Charismatic Presence – Can You Feel My Thoughts, Over?

Today we take wireless communication for granted. But in 1892, when Nikola Tesla demonstrated the existence of radio frequencies, communicating without wires must have seemed like a magician’s trick. Then on 1895, Marconi used this principle to create the first practical wireless system capable of communicating over long distances. That made the whole world a little bit smaller.

Radio signals are electromagnetic waves that travel at the speed of light. The distance the signal travels depends on the length of the antenna, and any conductor in these waves’ path will respond to it. How the signal is “understood”, however, depends on how it is processed.

I was looking at diagram of the human nervous system one day and I was struck by how similar the nervous system is to a transmitter / receiver system. The brain serves as both radio receiver and transmitter that transform thought into electrical impulses that can be transmitted through the spine and nerves which act as antennae.

All our nerves are actually biological electrical conductors that transmit electrical information from the brain to all the parts of our body. If they can conduct electricity, then they must also transmit and receive electromagnetic energy.

By design, we should be able to sense to each other thoughts and feelings through our nervous system.

Two questions arise. First, how would these bio-waves be transmitted? And second, why don’t we sense them?

Let us start with the facts.

Our bodies have built in electrical rhythms. The brain’s electrical rhythm ranges from as low as 3 Hertz (Hz, or cycles per second) when we are asleep to as high as 30 Hz when we are highly alert and focused.

Like sound waves, these frequencies are too low to be transmitted through radio type waves so, like the radio, a higher frequency “carrier” wave must be used and transmitted through our nervous system.

Radio wave frequencies range from 3,000 cycles per second (Hertz, Hz) to as high as 300,000,000,000 cycles per second.

It is apparent that thought frequencies cannot be detected by radio so the frequencies associated with thought waves must be beyond radio frequencies.

This is not at all beyond the range of science. After all, beyond radio waves are light waves with frequencies ranging from 400 THz to 800 THz (a Terahertz is 1 with 12 zeros after it). Thought exists beyond the visible and audible range so its frequency must be extremely fine.

Still, considering the fact that thought has a very fine frequency, well beyond radio range, thought must be easily transmittable.

That means, we transmit our thoughts all….the…time!

Then why can’t we sense each other’s thoughts?

That takes us back to the radio.

The radio antenna received all kinds of radio waves at different frequencies. The radio has to receive these radio waves and strip the information from the “carrier” wave by tuning into the particular frequency. Only then can the information that is imbedded within that frequency be interpreted and understood.

The same must be true for us. We must “tune” in to other people’s frequencies. Some people may be more adept at this than others. People of similar thoughts must automatically tune in to each other without realizing it. They refer to this state as being “in sync” and having “good vibes”. It is amazing how we intuitively know this.

Like the radio, our thoughts must also ride on a more powerful and easily transmittable carrier wave, one that is not as “noisy” and much finer.

In a previous post, I realized that thought and emotion went hand in hand. Positive thought creates positive emotion. Negative thought creates negative emotion. It is highly unusual that emotion creates thought without another causing it in the first place.

But most of us don’t sense thought. We more readily sense the emotional state of people. From this we infer what others are thinking. We don’t actually or hear thoughts but interpret them through our own internal filters from the incoming emotional Energy waves.

We sense the result of thought – Emotion!

Even then, we realized in a previous post that emotion is not energy, but an indicator of energy. So thought must trigger bioelectric energy that is transmitted through the antennae of our nervous system – the network of nerves.

The Energy we radiate is colored by the nature and intensity of our thoughts. We, therefore, do not sense thoughts, but we sense Energy, and from the Energy received, our brains (the hardware) and minds (the software) interpret the thought behind it.

And here lies the power of thought for influence and persuasion. The influencer creates the thought and attempts to communicate that thought to others verbally. But the real thought behind the communication creates the Energy that is transmitted and the receiver begins to sense truth or falsehood from the communicator.

While words can be manipulated, one’s feelings cannot. Thus, in a way, we broadcast our intentions all the time. And those who are adept at translating the ripples of Energy are able to tell the underlying motives of others. When what we say is not congruent with what we feel, others sense that conflict and tend to distrust the verbal communication.

The power of attraction lies in transmitting waves of emotion based energy that resonates with similar emotional states in others. Those in whom these waves resonate would be drawn to the transmitter.

In other words – Like Attracts Like!

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