Law of Attraction – Is it Job Hunting or Work Attracting?

In recent weeks, I sadly had to say “farewell” to many colleagues who have left the company for other jobs, maybe ones that pay better, but more likely, ones that offer more satisfying work. The unusual number of departures seems to reflect my own dissatisfaction in the lack of creative satisfaction in my current position.

Does that mean I’m looking for a job?

I’ve been wondering that for quite a while now.

It is obvious that I am unsatisfied with my current work situation yet, I have avoided job hunting. Somehow, job hunting doesn’t sit well with me. It feels blocked, upstream, closed, like trying to run against hurricane winds.

I have learned a long time ago that forcing things to happen is just a waste of Energy. Run into a brick wall and all you get are broken bones. But follow the brick wall and you may just find a door!

Somehow, the right thing to do seems to be to attract the work I want instead! I can’t explain it. It is a thought that feels relaxed and flowing. Somehow, in my dissatisfaction lies the pathway to satisfaction. What a paradox!

So I chose not to job hunt! Instead, I chose to attract the work!

This seems to go against convention. The wisdom of the world is that you have to dig for your treasure, you have to fight for what you want, you have to compete against everyone else and go for those precious nuggets of gold because they are so hard to come by.

But looking at the world around me I see the opposite. A magnet simply sits still and pulls like things towards it. The Earth and all celestial objects attract each other with an intensity based on their mass and distance. Wind moves from high to low pressure. These things happen without having to work at it. They just follow natural law. There’s no hunting involved! (Unless hunting is what you really want to do.)

The physical world is a world of duality. Everything has an opposite, and the breaking up of unity to create opposites produces lines of attractive force that connect the two poles. That is the secret of the magnet and the battery.

Therefore, for every source, there is a recipient. For every need, there is a supply. For every problem, there is a solution. And, for every worker, there is the perfect work. The two poles, because they are aligned should approach each other along their lines of connection.

Furthermore, the source and recipient both apply force to each other. As with the Law of Gravity, the closer the two attractants get, the faster they approach each other. It is only when they are far apart does it seem like there is no movement. Yet the force connection between the two already exists and movement is inevitable and predictable.

So I had to look back at my own employment history. Did I actually get a job through a job hunt?

Surprisingly, the answer is a resounding “No!!!”

There were times when job dissatisfaction caused me to job hunt. I prepared my resumes and send them out en masse. The feeling dissatisfaction was so strong that my mental magnet was colored by dissatisfaction. My efforts were futile. As I recollect it, for all my efforts in finding a new job and leave the aerospace industry, I only received one interview request. And that failed miserably.

The thing is, my job hunts were always done in an atmosphere of fear and dissatisfaction!

As I looked back at my employment history, I found that my job transitions were like a chain, a progression that mirrored my own growth. I didn’t even look for these jobs. They found me!.

Each new job built over the foundation of the previous job. As a result, the work, responsibility and prestige grew stronger with each progression. The progression was smooth and natural. Each job was connected through both conditions and people, one leading to the next without my lifting a single finger to make it happen.

In other words, each new job reflected the growth and potential of my own personality, skills and mindset.

Compared to my job hunts, my attracted jobs were consistent with expansion and the need to grow! There was no fear involved, just excitement for new adventures!!!

New adventures! What a wonderful way to live life!

Now as I look to grow further, I find myself sitting still and waiting. While I may seem physically still, I continue to work on my essence and mindset preparing for that new adventure that is sure to come.

I know precisely what I want. My dream is clear and intact. I have embraced my introverted, intuitive self and preparing for work that is 90% thought and 10% presentation that is inspirational and motivational in nature. I don’t really care if it’s a job or business. By keeping the essence strong, the dream can be achieved in many different ways.

When it comes down to it, it’s the work that matters. It’s what makes the adventure fun!

This blog might even be it!

Whatever the outcome, I know the transition will be smooth and natural.

So I keep the essence foremost in my mind. I create a sense of creative thought and feeling and allow the Universe to connect all the dots necessary to make it work.

I’m happily on course for my rendezvous with destiny.

3 thoughts on “Law of Attraction – Is it Job Hunting or Work Attracting?

  1. lolokirby says:

    Earlier today, before I read this, I was uptight thinking about where my next job would be and how I would find it. The thought made me cringe. I started thinking about all my previous jobs and just like you said, I hardly lifted a finger to get them–they found me. Interesting!

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