The Magic of Expectation

Darren Brown is my favorite mentalist.

In one of his television shows, he embarked on an experiment on the subject of luck. In this particular experiment, he found a small town and he spread a rumor about a statue of a dog that is considered “lucky”. He did this by soliciting the help of a journalist friend who started the rumor by asking the residents of the small town about their “lucky” dog statue.

Over a period of three months, they traced the effect of this rumor seeding on the rapid growth of the rumor and how it affected the luck of the people in the town.

The results were a wonderful validation of the Law of Attraction.

To those who considered themselves already lucky, their “luck” tended to increase. People started winning lotteries, gaining more business opportunities, and improving their health. These lucky streaks were attributed to patting the lucky dog statue.

It is a tangible validation of the Law of Attraction. Whatever we expect, tends to happen. What happens in our world depends on what we entertain in our minds.What was interesting in this show was the focus on one person who considered himself truly unlucky. Darren Brown then wanted to see if the subject was truly unlucky, or if he was just missing opportunities. Derren proceeded to create “lucky” situations for the subject to see if the subject would take advantage of such opportunities.

The first opportunity was a rigged lottery ticket that was mixed in with the subject’s mail. The ticket was a guaranteed win. By merely playing the ticket (it was a scratcher), the subject would win a television set.

The subject never played the ticket.

Strike one!

The next opportunity was a fake market survey in which the interviewees were asked to name at least five cuts of meat. With the subject being a butcher, this would have been an easy win. Several interviewees were shown successfully answering the question and receiving money in return. When the subject was asked to participate, he said he had to go with a promised to come back.

He never did.

Strike two!

Finally, money was place on a ground directly on the path the subject was taking. The opportunity was there in plain sight.

The subject walked right past it!

Strike three!

What amazed me is that because the subject expected to be unlucky, he completely failed to see all lucky opportunities. Derren proceeded to repeat this test with others with the same results!

I experienced this recently after a very recent purchase.

I recently purchased a metallic blue 2005 Ford Focus. For weeks after the purchase, I began not only to notice other Ford Focus cars, but also other cars of similar size and color. I never realized how many they were. I couldn’t see them because I never looked.

The attraction of what we want must happen all the time. When we don’t pay attention to it in our minds, we fail to tune in to its frequency and we become “blind” to the manifestation of our desires.

Derren Brown’s experiment showed me that what I want is already in front of me. All I have to do, is see it!

You can find this episode in Youtube – “Derren Brown – The Experiments: The Secret of Luck”

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