Charismatic Presence – The Charismatic Power of the Introvert

So you’re an introvert. You find that you do best when you can think before you speak. You prefer to work alone in isolation and the presence and energy of so many people around you drains you so much that you have to escape to your own sanctuary.

You probably feel that charisma and personal magnetism are beyond your reach.

I’m sorry but I have to bust that myth.

Not only can introverts be charismatic, they can actually excel in it.

With their introspective view-point, introverts can radiate a quiet, mysterious type of charisma that is just as powerful as the explosive and outwardly radiant charisma of the extrovert. This is the type of charisma that tends to bring out the sentiment, “There’s something about you, but I can’t quite place it”.

How about a short list of charismatic introverts? Steve Jobs, Meryl Streep, Douglas McArthur, Steve Martin, Albert Einstein, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Clint Eastwood, David Letterman, General Colin Powell, and Mahatma Gandhi. Charismatic introverts can be found in any industry, including the notoriously extroverted performing arts field.

The incredible thing about these personalities is that they have such an incredible public presence. They can be highly inspirational and motivational. But they eventually retreat from the public eye to “recharge their batteries”. Instead of damaging their reputations, this withdrawal from public view serves only to enhance their mystique.

General Douglas McArthur was one very interesting introvert. As the general in charge of all military operations in the Pacific region during World War II, he was extremely confident in front of his troops. He was flamboyant, articulate, inspiring and motivating, with an almost spiritual belief that he could not be killed in battle. Yet, he floundered in social gatherings, eager to leave the party and retreat into solitude with books which he read as much as three a night.

As you may have guessed by now, I am an introvert.

I am also a performance artist and am quite a ham in front of an audience. I am absolutely comfortable with other people in a work and project environment and have great success in leading large teams. But put me in a purely social gathering and I feel like I’m in front of a firing squad. I would rather run into a stampede.

I have been in leadership roles all my life and succeeded without being extroverted and aggressive. What’s worse is that I have an aversion for conflict of any kind. Thus have the “quiet and mysterious” leaders fascinated me. I studied those leaders who could command with a look and move nations with a single word. I admire leaders who can diffuse tense situations with a single smile.

It had become obvious to me, after much study and observation that charisma does not come from outer appearances, nor from linguistics, but from an Energy that shines from within.

MacArthur and Patton, two of the most extraordinary generals from World War II, were affirmed actors who projected their powerful confidence and bravado in front of their troops. Patton practiced his “war face” in front of the mirror. MacArthur used his corncob pipe, riding crop and Shakespearean rhetoric to portray a devil-may-care attitude to warfare that inspired his troops. Both were flamboyant and defied the rules of military convention.

Leadership is all about inspiration and motivation.

And, as the charismatic leaders have shown, whatever you wish to project, you must first feel within.

To project fearlessness, you have to feel courageous. To inspire others, you must first be inspired. To motivate others, to must first be motivated. To attract others, you must feel attractive. It is the feeling that counts.

This has almost nothing to do with the external appearances. Everything we wear, or use, are just props. MacArthur’s pipe and riding crop would have looked foolish when used by someone other than MacArthur. Patton’s pistol revolvers with ivory grips would have looked silly by any lesser warrior. Clothes and props are just tools. They dress greatness and mock mediocrity.

Therefore, the worst thing an introvert can do is to do what an extrovert does. It does not benefit an introvert to play an extroverts game. We transmit our thoughts all the time and we, introverts especially, tend to do this subliminally. But with proper use of subliminal energy, we can influence others and drive lasting change quietly and stealthily. That is our modus operandi.

Introverts can be just as charismatic as extroverts, as long we stay true to our nature and do things our way. Extroverts radiate from the outside. That is their strength. Introverts radiate from inside. And that is where our true power comes from.

Charisma is within the purview of both the extrovert and the introvert. Its use and projection are just a matter of style.

Charismatic Presence – The Actor’s Secret – How to Mesmerize an Audience

Every time I think about powerful examples of charismatic presence, Sir Anthony Hopkins’s mesmerizing performance in Silence of the Lambs always comes to mind.

Who can forget the very first scene Hannibal “The Cannibal” Lecter appears? Portrayed as a sadistic and brutal killer, we expect a deranged unkempt psycho, flinging himself from wall to wall, growling at us like a wild animal.

But, to our surprise, we are confronted instead with a calm, well groomed and tidy personality, standing perfectly still and confident, in a relaxed and congenial manner with a welcoming smile on this face looking at us with a steady gaze. Yet, despite the façade of congeniality, we sense in that smile and steady gaze, a tiger stalking his victim.

And all of this comes through the silver screen without Sir Anthony Hopkins saying a single word!

What a fantastic entrance! It was the silent portrayal of the charismatic killer that loudly projected, “Beware, for danger lurks within beauty!”

What a genius performance! What a model of charismatic presentation!

While Sir Anthony Hopkins’s performance was indeed extraordinary, the technique he used to project such powerful charismatic radiation is very well known.

It is fondly known among actors as “The Method”.

Here is a definition from

Method acting is any of a family of techniques used by actors to create in them the thoughts and feelings of their characters, so as to develop lifelike performances. Though not all method actors use the same approach, the “method” in method acting usually refers to the practice, influenced by Constantin Stanislavski and created by Lee Strasberg, in which actors draw upon their own emotions and memories in their portrayals, aided by a set of exercises and practices including sense memory and affective memory.

It is clear that, to project and communicate emotions to the audience, actor’s employs thought to create powerful emotional fields that expand and project outward even through the lens of the camera!

It does not matter if the actual thought had anything to do with the dialogue. The actor radiates the emotions created by these thoughts just as he delivers his lines. It’s not the thoughts that matter as much as the emotions.

In a way, there is no “acting” involved. The simply thinks, and as the actor thinks, the movement and emotions follow without conscious control. The actor becomes the characters and behaves as the character would behave. In fact, the more unconscious the performance, the greater the effect.

This is the method taught in commercial acting.

For example, what if we were to do commercial for soap?

Any expert salesperson will tell you that when you sell soap, you don’t really sell soap. What you are really selling is the good feeling associated with soap – the pleasure of the soft texture of the soap on your skin, the fresh feeling after, the wonderful fragrance and especially, through the use of gorgeous models, the promise of beauty and…Ummm…sex!

In fact, during my training, sex thoughts were a strong source of powerful emotions. Just think of a favorite sexual thought and notice the increase in energy and radiance from your very being.

Sex is a powerful source of both physical and emotional energy, and is a very viable source of attractive charismatic radiation.

Many charismatic people unconsciously exude sex as they communicate which makes for a very strong magnetic attraction.

So how does sex work in selling soap? First, you bring up sexual thoughts which automatically affect your very physiology. Your pupils dilate and your voice gets real husky.

You look at the camera and say lines as if speaking to a lover. Try it! In privacy, tape yourself talking about cleaning the kitchen in a factual way. Then do the same thing, but this time in a highly sexual manner as if you were preparing the kitchen for a sexual encounter. Play the clips back. You will notice a HUGE difference.

That is what charismatic presence is all about.

We radiate our internal thoughts through our feelings. People don’t pick up on our thoughts. They pick up on our feelings and from those feelings, make an educated guess on our thoughts based on the other circumstances surrounding you at that time.

The quality of the thought matters. Whether thought is negative or positive determine whether you exude attractive positive emotion or repellant negative vibes.

There is a big difference in quality between a lover and letch.

It is through this emotional vibration that one influences another. The intensity of the emotions determines how powerfully your charismatic field affects others.
Thoughts are as individual as people are. But emotions are more basic, more formless, and more energetic. The range of emotions varies little from person to person and is independent of race, gender and culture.

By creating feelings within us, we are able to influence the feelings of others around us. And, for most of us as human beings, as we feel, so do we act.

Charismatic Presence – Can You Feel My Thoughts, Over?

Today we take wireless communication for granted. But in 1892, when Nikola Tesla demonstrated the existence of radio frequencies, communicating without wires must have seemed like a magician’s trick. Then on 1895, Marconi used this principle to create the first practical wireless system capable of communicating over long distances. That made the whole world a little bit smaller.

Radio signals are electromagnetic waves that travel at the speed of light. The distance the signal travels depends on the length of the antenna, and any conductor in these waves’ path will respond to it. How the signal is “understood”, however, depends on how it is processed.

I was looking at diagram of the human nervous system one day and I was struck by how similar the nervous system is to a transmitter / receiver system. The brain serves as both radio receiver and transmitter that transform thought into electrical impulses that can be transmitted through the spine and nerves which act as antennae.

All our nerves are actually biological electrical conductors that transmit electrical information from the brain to all the parts of our body. If they can conduct electricity, then they must also transmit and receive electromagnetic energy.

By design, we should be able to sense to each other thoughts and feelings through our nervous system.

Two questions arise. First, how would these bio-waves be transmitted? And second, why don’t we sense them?

Let us start with the facts.

Our bodies have built in electrical rhythms. The brain’s electrical rhythm ranges from as low as 3 Hertz (Hz, or cycles per second) when we are asleep to as high as 30 Hz when we are highly alert and focused.

Like sound waves, these frequencies are too low to be transmitted through radio type waves so, like the radio, a higher frequency “carrier” wave must be used and transmitted through our nervous system.

Radio wave frequencies range from 3,000 cycles per second (Hertz, Hz) to as high as 300,000,000,000 cycles per second.

It is apparent that thought frequencies cannot be detected by radio so the frequencies associated with thought waves must be beyond radio frequencies.

This is not at all beyond the range of science. After all, beyond radio waves are light waves with frequencies ranging from 400 THz to 800 THz (a Terahertz is 1 with 12 zeros after it). Thought exists beyond the visible and audible range so its frequency must be extremely fine.

Still, considering the fact that thought has a very fine frequency, well beyond radio range, thought must be easily transmittable.

That means, we transmit our thoughts all….the…time!

Then why can’t we sense each other’s thoughts?

That takes us back to the radio.

The radio antenna received all kinds of radio waves at different frequencies. The radio has to receive these radio waves and strip the information from the “carrier” wave by tuning into the particular frequency. Only then can the information that is imbedded within that frequency be interpreted and understood.

The same must be true for us. We must “tune” in to other people’s frequencies. Some people may be more adept at this than others. People of similar thoughts must automatically tune in to each other without realizing it. They refer to this state as being “in sync” and having “good vibes”. It is amazing how we intuitively know this.

Like the radio, our thoughts must also ride on a more powerful and easily transmittable carrier wave, one that is not as “noisy” and much finer.

In a previous post, I realized that thought and emotion went hand in hand. Positive thought creates positive emotion. Negative thought creates negative emotion. It is highly unusual that emotion creates thought without another causing it in the first place.

But most of us don’t sense thought. We more readily sense the emotional state of people. From this we infer what others are thinking. We don’t actually or hear thoughts but interpret them through our own internal filters from the incoming emotional Energy waves.

We sense the result of thought – Emotion!

Even then, we realized in a previous post that emotion is not energy, but an indicator of energy. So thought must trigger bioelectric energy that is transmitted through the antennae of our nervous system – the network of nerves.

The Energy we radiate is colored by the nature and intensity of our thoughts. We, therefore, do not sense thoughts, but we sense Energy, and from the Energy received, our brains (the hardware) and minds (the software) interpret the thought behind it.

And here lies the power of thought for influence and persuasion. The influencer creates the thought and attempts to communicate that thought to others verbally. But the real thought behind the communication creates the Energy that is transmitted and the receiver begins to sense truth or falsehood from the communicator.

While words can be manipulated, one’s feelings cannot. Thus, in a way, we broadcast our intentions all the time. And those who are adept at translating the ripples of Energy are able to tell the underlying motives of others. When what we say is not congruent with what we feel, others sense that conflict and tend to distrust the verbal communication.

The power of attraction lies in transmitting waves of emotion based energy that resonates with similar emotional states in others. Those in whom these waves resonate would be drawn to the transmitter.

In other words – Like Attracts Like!

Law of Attraction – The Compression of Time – Part III

Previous posts on the compression of time suggested two ideas:

First, the concentration of mass or energy can warp multi-dimensional space-time and bring two distant points or two or more conscious fields together such that the time to traverse space, or realize manifestation is reduced.

Second, that intention and the manifestation of that intention exist simultaneously like the archer and his target. The path between the intention and manifestation is time, and time is just an ingredient in the whole process of manifestation with its magnitude being dependent on the energy behind the intention.

This final post in this series investigates Energy. It attempts to answer the question, “What Energy needs to be supplied and concentrated to reduce the time between intention and manifestation?”

Looking at ourselves as multidimensional beings, there are various types of energy that we can draw from.

First, there is physical energy. This is energy based on material sources. To sustain our physical being, we depend on food, water and air. These chemical sources are transformed within the body into heat and mechanical energy. But concentration of such energy does not produce much of an effect on manifestation except to cause us to gain physical weight.

Second, there is thought. Thought can be thought of as both with and without form. We cannot touch thought, but we can form thought images and in that manner, thought has form. Thought is where mass and energy merge.

But is thought, itself, Energy? It can’t be seen, heard or touched by physical senses. But thought does exist and, therefore, must exist in a different form. The Law of Conservation of Mass and Energy, as well as Einstein’s equation E = mc^2, suggests that if thought is real, but not mass, then it has to be energy.

Our minds are a conglomeration of thought with as many as 60,000 thoughts in a single day. That means we have 60,000 opportunities for magnetic thought radiation. However, we never hold on to a thought for a sustained period of time, and thus, unlike a black hole, gain no power from it.

Then, there is emotion. This is where I have stumbled in the past, thinking of emotion as Energy. As I give this more thought, I find a problem with this. The problem is, you can’t increase or decrease emotion indefinitely. Not can you store it. There is a limit to how much emotion a person can experience. As a result, it must not be energy itself. Instead, it must be an indicator of Energy.

Emotion must be like a gas gauge with indicator in both positive and negative sides. There is a common “Empty” indicator but must also have “Full” indicators for both positive and negative poles. Emotion indicates if a person is aligned with Energy in either pole. It is like the timing in a car. If dialed in correctly, the car’s efficiency is high. If not aligned, efficiency is low.

We know from experience that emotion and thought are related. Positive thought produces positive emotions and negative thoughts produce negative emotions. Thought seems to be the catalyst for emotion. It is rare that emotion precedes thought.

Even then, thought energy is limited to our being and has very little power to move Creation in a grand way. There must be another source of Energy. In fact, there must be only one source of Energy and all other forms, especially the lower ones like our mental and physical energies are merely reflections of that Energy.

It is this Grand Energy that must move Creation and Manifestation.

Energy’s response to our lower level energy must be according to its intensity and clarity. The closest analogy I can find is that of the radio.

The radio’s manifestation of sound does not come directly from the signal received through its antenna. The signals received by the radio are extremely weak and when received, cannot be heard. They are, by themselves, quite powerless.

For us to actually hear these signals, the radio creates a larger copy of these tiny signals using a power source, electronics and speakers to a form that can be heard by the human ear.

Like the radio, Creation must use the clarity and intensity of our thoughts to manifest automatically using its own Energy. The clearer and more focused the pictures and feelings we provide, the easier the Manifestation becomes. The manifestation is not a matter of direct order but, like the radio, it simply follows the Law of Attraction.

The secret of compressing time, therefore, lies in our ability to concentrate our own thoughts in the direction of positive emotion. Unfortunately, concentration of thoughts in the direction of negative emotion also compresses time, but with negative results. It behooves us, as we achieve concentration, to focus on the positive instead of the negative.

Considering that we think 60,000 thoughts a day, the concentration on a single thought can increase our creative power by 6,000,000 percent! Thus, we gain the energy from this synergism of thought, just as the alignment of dipoles within a magnet creates its attractive magnetic field.

Our own magnetic power depends on the alignment and stability of our thoughts and our ability to focus only on what we want to manifest.

The process of manifestation, itself, is driven my Law. Putting our thoughts into driving manifestation is a waste of Energy.

This series of posts has brought about the following conclusion:

The Intention and its Manifestation occur simultaneously just as an archer and his target exist at the same time. The path between Intention and Manifestation is time. The time between Intention and Manifestation depends on the Energy behind the Intention and Energy is driven by the focus and intensity of the Intender.

Law of Attraction – The Compression of Time – Part II

In the last post, we established that one way to compress time in the physical universe is through the warping of space-time. In a universe of matter, the greater and denser the mass, the more space-time warps around it. As space-time warps, two points that are a large distance apart may move closer together resulting in the reduction of time it takes to traverse the distance between the two points.

If material space-time is warped by the concentration of mass such black holes, then a similar warpage must occur with the concentration of Energy in the formless planes. After all, Einstein has proven that mass and energy are one and same thing.

There has been a lot of discussion in metaphysics and New Age thought that time is purely a physical phenomenon. It is suggested that in the realms of thought, emotion and spirit, there is no such thing as time. Even among physicists, many question the existence of time in the material world.

Does the question of time come up at all in the higher dimensions? Does time actually exist? If it doesn’t exist, is time compression then, impossible? Or is it really just a matter of viewpoint?

The premise in creation with the Law of Attraction is that the cause and effect occur simultaneous and that it is only the existence of time in the physical plane that makes the effect follow the cause.

I always wondered what how this happens. In what way do cause and effect happen simultaneously?

Perhaps it is not that time does not exist, but that results are predictable. When results are predictable then the cause and the result exist simultaneously.

Take the analogy of an archer preparing to let launch an arrow towards a target. The archer sets the arrow in the bow and pulls back the bow string while aiming at a target. The archer’s aim sets the target while the tension in the bow provides the energy needed by the arrow to reach that target.

Once the arrow is released (intention), an outcome is assured. In other words, cause and effect occur simultaneously. The trajectory of the arrow and its final destination would be predictable by physical laws. The probability of hitting the bull’s-eye depends on the skill of the archer and the power of the bow. But once the arrow is launched, the archer has no more influence on the outcome.

The aim of the archer (the clarity of thought) and the tension of the bow (Energy) determine the curve the arrow will travel. Through the law of gravity, the laws of motion and aerodynamics, arrow will travel a certain path. The releasing of the bow (the intention) triggers the outcome (manifestation).

If the archer’s aim is poor (lack of thought clarity), the arrow will miss the target. However, the tension in the bow is also important. Too little tension (low emotional intensity) and the arrow may not have enough energy to reach the target. Either way, the result is predictable and dependent on the initial conditions – the aim and the tension of the bow.

The difference between the release of the arrow (the intention) and the arrival at the target (manifestation) is time.

So time must exist at the higher dimensions but must also be relative to our own timeframe. Perhaps, when metaphysics states that cause and effect appear simultaneously, it is not because time doesn’t exist, but that awareness at the higher dimensions allows cause and effect to be “visible” and “predictable”.

Einstein argued that time is relative. He didn’t argue that time did not exist. He argued that absolute time does not exist and that time is dependent on the timeframe of the observer.

So, if space-time is warped by the concentration of mass, then there must be a similar mechanism in the higher planes of creation. In these planes, form will disappear. Therefore, if form and Energy are similar, then the lack of form must mean an abundance of Energy.

If mass and energy are the same, then concentration of energy then must warp space-time as well.

But there is another aspect of time that can’t be ignored. Looking again at the physical model, black holes just don’t happen. The power and the concentration of black holes occur over time as the concentration of mass pulls in more mass. The greater the mass accumulated, the greater the gravitational field and more mass is pulled into the black hole.

Over time, the power of the black hole increases exponentially. The same must be true for the concentration of Energy.

So how would the archer change the time between the release of the arrow and contact with the target?

One way would be to increase the tension of the bow. The more precise approach would be to increase the energy applied to the arrow. If the archer changes the bow’s design to use steel, the amount of energy stored in the bow would increase dramatically and the speed of the arrow would increase. With the increased speed, the time to target is decreased. If the approach is changed to that using gun powder, another step increase in speed is achieved and the contact is achieved sooner.

Another way is to use the same bow, but move the target closer. This is similar to the warping of space-time. Change the environment conditions such that the target and the bow approach each other.

In both cases above, the common source is increased energy. It is very likely that with increased energy, both results above will exist.

This material analogy brings the next step in the compression of time – the concentration of Energy. The question becomes – “What Energy needs to be concentrated for manifestation time to be compressed?”

Law of Attraction: The Compression of Time – Part I

I always advise patience when it comes to manifesting through the Law of Attraction. But, actually, I am no different from anybody else. If I could, I would find some way to manifest quicker. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if the Aladdin’s Lamp actually existed? Make a wish and a booming bass voice says, “You’re wish is my command!” (Echo…Echo..)

Is it possible to make manifestation happen quicker? And if so, what is the process?

Sometimes, once a thought is born in my mind, it has to move to its completion without letting my mind rest.

This happened to be one of those thoughts.

And it started with Einstein.

Einstein proved that space (the three spatial dimensions) and time are interlaced. In the simplest of terms, it simply means is that you can’t be in two places at the same time.

So space engineers have a daunting problem in trying to reach the next galaxy, Alpha Centauri, which is 4.4 light years away. That means it takes almost four and a half years to get there at the speed of light. According to, it will take a Space Shuttle 165,000 years to get there. Does that mean that we will never ever get to Alpha Centauri? Are we doomed to stay within the confines of our limited real estate within our Solar Syste
Well, let’s not be too hasty!

Einstein also proved that all mass warps space-time. It’s like putting a bowling ball on top of your mattress. The bowling ball warps the mattress. The heavier the bowling ball, the more the mattress warps.

Now keep the bowling ball the same size but increase its mass. In other words, use a bowling ball with much denser material like lead. The mattress now begins to warp so much that it bends and wraps around the bowling ball until the ends of the mattress touch.

If there was a gerbil standing on one end of the mattress, it could merely step onto the other end of the mattress without any effort at all. The gerbil just traveled the whole length of the mattress in a single step!

Space-time can be warped, but it requires an enormous amount of energy provided by a very large mass.

So, if physical space-time can be warped, can’t metaphysical space-time be warped as well? In other words, can we warp our metaphysical space-time continuum so that we can touch our goals without moving a single step? If the physical world is an imperfect model of the finer dimensions, shouldn’t higher dimension space-time warping exist as well?

Which brought up another question in my mind – is there such a thing as time in the Higher Dimensions? That’s a question for future investigation.

This is intriguing. There is a name for instantaneous manifestation – miracles! If we accept that some enlightened individuals can perform miracles, have they been able to tap into an immense energy source so that they manifest merely by bending the multidimensional space-time continuum?

If even one person can do it, then the principle must be sound, and others must be able to do it as well!

The most massive things in the physical universe are black holes yet they occupy very little space (comparatively speaking). They are the ultimate in attraction force in the physical universe.

The space around them warps so much that anything that “falls” into their funnel can’t get out, even light. Since light can’t escape, there is no light to communicate to others outside what the black hole looks like. That is an incredibly strong attractive force.

When two black holes warp space, their “warp funnels” may connect allowing two points in space that are far apart to be merely a step apart. Scientists call this a “wormhole”, a shortcut through space-time.

The key thing about black holes is their density. In black holes, the space between atoms, especially the neutrons, have been removed, concentrating all of these basic particles of matter into a tiny amount of space. When you think about the size and mass of the sun and remove all the space between its neutron, protons and electrons, you get an object a fraction of the sun’s size of a thimble but with the same mass and gravitational power.

Black holes are a concentration of mass-energy.

When it comes to the realm of manifestation, mass does not matter. Einstein also proved that mass and energy are one and the same thing. A thimble full of mass results in an incredible amount of energy. That energy, when controlled, powers cities for ages. Uncontrolled, it can be released in a millisecond in a powerful destructive city-leveling explosion.

In the higher realms, we must be dealing with the concentration of pure Energy.

So if space-time warping occurs at the physical level, then it must also happen to a much greater degree at the higher dimensions. It must be then be possible to warp the multi-dimensional space-time to bring the ingredients of a goal together for manifestation.

As we delve further into this, we must enter the realm of miracles.

Law of Attraction – How Manifestation May Look Like As Seen From Above

I always wondered what creation would look like when seen from above. So I decided to give it a lot of thought.

I lay down, closed my eyes and let my imagination fly free searching for the answers to that very question. I started from a single known thought and just watched and listened. That’s when my imagination took me to something truly amazing.

I started by looking at the physical body as a mere grain of sand. From a high vantage point, our world must look like beach full of individual grains of sand, each one aware only of other grains in its immediate vicinity and completely unaware that there are worlds beyond our own little cubic centimeter of space.

Then I saw that each grain was covered in a large drop of viscous gel. This was the grain’s thought or mental body. It was free to flow and easily merged with the coating of other drops of similar type and consistency. These outer coatings sparkled with flashes of light that were the constant parade of human thoughts.

Each sparkle was a flash of thought with its brightness or dullness dependent on whether the thought was of positive or negative quality. This coating of thought comprised mostly of energy but still had some form that extended from the sand grain into the space surrounding it. As it took space, it easily merged with those of other grains with like density and consistency.

Beyond the gel coating were even larger coats that varied in consistency from a free-flowing liquid, to an even finer gas field graduating to an immense field of pure Energy. The finer the coating, the more space it took. As the formless auras of these grains of sand met each other, they simply merged into a single formless field.

Ultimately, all consciousness merged into a single Mind.

We are the Universe!

It is within this merged aura of Energy that a grain from one end of the beach communicates with sand grains in the other end of the beach. While they are individually one, at the higher vantage point, they are the same.

As above, so below.

I see the whole Creation as a glowing mass of fluid with finer densities on the outside, coating a colloidal suspension of sand particles moving around in gobs of gel like a complex and variegated lava lamp, always in motion, moving without my having to lift a single finger.

From the viewpoint of the grains of sand, things are happening in random; but not from my high vantage point.

From when I am, I see some grains of sand with outer gel coverings that glow brightly. Most of the grains merely sparkle with the flashing of thought. The glowing ones are those with unified, purposeful thought and feeling. Their alignment of thought and feeling creates a powerful magnetic field around them. The more unified and focused the thought, the more powerful the magnetic field.

These points of high magnetic energy cause ripples in the colloidal suspension just as the formation of a bubble would in a pond. As these ripples expand through regions of finer densities, the power of their waves increase in response, driving movement within the suspension.

Therefore, the few glowing particles move creation, while the others merely follow the currents that form.

The glowing particles don’t need to consciously form the currents of creation. They merely glow and the currents respond, just as candle flame causes air currents to move from hot areas to cold areas. The movement is driven by Law.

The movement of current is being driven by the individual and collective power of these glowing particles. In a Universe of attraction, there is a tendency for particles of like nature and energy to attract, resulting in the arrangement of the Universe with glowing particles conglomerating, surrounded by the typical sparkling particles.

Since all particles are merged at the higher finer densities, there is automatic communication between all particles such that proximity matters not. Movement towards likeness always occurs.

This brings me back to my observations from the top. If I were the Grand One watching the Universe, I would not have to do a thing, because each person’s inner thought and desire already create movement towards fulfillment. The probability of manifestation fulfillment depends on their alignment and strength of desire.

Since the Grand One and the sand particles are really one identity, it is like being the observer and the player at the same time.

The sand particle, being immersed in the current is unaware of its movement. Still, its Energy not only affects those around it, but also, the entire creation.

Is this really what happens?

All I know is that this can easily describe the physics of magnetic particles or varying strengths suspended in a mixture of viscous fluids. If the physical laws are indeed reflections of the greater laws, then what I imagined is how a limited mind like mine would perceive the mechanics of higher Law.

Regardless of how it truly looks, the point is that we are the drivers of our destiny, and that success of that drive depends on how aligned and focused we are.