Law of Attraction: The Compression of Time – Part I

I always advise patience when it comes to manifesting through the Law of Attraction. But, actually, I am no different from anybody else. If I could, I would find some way to manifest quicker. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if the Aladdin’s Lamp actually existed? Make a wish and a booming bass voice says, “You’re wish is my command!” (Echo…Echo..)

Is it possible to make manifestation happen quicker? And if so, what is the process?

Sometimes, once a thought is born in my mind, it has to move to its completion without letting my mind rest.

This happened to be one of those thoughts.

And it started with Einstein.

Einstein proved that space (the three spatial dimensions) and time are interlaced. In the simplest of terms, it simply means is that you can’t be in two places at the same time.

So space engineers have a daunting problem in trying to reach the next galaxy, Alpha Centauri, which is 4.4 light years away. That means it takes almost four and a half years to get there at the speed of light. According to, it will take a Space Shuttle 165,000 years to get there. Does that mean that we will never ever get to Alpha Centauri? Are we doomed to stay within the confines of our limited real estate within our Solar Syste
Well, let’s not be too hasty!

Einstein also proved that all mass warps space-time. It’s like putting a bowling ball on top of your mattress. The bowling ball warps the mattress. The heavier the bowling ball, the more the mattress warps.

Now keep the bowling ball the same size but increase its mass. In other words, use a bowling ball with much denser material like lead. The mattress now begins to warp so much that it bends and wraps around the bowling ball until the ends of the mattress touch.

If there was a gerbil standing on one end of the mattress, it could merely step onto the other end of the mattress without any effort at all. The gerbil just traveled the whole length of the mattress in a single step!

Space-time can be warped, but it requires an enormous amount of energy provided by a very large mass.

So, if physical space-time can be warped, can’t metaphysical space-time be warped as well? In other words, can we warp our metaphysical space-time continuum so that we can touch our goals without moving a single step? If the physical world is an imperfect model of the finer dimensions, shouldn’t higher dimension space-time warping exist as well?

Which brought up another question in my mind – is there such a thing as time in the Higher Dimensions? That’s a question for future investigation.

This is intriguing. There is a name for instantaneous manifestation – miracles! If we accept that some enlightened individuals can perform miracles, have they been able to tap into an immense energy source so that they manifest merely by bending the multidimensional space-time continuum?

If even one person can do it, then the principle must be sound, and others must be able to do it as well!

The most massive things in the physical universe are black holes yet they occupy very little space (comparatively speaking). They are the ultimate in attraction force in the physical universe.

The space around them warps so much that anything that “falls” into their funnel can’t get out, even light. Since light can’t escape, there is no light to communicate to others outside what the black hole looks like. That is an incredibly strong attractive force.

When two black holes warp space, their “warp funnels” may connect allowing two points in space that are far apart to be merely a step apart. Scientists call this a “wormhole”, a shortcut through space-time.

The key thing about black holes is their density. In black holes, the space between atoms, especially the neutrons, have been removed, concentrating all of these basic particles of matter into a tiny amount of space. When you think about the size and mass of the sun and remove all the space between its neutron, protons and electrons, you get an object a fraction of the sun’s size of a thimble but with the same mass and gravitational power.

Black holes are a concentration of mass-energy.

When it comes to the realm of manifestation, mass does not matter. Einstein also proved that mass and energy are one and the same thing. A thimble full of mass results in an incredible amount of energy. That energy, when controlled, powers cities for ages. Uncontrolled, it can be released in a millisecond in a powerful destructive city-leveling explosion.

In the higher realms, we must be dealing with the concentration of pure Energy.

So if space-time warping occurs at the physical level, then it must also happen to a much greater degree at the higher dimensions. It must be then be possible to warp the multi-dimensional space-time to bring the ingredients of a goal together for manifestation.

As we delve further into this, we must enter the realm of miracles.

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