the negative state of others after which they, in turn, reinforce my own negative state.  It is a dangerous spiral that leads to destructive depression.

It took effort to turn things around. 

I began to focus on the positive outcomes I really wanted <i>regardless of what happened outside</i>.  I detached from the “how” and just focused on the end result.  That is the true lesson of “detachment” as preached in religious and spiritual disciplines.  Detachment allows the Universe, Source, to choose the best way to provide the result with us still be open to receive the gift.

It’s like my asking a Philanthropist for one million dollars but only if I can pick it up as a money order at the corner 7-11 (that’s attachment)!  We focus on specifics without realizing that there are better, easier ways for manifestation to occur.  Meanwhile, the Philanthropist has a million dollars waiting for me to pick up in one of a thousand banks at my convenience, with a limosine waiting for me at my house while I wait in line at the 7-11.

We try to impose our own wisdom on Source.  The skin cell tries to tell the quarterback how to throw a touchdown!

I started to realize that Source was like me.  I watch over my kids’ bank accounts (both in school) to make sure they have enough money for their needs.  They don’t even need to ask.  I just watch and provide.  My kids don’t have to think of how the money gets there.  They don’t have the resources for that while I do!

If I can do that with my limited resources and wisdom, how much more can Source with Infinite Resources.  What makes it so hard to believe that I will get what I ask for?  If Bill Gates can spare me $10,000 without blinking, how much more Infinite Source?

It comes down to this – what we ask for we get but we have to actually extend our hand and be at the right place to receive it.  We have be open to many possibilities because we are in a chess board where we, the chess piece, can only see left, right, front and back while Source, the player, sees not only up and down but all the pieces on board as well.  Then, getting from point A to point B is it’s only a matter of time and a series of chess movements.

We are responsible for receptive thought.  But even more important, we are responsible for receptive feeling.

We create the <i>feeling</i> of the end result and the Universe creates the whole drama to get there.

It’s almost like watching a movie from the inside-out knowing that in the end, everything will resolve itself to our satisfaction.


Debugging Life – Looking Through the Mirror of Reality

I’ve gone through some debugging lately. That’s what programmers do when their software does not do what they want it to do. They write the program and watch what it does on the screen. When what they see on the screen isn’t right, they “debug” their code, finding and correcting errors until what they see on the screen is exactly what they want.

The term “debugging” came from the early days of computers when computers where large electrical machines that used switches to run binary calculations. One time, engineers were getting errors in their results but couldn’t find anything wrong in their program. They then checked their switches and found a bug squashed in one of their relays. The squashed bug caused the switch to fail resulting in the error.

Life also has software.

It’s our belief system.

Reality, our outer world, is the monitor through which we determine if our software is giving us what we want. The outer Reality is our computer monitor.

What really drives life is not the conscious beliefs we have. It’s the really deep, ingrained beliefs that are the result of social, religious, work and peer programming.

These are the beliefs we don’t even realize we have because they have become part of our nature. These took years of reinforcement with line after line of code embedded within our subconscious with each emotional experience. It becomes who we are and determines our actions and motivations.

It is the core of our magnetic experience.

I may want to have a million dollars but if I believe deeply and unconsciously that I don’t deserve the money, I will either never get the million, or if I did, I would blow the million in a few months as my “software” corrects the “anomalous” reality. The belief may have been caused by advise from authority figures, from religious teachings, or even from a childhood full of lost dreams.

While I have many beliefs in my system that need to be replaced by more beneficial beliefs, I have lately been struggling with this one particular belief.

That is that belief that what happens to me in life is because of either fate or because of things outside my control. (This sounds strange coming from someone who writes about the Law of Attraction. But it is this ingrained belief that drives me to search for the path to freedom.)

It is based on years of believing I was a victim! I was a victim of an angry and judging God! It was my parent’s fault that I am so introverted. It was my grandfather’s fault that I’m not good at business. It is my company’s fault that they don’t need my particular skills. It is always somebody’s fault.

This is a very troubling belief because, by believing I am a victim of fate and outside influence, I endanger my own happiness. By embracing a victim mentality, I continue to make myself a victim and invite others to victimize me as well.

But, at the same time, I have had many empowering experiences and during those experiences, I felt completely in control.

The belief comes up when I encounter something new and risky – like a business venture!

I make excuses why I’m so bad at business. I’m like my grandfather who was a great politician but a terrible business person. I have to work full-time. I’m an introvert and I don’t like socializing. I don’t like economics. I don’t think of money a lot. I’m a mental person not a hardware person. I don’t like to delve in details. I want to do something creative, not just make money!

It’s just a whole bunch of excuses other than one true thing – that I’m scared of losing a steady income on a risky venture. I have bought into the statistic that most businesses fail! Even before I started, I had expected to fail.

I recently reinforced this belief by finding out that I am an INFJ in the Meyers-Briggs personality type list, one of the worst personality types when it comes to business. This is one of the personalities with the “victim” mentality. By buying into the Meyers-Briggs personality category, I just reinforced this particular line of code.

I find rules, follow them blindly, and justify my actions based on those rules. I read articles in the internet and take them as “fact”. (Everything in the internet has to be true, right?) I subscribe to “rules” of marketing, networking, blogging, grammar, relationships, work and even compensation.

My whole life has been governed by rules and I’m, frankly, tired of it.

Rules have done nothing more than make me conform and accept an internal programming that has been written and debugged by someone else for their benefit. By my accepting their internal software, I accept a whole bunch of bugs as well because they just ain’t me! (Yes, I said ain’t).

It’s like running Apple software in a Microsoft computer! Software run in the wrong hardware comes with a million bugs!

So I’m debugging.

I will follow the rules that make sense for me and I’ll make my own if need be.

I’ve only just begun. I have a whole lifetime worth of debugging to do. It is never too late.

The nice thing is, when I fix a bug, I expect to see the change instantly on the screen of life. Life is my monitor. If life is right, then the bug is fixed. If life is not quite right, then there is a switch that needs a little bit of cleaning.

I guess I’ll be talking about cleaning a few more switches in the future.