Charismatic Presence – The Science Behind Turning the Other Cheek

When I was younger, I thought that “turning the other cheek” was a really bad idea. It was a recipe for attracting bullies! The best guys were those who would fight back! Nobody ever gave them a hard time.

But then, I grew up.

That didn’t mean that I knew any better. I still thought “turning the other cheek” was dumb. It was the stuff of wimps. It gave people an excuse to take advantage of you.

Then something happened just changed my whole outlook.

One morning, the program manager of a huge program I was working on stopped by my cubicle, fuming and ranting about me making him lie to his customer. As it turned out, he had just concluded a phone call in which he had informed his customer that things were coming along wonderfully. Right after his phone call, he was informed of a failure that would blow his schedule and budget away. In aerospace, there is no such thing as a “small” failure.

Of course, it wasn’t my fault! I didn’t cause the failure. So what if I was in charge of the work? Why get on my case?

That’s what I should have said. Instead, I just stood there and let him rant. I merely listened and nodded my head. I offered myself as the sacrificial lamb. I actually can’t remember a single word he said.

In about a minute, his rant dissipated and he walked into my cubicle, sat down and just placed his head in his hands.

He apologized and then thanked me for listening. Only then did I offer the options for recovery.

This was significant. For the first time in my career, I decided not to fight back and came out victorious is the process. Not only that, I gained so much respect that it solidified my leadership position in the company.

This began a new way, for me, of dealing with difficult and angry people. I opted to not return negative response to negative stimuli. When someone insults me, I smile and say nothing. When someone shouts at me, I use a soft response. When I feel angry, I shut up. Since I did not transmit negative actions, I never received negative responses.

In other words, I turned the other cheek, but not in a demeaning cowardly way. It is not surrendering – it is nullifying.

I began to realize that most people are re-actors. They merely respond! The few who consciously control their action, can get whatever re-action they want from others merely by deciding what action to take.

It works in the same way that noise cancelling headphones work.

Noise is vibration. Every sound has a characteristic wave pattern. What noise cancelling headphones do is to create a mirror copy of the prevailing noise vibration. Then, by playing that same frequency over the noise, the two waves, being opposite, cancel each other out.

What you get is – silence. Peace!

Whenever a person is in any emotional state, whether good or bad, they emit the vibration of that state. When that vibration meets vibration of similar type, the two waves add up and magnify. The return wave is, therefore, greatly increased. This is how emotional states in groups can intensify.

This is why responding with anger to anger causes only more anger. The emotional states cascade!

But if the emotional vibration of one person is responded to by an equal but opposite vibration, the emotional effect cancels out. If the opposing vibration is greater, then that vibration dominates. The other person, being a re-actor, begins to respond to the more powerful vibration.

This is how charismatic personalities influence the feelings of people. The strength of their character and emotional states overpowers the dominant vibration of most people. The stronger the emotional state, the stronger the influence on others, especially with the help of media. As their emotional vibration is received by others, resonance causes that vibration to increase and reflect back to the sender. With this, the charismatic personality gets more and more powerful.

So in reality, “turning the other cheek” is not the act of a coward. It is the act of a charismatic personality who understands the power of vibration and influence. It is the stuff of leadership, the power of the visionary.

Whoever taught us to “turn the other cheek” was a genius and a highly enlightened personality. My only regret was that it took me so long to understand its true value.

Charismatic Presence – The Charismatic Power of the Introvert

So you’re an introvert. You find that you do best when you can think before you speak. You prefer to work alone in isolation and the presence and energy of so many people around you drains you so much that you have to escape to your own sanctuary.

You probably feel that charisma and personal magnetism are beyond your reach.

I’m sorry but I have to bust that myth.

Not only can introverts be charismatic, they can actually excel in it.

With their introspective view-point, introverts can radiate a quiet, mysterious type of charisma that is just as powerful as the explosive and outwardly radiant charisma of the extrovert. This is the type of charisma that tends to bring out the sentiment, “There’s something about you, but I can’t quite place it”.

How about a short list of charismatic introverts? Steve Jobs, Meryl Streep, Douglas McArthur, Steve Martin, Albert Einstein, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Clint Eastwood, David Letterman, General Colin Powell, and Mahatma Gandhi. Charismatic introverts can be found in any industry, including the notoriously extroverted performing arts field.

The incredible thing about these personalities is that they have such an incredible public presence. They can be highly inspirational and motivational. But they eventually retreat from the public eye to “recharge their batteries”. Instead of damaging their reputations, this withdrawal from public view serves only to enhance their mystique.

General Douglas McArthur was one very interesting introvert. As the general in charge of all military operations in the Pacific region during World War II, he was extremely confident in front of his troops. He was flamboyant, articulate, inspiring and motivating, with an almost spiritual belief that he could not be killed in battle. Yet, he floundered in social gatherings, eager to leave the party and retreat into solitude with books which he read as much as three a night.

As you may have guessed by now, I am an introvert.

I am also a performance artist and am quite a ham in front of an audience. I am absolutely comfortable with other people in a work and project environment and have great success in leading large teams. But put me in a purely social gathering and I feel like I’m in front of a firing squad. I would rather run into a stampede.

I have been in leadership roles all my life and succeeded without being extroverted and aggressive. What’s worse is that I have an aversion for conflict of any kind. Thus have the “quiet and mysterious” leaders fascinated me. I studied those leaders who could command with a look and move nations with a single word. I admire leaders who can diffuse tense situations with a single smile.

It had become obvious to me, after much study and observation that charisma does not come from outer appearances, nor from linguistics, but from an Energy that shines from within.

MacArthur and Patton, two of the most extraordinary generals from World War II, were affirmed actors who projected their powerful confidence and bravado in front of their troops. Patton practiced his “war face” in front of the mirror. MacArthur used his corncob pipe, riding crop and Shakespearean rhetoric to portray a devil-may-care attitude to warfare that inspired his troops. Both were flamboyant and defied the rules of military convention.

Leadership is all about inspiration and motivation.

And, as the charismatic leaders have shown, whatever you wish to project, you must first feel within.

To project fearlessness, you have to feel courageous. To inspire others, you must first be inspired. To motivate others, to must first be motivated. To attract others, you must feel attractive. It is the feeling that counts.

This has almost nothing to do with the external appearances. Everything we wear, or use, are just props. MacArthur’s pipe and riding crop would have looked foolish when used by someone other than MacArthur. Patton’s pistol revolvers with ivory grips would have looked silly by any lesser warrior. Clothes and props are just tools. They dress greatness and mock mediocrity.

Therefore, the worst thing an introvert can do is to do what an extrovert does. It does not benefit an introvert to play an extroverts game. We transmit our thoughts all the time and we, introverts especially, tend to do this subliminally. But with proper use of subliminal energy, we can influence others and drive lasting change quietly and stealthily. That is our modus operandi.

Introverts can be just as charismatic as extroverts, as long we stay true to our nature and do things our way. Extroverts radiate from the outside. That is their strength. Introverts radiate from inside. And that is where our true power comes from.

Charisma is within the purview of both the extrovert and the introvert. Its use and projection are just a matter of style.

Charismatic Presence – The Actor’s Secret – How to Mesmerize an Audience

Every time I think about powerful examples of charismatic presence, Sir Anthony Hopkins’s mesmerizing performance in Silence of the Lambs always comes to mind.

Who can forget the very first scene Hannibal “The Cannibal” Lecter appears? Portrayed as a sadistic and brutal killer, we expect a deranged unkempt psycho, flinging himself from wall to wall, growling at us like a wild animal.

But, to our surprise, we are confronted instead with a calm, well groomed and tidy personality, standing perfectly still and confident, in a relaxed and congenial manner with a welcoming smile on this face looking at us with a steady gaze. Yet, despite the façade of congeniality, we sense in that smile and steady gaze, a tiger stalking his victim.

And all of this comes through the silver screen without Sir Anthony Hopkins saying a single word!

What a fantastic entrance! It was the silent portrayal of the charismatic killer that loudly projected, “Beware, for danger lurks within beauty!”

What a genius performance! What a model of charismatic presentation!

While Sir Anthony Hopkins’s performance was indeed extraordinary, the technique he used to project such powerful charismatic radiation is very well known.

It is fondly known among actors as “The Method”.

Here is a definition from

Method acting is any of a family of techniques used by actors to create in them the thoughts and feelings of their characters, so as to develop lifelike performances. Though not all method actors use the same approach, the “method” in method acting usually refers to the practice, influenced by Constantin Stanislavski and created by Lee Strasberg, in which actors draw upon their own emotions and memories in their portrayals, aided by a set of exercises and practices including sense memory and affective memory.

It is clear that, to project and communicate emotions to the audience, actor’s employs thought to create powerful emotional fields that expand and project outward even through the lens of the camera!

It does not matter if the actual thought had anything to do with the dialogue. The actor radiates the emotions created by these thoughts just as he delivers his lines. It’s not the thoughts that matter as much as the emotions.

In a way, there is no “acting” involved. The simply thinks, and as the actor thinks, the movement and emotions follow without conscious control. The actor becomes the characters and behaves as the character would behave. In fact, the more unconscious the performance, the greater the effect.

This is the method taught in commercial acting.

For example, what if we were to do commercial for soap?

Any expert salesperson will tell you that when you sell soap, you don’t really sell soap. What you are really selling is the good feeling associated with soap – the pleasure of the soft texture of the soap on your skin, the fresh feeling after, the wonderful fragrance and especially, through the use of gorgeous models, the promise of beauty and…Ummm…sex!

In fact, during my training, sex thoughts were a strong source of powerful emotions. Just think of a favorite sexual thought and notice the increase in energy and radiance from your very being.

Sex is a powerful source of both physical and emotional energy, and is a very viable source of attractive charismatic radiation.

Many charismatic people unconsciously exude sex as they communicate which makes for a very strong magnetic attraction.

So how does sex work in selling soap? First, you bring up sexual thoughts which automatically affect your very physiology. Your pupils dilate and your voice gets real husky.

You look at the camera and say lines as if speaking to a lover. Try it! In privacy, tape yourself talking about cleaning the kitchen in a factual way. Then do the same thing, but this time in a highly sexual manner as if you were preparing the kitchen for a sexual encounter. Play the clips back. You will notice a HUGE difference.

That is what charismatic presence is all about.

We radiate our internal thoughts through our feelings. People don’t pick up on our thoughts. They pick up on our feelings and from those feelings, make an educated guess on our thoughts based on the other circumstances surrounding you at that time.

The quality of the thought matters. Whether thought is negative or positive determine whether you exude attractive positive emotion or repellant negative vibes.

There is a big difference in quality between a lover and letch.

It is through this emotional vibration that one influences another. The intensity of the emotions determines how powerfully your charismatic field affects others.
Thoughts are as individual as people are. But emotions are more basic, more formless, and more energetic. The range of emotions varies little from person to person and is independent of race, gender and culture.

By creating feelings within us, we are able to influence the feelings of others around us. And, for most of us as human beings, as we feel, so do we act.

Charismatic Presence – Can You Feel My Thoughts, Over?

Today we take wireless communication for granted. But in 1892, when Nikola Tesla demonstrated the existence of radio frequencies, communicating without wires must have seemed like a magician’s trick. Then on 1895, Marconi used this principle to create the first practical wireless system capable of communicating over long distances. That made the whole world a little bit smaller.

Radio signals are electromagnetic waves that travel at the speed of light. The distance the signal travels depends on the length of the antenna, and any conductor in these waves’ path will respond to it. How the signal is “understood”, however, depends on how it is processed.

I was looking at diagram of the human nervous system one day and I was struck by how similar the nervous system is to a transmitter / receiver system. The brain serves as both radio receiver and transmitter that transform thought into electrical impulses that can be transmitted through the spine and nerves which act as antennae.

All our nerves are actually biological electrical conductors that transmit electrical information from the brain to all the parts of our body. If they can conduct electricity, then they must also transmit and receive electromagnetic energy.

By design, we should be able to sense to each other thoughts and feelings through our nervous system.

Two questions arise. First, how would these bio-waves be transmitted? And second, why don’t we sense them?

Let us start with the facts.

Our bodies have built in electrical rhythms. The brain’s electrical rhythm ranges from as low as 3 Hertz (Hz, or cycles per second) when we are asleep to as high as 30 Hz when we are highly alert and focused.

Like sound waves, these frequencies are too low to be transmitted through radio type waves so, like the radio, a higher frequency “carrier” wave must be used and transmitted through our nervous system.

Radio wave frequencies range from 3,000 cycles per second (Hertz, Hz) to as high as 300,000,000,000 cycles per second.

It is apparent that thought frequencies cannot be detected by radio so the frequencies associated with thought waves must be beyond radio frequencies.

This is not at all beyond the range of science. After all, beyond radio waves are light waves with frequencies ranging from 400 THz to 800 THz (a Terahertz is 1 with 12 zeros after it). Thought exists beyond the visible and audible range so its frequency must be extremely fine.

Still, considering the fact that thought has a very fine frequency, well beyond radio range, thought must be easily transmittable.

That means, we transmit our thoughts all….the…time!

Then why can’t we sense each other’s thoughts?

That takes us back to the radio.

The radio antenna received all kinds of radio waves at different frequencies. The radio has to receive these radio waves and strip the information from the “carrier” wave by tuning into the particular frequency. Only then can the information that is imbedded within that frequency be interpreted and understood.

The same must be true for us. We must “tune” in to other people’s frequencies. Some people may be more adept at this than others. People of similar thoughts must automatically tune in to each other without realizing it. They refer to this state as being “in sync” and having “good vibes”. It is amazing how we intuitively know this.

Like the radio, our thoughts must also ride on a more powerful and easily transmittable carrier wave, one that is not as “noisy” and much finer.

In a previous post, I realized that thought and emotion went hand in hand. Positive thought creates positive emotion. Negative thought creates negative emotion. It is highly unusual that emotion creates thought without another causing it in the first place.

But most of us don’t sense thought. We more readily sense the emotional state of people. From this we infer what others are thinking. We don’t actually or hear thoughts but interpret them through our own internal filters from the incoming emotional Energy waves.

We sense the result of thought – Emotion!

Even then, we realized in a previous post that emotion is not energy, but an indicator of energy. So thought must trigger bioelectric energy that is transmitted through the antennae of our nervous system – the network of nerves.

The Energy we radiate is colored by the nature and intensity of our thoughts. We, therefore, do not sense thoughts, but we sense Energy, and from the Energy received, our brains (the hardware) and minds (the software) interpret the thought behind it.

And here lies the power of thought for influence and persuasion. The influencer creates the thought and attempts to communicate that thought to others verbally. But the real thought behind the communication creates the Energy that is transmitted and the receiver begins to sense truth or falsehood from the communicator.

While words can be manipulated, one’s feelings cannot. Thus, in a way, we broadcast our intentions all the time. And those who are adept at translating the ripples of Energy are able to tell the underlying motives of others. When what we say is not congruent with what we feel, others sense that conflict and tend to distrust the verbal communication.

The power of attraction lies in transmitting waves of emotion based energy that resonates with similar emotional states in others. Those in whom these waves resonate would be drawn to the transmitter.

In other words – Like Attracts Like!

Charismatic Presentation – The Concentrating Power of Life’s Flux-Capacitor

In the movie “Back to the Future”, the scientific genius, Dr. Brown, finds a way to go back and forth in time using a device he invented called – the Flux Capacitor!

Of course, such a device is completely fictional! It doesn’t exist!

Or does it? (Kidding!)

But creative minds will probably find a way to explain how this Flux Capacitor works….

Okay, here it goes…

In engineering, flux is the amount of flow though a given area. The greater the flux, the greater the power.

A capacitor is any device, electronic or mechanical, that stores energy. The more energy the device can store, the greater the power it can discharge over a short period of time.

What do these things have to do with Charismatic Presence and Personal Magnetism?

In magnetics, the force of a magnet depends on its flux density (that’s a REAL term). What this means is that more and more lines of force are crammed into a fixed area. To bring it down to an even simpler concept – the more concentrated the magnetic lines over an area, the stronger the force.

The secret to strong magnetism, therefore, is to concentrate the power of magnetism.

The human magnet therefore, like the physical magnet, becomes more magnetic when magnetic potential is concentrated. That means, when the focus of body, mind and emotions are focused onto one goal or manifestation, a person’s ability to influence and attract increases geometrically.

This takes a lot of introspection and mental training.

We are typically unaware of how scattered our thoughts and emotions are. That is, until we try to consciously focus on one, and only one, idea or thought. When we do that, we realize that after a few seconds, our minds drift on to other thoughts. It can’t keep still. I have read that we think around 60,000 thoughts in a day.

That means our magnetic energy is diminished to only 1/60,000th of its potential power!

That’s a HUGE loss! It’s like driving a sports car with a large leak in the engine cylinders. You step on the gas and the engine goes…whuuuh?

It’s no wonder that anyone who can concentrate on a single subject can achieve incredible things!

So where does the Capacitor part come in? In the “real” world, a capacitor in the flow circuit slows down the build-up of power as it stores incoming energy but it can discharge the power in a short period of time in a huge burst. That’s how the spark plug in our cars works.

How does that help the human magnet? Here’s the creative mind at work again. We have the ability to store magnetic energy. We can build it up slowly through breathing and concentration and store it in nerve bundles within our physical body. Then when we need it, we direct the energy towards our objects of influence in a short period of time through a powerful surge of Energy and blast it into the Universe.

Does a Flux-Capacitor really exist?


But the principles behind Flux and Capacitors are real and practical. These exist in inanimate matter and in humans, and by extrapolation, must exist as well in the Higher Dimensions.

These boil down to the increase and storage of Energy through the use of mental and emotional concentration and directing it to our goal using the power of our mind.

This requires the development of concentration and imagination.

Charismatic Presence – The Invisible Magnetic Loops of Personal Power

Magnets attract. They are probably the simplest attractors in the Universe. Even in their simplicity, magnets show us how we, as human magnets, also attract and influence things to ourselves.

The amazing thing about magnets is that they can attract from afar. Put a strong magnet behind a wall and a metal bar on the other side of the wall feels the force of attraction. The powerful magnetic field is not limited by the presence of solid objects.

The force of attraction of a magnet depends on its internal energy.

When scientists studied magnets, they discovered that magnets have a circular field. They found this by placing a magnet under a piece of paper and scattering iron filings on that paper. The fine filings outlined the magnet loops from which the magnet’s field is constructed.

These lines of force emanate from one pole of the magnet and travel in a circular path to the opposite pole of the magnet. Along the way, these lines of force always find the path of least resistance.

The lines of force that leave a magnet always return. In other words, whatever the magnet sends out always comes back!

What happens when an iron bar is placed within a magnet’s field?

The iron bar is, at first, not magnetic. The dipoles (tiny microscopic magnets) within the material are arranged in random order such that the strength of each dipole within the bar opposes the field of others. This prevents a simple iron bar from attracting another iron bar.

But, when the iron bar enters a magnetic field, the magnetic field causes the dipoles in the iron to align. When it does that, the magnet begins to attract the iron bar due to magnetic alignment.

Now, if the iron bar is removed from the magnetic field, something interesting happens. The iron bar retains some magnetism. That is, not all the dipoles flip back into a random position. Many of them stay aligned with the direction of the magnetic field. While not as strong as the permanent magnet, it can attract smaller objects.

In other words, the permanent magnet “influenced” or “convinced” the iron bar of its own inherent magnetism.

As human magnets, we do a similar type of attraction and influencing. Permanent magnets have strong magnetic fields because their internal structure is aligned so that all the dipoles synergistically work together. A person who is also “well aligned”, one with a single minded purpose and emotional drive is highly magnetic.

Most of us, on the other hand, have scattered thoughts and emotions like the dipoles within an iron bar. Thoughts and emotions that are random and rampant cause a loss of attractive energy. This makes a person non-magnetic or, non-charismatic.

But when influenced by highly magnetic individuals, the random thoughts and emotions of another begin to develop purpose and drive and in doing so, also become magnetic.

That is how powerfully motivated people can move audiences and nations. That is the main power of strong leaders. Their powerful charisma reaches out beyond time and space to those who have the proclivity for their message. Like the magnet which can only attract iron, the charismatic individual attracts people who have the potential for similar thought and emotion.

The process feeds on itself. As the charismatic personality attracts others of similar thought and emotion, the magnetism generated by the other personalities add to the magnetism of the returning loop to the source and the source gains even more power. As the source sends out magnetic forces, it receives even greater power.

In the design of magnetic devices, putting iron parts along the path of the magnetic lines increases the magnet’s force capability. The same should be true of humans. The more people aligned with a charismatic leader, the more powerful the leader becomes.

Charismatic presence can be both positive and negative. Based on the synergism with other like fields, Charismatic Presence has the potential for great change. One, however, will create while the other destroys.

Charismatic Presence – Tapping Into the Power of Universe

Influence and attraction are manifestations of power. And power is a function of Energy. The more Energy one can draw from, the more power one has for influence and attraction.

In this world, there is one true thing about energy. Energy flows from high to low. Water flows downhill. Wind blows from high pressure to low pressure. Current flows from high voltage to ground.

Extrapolating this principle to the higher dimensions, it must also be true that Energy must flow down to us from the much more energetic Higher Dimensions.

So how come we don’t feel it?

When we want to run a flashlight, we need a battery. If we want the flashlight to shine brighter, we add more batteries, or use higher voltage batteries, to increase the flow of current to the bulb filament for it to glow brighter.

What if life were the same? What if each dimension was like a battery of exponentially increasing potential. That is, the mental power source is greater than the physical, the emotional source significantly greater than the mental, and the spiritual source infinitely more powerful than the rest.

If we installed a D-cell battery, a 6-volt battery and a 12-volt car battery end-to-end to a light bulb, and connect the other end of the light bulb to ground, the bulb would glow to a brightness commensurate with combined power of all of these batteries.

But, what if we installed the 6-volt battery backwards? Since the 12-volt and D cell batteries are still correctly installed, their combined energy, being greater than the 6-volt battery, would still supply current to the light bulb. But the bulb’s brightness would be significantly reduced.

Now what if we reverse the direction of the 12-volt battery as well? With the majority of the current now flowing away from the light into ground, the light bulb will fail to glow.

Is this how the flow of life current is but in a much more complicated way?

Perhaps physical, mental, emotional and spiritual energies are connected in a single power circuit connecting the Highest Dimension to the physical. Perhaps this is how we are always connected to the Source. Then the flow of Energy will always be there, but dependent on the polarity of the Energy source.

For example, let’s talk about success. Success is different for each person, although the world loves to put a standard to it. A tycoon’s version of success differs from the street artist. When the one tries to succeed in the other’s field, the misalignment in polarity cuts the flow of energy resulting in failure and stress.

I know no one better than myself so I offer myself as an example.

The physical body is attuned to a certain polarity for individual success. At 5’7” tall and would never succeed in the NBA even if I was any good in basketball (which I’m not). So my physical battery is misaligned for sports but offers no resistance whatsoever to a research and writing career.

Now, go to the mental field. I have a knack for concepts and ideas but I lose track of details. When I’m focused on theories, ideas, concepts and puzzle solving, my ideas and energy flow. I am at my very best. But when I am put in a position of managing money, schedules and people with emphasis on details, my energy falters, and I get tired and fatigued. Not only do I tire and fatigue easily, I tend to do a terrible job.

Rise to the emotional field. There is no form to speak of and the effects of emotional polarity can apply to anyone. When people feel good, positive energy flow they are at their best. When people feel bad, energy flows away from them they are at their worst. The power of the emotional battery is enormous and is the hardest to align. Can you remember a time when you felt incredibly bad? Can you remember how hard it was to feel happy then?

Unfortunately, it seems to be easier to flip from happy to sad than to flip from sad to happy. With the power of this particular Energy, being able to create and maintain a positive emotional level goes a long way in both influence and manifestation. It is also the dimension that offers the strongest connection to other people.

Enter the realm of spirit. Unfortunately, I don’t think I have a good analogy for this. To me, it must be like being immersed in a pool full of energized water. This would be a region beyond thought and feeling so, being a creature dominated by thought and feeling, I can only intellectualize this state. I can only extrapolate that rising from the positive emotional field to this must be an indescribable orgasmic experience.

Since Energy flows from the Highest Source to the lowest, being able to align the Highest Energies to our goal provided the power to overcome reverse polarities in the physical and mental fields. That’s why the emotions are so important. Sales people know this! Strong emotions will overcome logic in human interaction.

What does this say?

This means that we are already connected to an immense power source. The problem does not lie in being connected. The problem lies in our misalignment to it.

We misalign in thoughts and emotions. These misalignments are thoughts and emotions that are opposite in polarity to what we want. We want to succeed but we think we can’t. We want to have a house but we feel like we are not worthy. We are extremely complex beings whose physicality is merely the tip of an upside-down, infinitely huge, iceberg!

But that does not mean access to power is not accessible. The power needed for influence and manifestation must only be a miniscule fraction of the available energy. After all, other people have done it and, in the grand scheme of things, there is hardly any difference from one person to another. When looking down from the Higher Dimensions, Bill Gates and I probably don’t look much different from each other.

The secret is in allowing and alignment. And for that, we need the tools of mental and emotional disciplines to achieve our goals.

Foremost among these tools is meditation.