Am In Awake or Am I Still Dreaming?

I woke up one day with an epiphany.

While I was asleep, I didn’t know I was dreaming.

Now that I am awake, how sure am I that I am really awake?  What if I am just dreaming a more lucid dream in just another level of soul-sleep?

When I am asleep, my subconscious mind constructs a drama that seems natural or normal.  I don’t question any of the weird things (and there were a lot!)  in my dream that I would consider unusual or impossible when I am awake.

If I am in a more lucid dream, then my mind is also constructing my life drama around my dominant thoughts, my unconscious imagination and my belief system, just as my subconscious mind did in my sleeping dream.  In other words, my life is just a reflection of who I am, what my dominant thoughts are, and what I believe is possible or impossible at this moment.

Then, that’s why spiritual sciences call the material Creation a grand illusion!  It is a construct as pliable as modeling clay!  It just flows and changes with the life template embedded in your mind.  When your mind is red, your world turns red.  Think blue and you see blue all over the place.

So, if the mind constructs the drama, then changing the plot, the belief system, must change the direction of life drama.  Just like in a sleeping dream, we don’t have direct control over the events in the dream, yet the dream drama continues within the confines of our subconscious thoughts and beliefs.  That is the whole idea behind dream therapy.

What if the same is true while we are “awake”?  We don’t truly have any control over the events in our lives (though we may fool ourselves into thinking so) but these events unfold in accordance with our belief system.  That is why we see patterns in our lives and why we can almost predict what is going to happen in our future.

We must be able to redirect our life drama by changing the premise of the drama itself.  We don’t need to control the drama.  We just need to choose the premise and give it our attention.

That is where imagination comes in.

Our environment has programmed negativity into our belief system and we are usually unaware of how we tend to reinforce that by negative imagination.

Because of this, negative imagination is easy.  Imagining well-being is harder.

But disciplined, deliberate imagination is the key towards changing that belief system.  Consciously change your beliefs (not lip service) and your life drama changes.  You can’t control specific life events, but you can choose the essence of those events by changing your beliefs.  Then it does not matter how events evolve because they will always conform to your belief system and the depth and breadth of your imagination.

If you change your beliefs and expectations towards the positive, then life must reflect that back to you.  That’s why life is just an illusion.   It is a play.  It is theatre.  It is a drama that revolves around the main themes and images that your entertain, develop and protect in your mind.

Change you mind, consciously choose only feel-good thoughts and pictures, and you give the Universe the well-being theme around which to build your life!

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