About Me


I am Arturo.

I am an engineer and a metaphysician.

I once thought these two disciplines were at opposing ends of a Universal spectrum, one materialistic and the other, the stuff of mind, emotion and spirit.

Recently, I realized that the principles of metaphysics, especially that of the Law of Attraction, mirrored the engineering principles I used to design high precision valves for the space industry.

The more I delved into this, I more I realized that a whole body of study can be arise from this parallelism, potentially resulting in ideas and processes that may enhance the the effectiveness of the Law of Attraction.

Engineering is nothing more than the application of laws to make something practical, just as the law of gravity allows us to land spacecraft on the Planet Mars. It is the management of energy. And the Law of Attraction is nothing more than the application of Energy.

Similar approaches may allow us to transcend Faith and move into “knowing”as we practice the Law of Attraction. After all, who among us wouldn’t want to improve our life.

This blog is all about trying to understand the mechanisms of the Law of Attraction by studying natural laws and processes, using them as models of the more refined dimensions of thought, emotion and spirit.

As a motivational guru once said, we don’t need to understand electricity to turn on a switch. However, a better understanding of electricity not only allows us to throw a switch, but also allows us to create an electrical grid that brings power to millions of households.

This is a blog, not about giving knowledge, but seeking it. I am a researcher in the field of manifestation engineering. I ask questions and attempt to answer them.

This blog is a journey of discovery.

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