Law of Attraction – The Compression of Time – Part II

In the last post, we established that one way to compress time in the physical universe is through the warping of space-time. In a universe of matter, the greater and denser the mass, the more space-time warps around it. As space-time warps, two points that are a large distance apart may move closer together resulting in the reduction of time it takes to traverse the distance between the two points.

If material space-time is warped by the concentration of mass such black holes, then a similar warpage must occur with the concentration of Energy in the formless planes. After all, Einstein has proven that mass and energy are one and same thing.

There has been a lot of discussion in metaphysics and New Age thought that time is purely a physical phenomenon. It is suggested that in the realms of thought, emotion and spirit, there is no such thing as time. Even among physicists, many question the existence of time in the material world.

Does the question of time come up at all in the higher dimensions? Does time actually exist? If it doesn’t exist, is time compression then, impossible? Or is it really just a matter of viewpoint?

The premise in creation with the Law of Attraction is that the cause and effect occur simultaneous and that it is only the existence of time in the physical plane that makes the effect follow the cause.

I always wondered what how this happens. In what way do cause and effect happen simultaneously?

Perhaps it is not that time does not exist, but that results are predictable. When results are predictable then the cause and the result exist simultaneously.

Take the analogy of an archer preparing to let launch an arrow towards a target. The archer sets the arrow in the bow and pulls back the bow string while aiming at a target. The archer’s aim sets the target while the tension in the bow provides the energy needed by the arrow to reach that target.

Once the arrow is released (intention), an outcome is assured. In other words, cause and effect occur simultaneously. The trajectory of the arrow and its final destination would be predictable by physical laws. The probability of hitting the bull’s-eye depends on the skill of the archer and the power of the bow. But once the arrow is launched, the archer has no more influence on the outcome.

The aim of the archer (the clarity of thought) and the tension of the bow (Energy) determine the curve the arrow will travel. Through the law of gravity, the laws of motion and aerodynamics, arrow will travel a certain path. The releasing of the bow (the intention) triggers the outcome (manifestation).

If the archer’s aim is poor (lack of thought clarity), the arrow will miss the target. However, the tension in the bow is also important. Too little tension (low emotional intensity) and the arrow may not have enough energy to reach the target. Either way, the result is predictable and dependent on the initial conditions – the aim and the tension of the bow.

The difference between the release of the arrow (the intention) and the arrival at the target (manifestation) is time.

So time must exist at the higher dimensions but must also be relative to our own timeframe. Perhaps, when metaphysics states that cause and effect appear simultaneously, it is not because time doesn’t exist, but that awareness at the higher dimensions allows cause and effect to be “visible” and “predictable”.

Einstein argued that time is relative. He didn’t argue that time did not exist. He argued that absolute time does not exist and that time is dependent on the timeframe of the observer.

So, if space-time is warped by the concentration of mass, then there must be a similar mechanism in the higher planes of creation. In these planes, form will disappear. Therefore, if form and Energy are similar, then the lack of form must mean an abundance of Energy.

If mass and energy are the same, then concentration of energy then must warp space-time as well.

But there is another aspect of time that can’t be ignored. Looking again at the physical model, black holes just don’t happen. The power and the concentration of black holes occur over time as the concentration of mass pulls in more mass. The greater the mass accumulated, the greater the gravitational field and more mass is pulled into the black hole.

Over time, the power of the black hole increases exponentially. The same must be true for the concentration of Energy.

So how would the archer change the time between the release of the arrow and contact with the target?

One way would be to increase the tension of the bow. The more precise approach would be to increase the energy applied to the arrow. If the archer changes the bow’s design to use steel, the amount of energy stored in the bow would increase dramatically and the speed of the arrow would increase. With the increased speed, the time to target is decreased. If the approach is changed to that using gun powder, another step increase in speed is achieved and the contact is achieved sooner.

Another way is to use the same bow, but move the target closer. This is similar to the warping of space-time. Change the environment conditions such that the target and the bow approach each other.

In both cases above, the common source is increased energy. It is very likely that with increased energy, both results above will exist.

This material analogy brings the next step in the compression of time – the concentration of Energy. The question becomes – “What Energy needs to be concentrated for manifestation time to be compressed?”

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