Imagination is Reality

Nothing is more misunderstood and underutilized as the human power of imagination.  To most, imagination is nothing more than the act of daydreaming or the formation of mental pictures from which human hands form works of art and the marvels of technology.

Even then, artistic credit is given to the action of the hands rather then the power of imagination itself.

But imagination is so much more.

Imagination is not limited to artistry and the creation of technology.

Its power is behind the very drama of everyday human life.

Whatever one can imagine will eventually become a reality.  What was once considered magic is now called science.  What was once called fiction is now a reality.  What were once dreams of human civilization are now integral to today’s society.

But that is just the tip of the iceberg.

Imagination is behind every event, every situation, every condition in our lives.  Imagination is the ax that carves the template of our belief system upon which our very life drama is based.  It is the creation of the source code of our life’s operating system.  The conditions of our lives find their genesis in the images we unconsciously entertain every second of our days.

Imagination produces our successes and our failures.  It forms and breaks relationships.  It creates money, or throws it away.  It leads to our destiny, creating seemingly random events which interlock, forming a magnificent jigsaw puzzle of life, presenting a complete picture that conforms to our belief system.  Life simply progresses within the boundaries of our imagination, presenting ever similar patterns regardless of place, time and character.

Imagination is the cause.  Life is the effect.

Creating a magical life means probing the boundaries of our imagination, understanding those repeating patterns of images we entertain, realizing how self limiting they are, then choosing to entertain and cultivate only those images that we wish to see in our lives.

We may not be able to control the drama of our lives, but we have the  power to choose the essence, the plot, around which the drama revolves.

What we imagine is not just the basis for reality.  Imagination is reality!  Imagination is magic, and magic is just science misunderstood.

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