Charismatic Presentation – The Concentrating Power of Life’s Flux-Capacitor

In the movie “Back to the Future”, the scientific genius, Dr. Brown, finds a way to go back and forth in time using a device he invented called – the Flux Capacitor!

Of course, such a device is completely fictional! It doesn’t exist!

Or does it? (Kidding!)

But creative minds will probably find a way to explain how this Flux Capacitor works….

Okay, here it goes…

In engineering, flux is the amount of flow though a given area. The greater the flux, the greater the power.

A capacitor is any device, electronic or mechanical, that stores energy. The more energy the device can store, the greater the power it can discharge over a short period of time.

What do these things have to do with Charismatic Presence and Personal Magnetism?

In magnetics, the force of a magnet depends on its flux density (that’s a REAL term). What this means is that more and more lines of force are crammed into a fixed area. To bring it down to an even simpler concept – the more concentrated the magnetic lines over an area, the stronger the force.

The secret to strong magnetism, therefore, is to concentrate the power of magnetism.

The human magnet therefore, like the physical magnet, becomes more magnetic when magnetic potential is concentrated. That means, when the focus of body, mind and emotions are focused onto one goal or manifestation, a person’s ability to influence and attract increases geometrically.

This takes a lot of introspection and mental training.

We are typically unaware of how scattered our thoughts and emotions are. That is, until we try to consciously focus on one, and only one, idea or thought. When we do that, we realize that after a few seconds, our minds drift on to other thoughts. It can’t keep still. I have read that we think around 60,000 thoughts in a day.

That means our magnetic energy is diminished to only 1/60,000th of its potential power!

That’s a HUGE loss! It’s like driving a sports car with a large leak in the engine cylinders. You step on the gas and the engine goes…whuuuh?

It’s no wonder that anyone who can concentrate on a single subject can achieve incredible things!

So where does the Capacitor part come in? In the “real” world, a capacitor in the flow circuit slows down the build-up of power as it stores incoming energy but it can discharge the power in a short period of time in a huge burst. That’s how the spark plug in our cars works.

How does that help the human magnet? Here’s the creative mind at work again. We have the ability to store magnetic energy. We can build it up slowly through breathing and concentration and store it in nerve bundles within our physical body. Then when we need it, we direct the energy towards our objects of influence in a short period of time through a powerful surge of Energy and blast it into the Universe.

Does a Flux-Capacitor really exist?


But the principles behind Flux and Capacitors are real and practical. These exist in inanimate matter and in humans, and by extrapolation, must exist as well in the Higher Dimensions.

These boil down to the increase and storage of Energy through the use of mental and emotional concentration and directing it to our goal using the power of our mind.

This requires the development of concentration and imagination.

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