Do We Need to Understand Life’s Software?

At the moment, I am writing a blog entry.  My goal is to post this entry and release it to the web.

It is actually a process of manifestation.  I have a vision for the blog post and a process for that to happen.  But I don’t know how WordPress converts my typed words into 1’s and 0’s, then assembles them into packages of information, transmitting them through silicon and copper pathways, though air ways at the speed of light to receivers all over the world.

Then, those receivers taken those 1’s and 0’s and transform them into words once more that can be understood by human eyes.

I have no idea how to do this!

Oh, no!  What a nightmare!

But then,  all I really have to do is press a button and the software takes care of it all without any help from me or any other human.

So why do I try to make manifestation happen?

If I “work” at it, do I make electrons move faster?  Do I stack molecules more efficiently?  Can I push the Software of the Universe to move quicker? Can I make someone from Ukraine read my post?

Or do I slow it down by inputting conflicting messages? (It’s working….no, it’s not…wait…yes, it is…no…wait)

Since, the Software is going to give me my garbage back anyway,  why not go along for the ride and enjoy the ups and downs, left and right turns, slow and fast curves.

The Universe is God’s computer and gives us exactly what we ask for.  Garbage in – garbage out.  Happy in – happy out. 

It’s more fun to let go, KNOWING  that life will take us to our destination while giving us a thrill along the way.

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