A Story of Point

Point lives in a two-dimensional world.  He is surrounded by millions of other points living in the same world.  Point can move from place to place and when he does, he leaves a line that shows his path.

When Point want to go someplace, he never seems to go straight to that place.  He finds himself taking unusual routes and sometimes encountering other points in their journey to their destinations.

Point wonders why things never so directly to where he wants to go.  Sometimes, he seems to be going away from where he wants to go.  Sometimes, he just stops and suddenly finds himself in a totally different place, unaware of how he got there in the first place.  He sees points get born and he sees them die only to reappear in some other area of two-dimensional space-time.

Sometimes, Point is sure he is going to get to his destination and sometimes he doesn’t.  Sometimes it can happen quickly and sometimes it takes the longest time.   When he wants to go left, he finds himself moving towards the right or instead of going forward, he goes backwards.

He sees other points moving towards their destinations and find that some are moving quickly while most seem to move in random directions.  Sometimes, they are just standing still.

One day, Point wanted to know why things were the way they were.  Was everything random?  Was there any reason to the strange paths some points take in their lives?  Why does life sometimes take points towards their goal and why life sometimes oppose them?

Things should be easy!  Just move in the direction of your goals and take control of your actions and you will get to your destination.  But why so many detours?  Why are there other points and lines in his way?  Is there any rhyme and reason to all the things that happen to points?

One day, Point did something very strange.

Point looked up!

Other points thought he was weird.  No points look up!

Why look up?  There was no such thing as “up” in a two-dimensional world!  All the scientists and rational points said we can only perceive two dimensions and time!  But something made Point look upwards and Point looked for a long time.  Somehow, he knew there was such as thing as “Up”.

Point kept gazing upwards asking for a sign, for enlightenment.

One day, Point was given a gift.  He was able to move up!  He climbed something, and from a new vantage point, he saw something and began to understand.  His awareness grew.  He began to remember something he already knew, but not as a point.  He was no longer just a point!  He was something much greater!


He was part of something called a pen!  Each point just the tip of a pen, manifested from many other unseen points.  He was in a world of infinite number of points arranged in three physical dimensions!  He saw other pens on top of similar points.  From his new vantage point, he could now see that the movement of lines in his any other points’ lives were not random at all but part of an expression of forms that meant something!

When he looked down for the first time, from his new awareness, he recognized letters, words, sentences and paragraphs.  He could see pens moving. not in random patterns, but it intelligent lines and curves each one meaning something profound.  Everything had meaning!

There was nothing random after all.  All the lines, all the gaps, all the detours were part of a whole story written by a larger consciousness of which he was a part.  He came from one of  countless pens, becoming part of a line, a curve, a letter, a word in two-dimensional space, sometimes to leave it and then return to it, etching another mark, another set of points, another life!

Then Point wondered..

Was there any more?

So, Point looked upward again.


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