Law of Attraction Testimonial – The Problem With Seeing Life Through a Microscope

Sometimes, life turns upside down. Things happen that we don’t particularly want to happen. We start to feel empty and in despair. All that positive thinking you have claimed to be so good at just goes out the window. You feel like a fraud.

If you are particularly sensitive, things are even worse because your emotions are so powerful and focused. Whatever you focus on tends to magnify in your own mind.

Focus is like a microscope. It makes small things look really big.

A mite looks mighty big when viewed through a high magnification microscope. But then, so does a single grain of diamond dust. One is bad and scary, while the other as good and beautiful. Yet, both are small, too small to be seen with the naked eye.

I am a very emotional person and I pick up easily on other people’s emotions. Sometimes, I can’t tell if I’m really feeling something or if I’m just feeling what someone close to me is feeling.

I know one thing. Just as positive emotions can lift me up to incredible heights, negative emotions can plunge me into a dark abyss!

Negative emotions have a tendency to increase my focus. Why? Because I want to find out what’s causing it! Then, I churn the thought over and over again in my mind, taking it apart and putting it back together again, hour after hour, day after day. And with the passing of time, like a black hole, that negative thought keeps attracting more and more negative energy until I find myself neck-deep in muck at the bottom of a mental and emotional abyss.

Positive emotion on the other hand takes much less focus. There is not much to think about. If it feels good, I just let it happen.

I should know better. But then, since when does logic trump emotion?

I recently found myself in such a deep emotional abyss that it drained so much of my energy. I became tired and listless. It took me a lot of time to rest and re-energize before I had the strength to climb out of it. It took a lot of mental and emotional realignment. But, thankfully, it worked!

Just as the negative plunge began with a single thought, so did the rise from the abyss.

I remembered that when I look at a mite through a microscope, I ignore that tremendous amount of clean space around it. When I take the slide from the microscope and gaze at it with my own eyes, the mite is too small to be seen.

I began to realize that I was focusing on the 1% of my life that was negative instead of the 99% that was positive. And, by focusing on the 1% through the microscope of my mind, I was causing it to dominate my perception.

By simply shifting my thoughts to the 99% around the negative aspect, I was able to halt the build-up of negative energy and climb out of the abyss.

It doesn’t happen quickly. Just as time increased the negative energy of my thought, so was time needed to negate the negative energy and build the positive energy.

I offer no details of the circumstances. In fact, such details are not important. It was the feeling around the circumstance that mattered.

I was operating just like a radio – receiving waves of emotion, magnifying them, and then sending them out again. These waves would reach kindred emotions, magnify even more and return to me like a tsunami. It was a vicious cycle.

I had to break the cycle. I had to reverse the frequency from negative to positive. It was incredibly hard work for the mind is such a powerful thing. The first and most important thing was – to STOP THINKING! It was important to just be still. Only when I made the slight turn to positive did I begin the journey to freedom.

Life is vibratory and cyclic. We encounter both good and bad cycles throughout our lives. When we understand this, we can shift our cycles upwards to stay positive. Then, we have the potential of only experiencing good in our life.

The journey to depression starts with the entertainment of a single negative thought. Energy goes with attention and time. A negative thought is a black hole, pulling more and more energy into it the more time we entertain it. But the reverse is just as true. Positive thought is a white bubble, shining powerfully out into the world.

I am fortunate that even in the midst of a depression, I found the way out through thought and knowledge. I am more determined now, more than ever, to forever break the pull of negative thought.

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