It’s Okay, Poor Dad!

Have you ever read the book, “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” by Robert Kiyosaki?

It is a brilliant book on the principles of wealth building as taught to him by his friend’s father, “Rich Dad”, a very successful and wealthy businessman.  He juxtaposes these wealth principles against the typical thoughts of his father, “Poor Dad”, a professor in a university.

As I read this book,  I definitely identified with Poor Dad, an employee with the typical philosophy that success in this world meant going to school, finding a job, going to work everyday to save money for a house and eventually retiring with a comfortable pension.

The book made me feel like s&%t about having a job instead of building a business and working towards financial independence.  The book appealed to my desire to give my family every break possible in life.  Financial independence was the yardstick of success.

So I studied the book and tried to do what the book recommended.  I got into a business model that was endorsed by Robert Kiyosaki, studied a lot, talked to a lot of people, attended a lot of sales and motivational meetings and did my best to make money.  I dreamed of one day leaving the “rat race” inspired by a never ending parade of success stories.

In the end I spent thousands of dollars with a return of less than a hundred.

I was an utter failure in business. I gave up the business and focused on my job.  Was the failure in the business model and Kiyosaki’s principles?  ABSOLUTELY NOT!  The “fault” lay within me but not for the lack of trying.

In the years that followed,  I finally came to  realize that the book failed to tell me something truly important – that success comes with work that you are truly happy with.

And there lies the cause of my failure – my heart was not in it!

That’s true whether you have a job or are in business for yourself.  Truly, there is nothing wrong with a job.  But, the job, the work, or the business, has to be something you are passionate about.  Your heart must be in it!  The tycoon’s passion is creating wealth just as the rocket scientist is driven to create giant rockets to reach the moon.  It’s their passion.

I was being sold dreams of mansions, Cadillacs and paid vacations but they just didn’t TURN ME ON!  I’m one of those few(?) who needs a purpose or a goal that transcends money.  For some of us, we get turned on by humanitarian service and the betterment of humanity.

And, my friends, not only is that okay, it is commendable!

So I abandoned Rich Dad and just embraced my Poor Dad way of life.  I’m in a job that pays extremely well and allows me the joy of creating technology that will one day allow us to grow beyond the confines of our world.

Furthermore, it allows me the freedom for this blog and for the opportunity to contribute to making this world a better place.

So to all Poor Dads out there, embrace your nature because you are just as valuable as the Rich Dads.  Your path is where your passion is and that may not involve material wealth building.  We each have a valuable role to play.  And once we find that happy work that each of us is perfect at, our true wealth will follow.

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