Law of Attraction – How Manifestation May Look Like As Seen From Above

I always wondered what creation would look like when seen from above. So I decided to give it a lot of thought.

I lay down, closed my eyes and let my imagination fly free searching for the answers to that very question. I started from a single known thought and just watched and listened. That’s when my imagination took me to something truly amazing.

I started by looking at the physical body as a mere grain of sand. From a high vantage point, our world must look like beach full of individual grains of sand, each one aware only of other grains in its immediate vicinity and completely unaware that there are worlds beyond our own little cubic centimeter of space.

Then I saw that each grain was covered in a large drop of viscous gel. This was the grain’s thought or mental body. It was free to flow and easily merged with the coating of other drops of similar type and consistency. These outer coatings sparkled with flashes of light that were the constant parade of human thoughts.

Each sparkle was a flash of thought with its brightness or dullness dependent on whether the thought was of positive or negative quality. This coating of thought comprised mostly of energy but still had some form that extended from the sand grain into the space surrounding it. As it took space, it easily merged with those of other grains with like density and consistency.

Beyond the gel coating were even larger coats that varied in consistency from a free-flowing liquid, to an even finer gas field graduating to an immense field of pure Energy. The finer the coating, the more space it took. As the formless auras of these grains of sand met each other, they simply merged into a single formless field.

Ultimately, all consciousness merged into a single Mind.

We are the Universe!

It is within this merged aura of Energy that a grain from one end of the beach communicates with sand grains in the other end of the beach. While they are individually one, at the higher vantage point, they are the same.

As above, so below.

I see the whole Creation as a glowing mass of fluid with finer densities on the outside, coating a colloidal suspension of sand particles moving around in gobs of gel like a complex and variegated lava lamp, always in motion, moving without my having to lift a single finger.

From the viewpoint of the grains of sand, things are happening in random; but not from my high vantage point.

From when I am, I see some grains of sand with outer gel coverings that glow brightly. Most of the grains merely sparkle with the flashing of thought. The glowing ones are those with unified, purposeful thought and feeling. Their alignment of thought and feeling creates a powerful magnetic field around them. The more unified and focused the thought, the more powerful the magnetic field.

These points of high magnetic energy cause ripples in the colloidal suspension just as the formation of a bubble would in a pond. As these ripples expand through regions of finer densities, the power of their waves increase in response, driving movement within the suspension.

Therefore, the few glowing particles move creation, while the others merely follow the currents that form.

The glowing particles don’t need to consciously form the currents of creation. They merely glow and the currents respond, just as candle flame causes air currents to move from hot areas to cold areas. The movement is driven by Law.

The movement of current is being driven by the individual and collective power of these glowing particles. In a Universe of attraction, there is a tendency for particles of like nature and energy to attract, resulting in the arrangement of the Universe with glowing particles conglomerating, surrounded by the typical sparkling particles.

Since all particles are merged at the higher finer densities, there is automatic communication between all particles such that proximity matters not. Movement towards likeness always occurs.

This brings me back to my observations from the top. If I were the Grand One watching the Universe, I would not have to do a thing, because each person’s inner thought and desire already create movement towards fulfillment. The probability of manifestation fulfillment depends on their alignment and strength of desire.

Since the Grand One and the sand particles are really one identity, it is like being the observer and the player at the same time.

The sand particle, being immersed in the current is unaware of its movement. Still, its Energy not only affects those around it, but also, the entire creation.

Is this really what happens?

All I know is that this can easily describe the physics of magnetic particles or varying strengths suspended in a mixture of viscous fluids. If the physical laws are indeed reflections of the greater laws, then what I imagined is how a limited mind like mine would perceive the mechanics of higher Law.

Regardless of how it truly looks, the point is that we are the drivers of our destiny, and that success of that drive depends on how aligned and focused we are.

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