Imagine Being Rich…

“Everybody needs money.”

I overheard this one morning in a coffee shop.  I had been hearing a lot of this lately.  I get these daily reminders that money is a major issue in almost everyone’s life.

I don’t have any current issues with money and I consider myself pretty well off.  So, I asked myself, “Would I consider myself rich?”

I read “Rich Dad, Poor Dad”.  I am not a business owner.  I am an employee with a fixed income.  That would put me in the Poor Dad category.  Is that so bad?

But I tried being Rich Dad and that didn’t seem to work very well for me.

I  once followed the Rich Dad advice.  I tried starting a business.  I did all the dream building things – visiting mansions, sitting in brand new cars, reading about rich people’s lives, investing in businesses, talking to people (I am an introvert, and INFJ), attending sales seminars, listening to inspirational talks and reading book after book after book, searching for inspiration.  I focused on money for money’s sake.

But that was the problem.  I found no inspiration in being Rich Dad.  My passions were in the mind, in intuition, in solving engineering problems, in exploring the mysteries of the Universe and creating new, innovative rocket designs!   The money wasn’t it!  In fact, for me, the work required for getting wealth was a chore, not a joy!  it was something I had to force myself do!

I was one of the weird ones who was not motivated by money.

Rich Dad is not for everyone.

But, of course, like everyone else, I needed money.  Money is necessary, money is important!  You can’t barter (or hardly can) anymore and you sure can’t trade favors for a new house!  You can’t buy food without money and you cannot have a magical life if you are constantly in need of it to pay your bills!

Yes, like everyone, I do need money.  But I am not needy!

I started to realize that millionaires and billionaires do what they do because, for them, making money is fun!  It’s wasn’t about the money at all!  It was about the fun of creating and discovering  new ways to make something from almost nothing!  It was their passion!   While I don’t share their passion for money, I do share their passion for creation and discovery.  My mind was in the stars, in the laws of physics, in the metaphysics of creation, in subject matters too far removed from the hallowed  halls of business.

It’s not the money!  Money is just the by-product of passionate work.

I just wanted to make much more money than I spent and devote my time and energy to understanding the mechanics and laws of the Universe.  And that is how I came to learn that being rich can be seen in a different way.  Being rich is a ratio – a ratio of money made to money spent, regardless of how many zeros were in the numerator and denominator.  Thus, the fisherman is just as rich as the tycoon (see my blog about the fisherman and the tycoon).  This was something I could easily wrap my imagination around.

I remember the story of a physicist who lived in his van by the beach doing the two things he loved the most all year round – physics and surfing.  That, to me, is a rich and magical life.

So am I rich?  Yes!  Am I wealthy?  No!  But would I trade my engineering and metaphysical work and my middle class life for the luxurious world of a billionaire tycoon?

Not in your life!

In this way, I am rich beyond measure.

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