Charismatic Presence – The Fellowship of the Ice Cube

At the heart of Charismatic Presence is the premise that we are multi-dimensional beings. Because of its invisible radiation, charismatic radiation, communication and connector must occur at the higher dimensions.

Imagine two ice cubes sitting side by side, about an inch apart, on a warm day.

Both have a solid form and are “aware” of each other through their proximity. If they had eyes and ears, they would be able to see and hear each other and, maybe, even touch.

The higher energy from the atmosphere creates a sheen of liquid water around the ice cubes. This water is liquid and does not have a firm shape. Water from both ice cubes melt to the ground forming a single puddle between them. Within this puddle, the individuality of each ice cubes merges into one.

But things don’t stop there. Around both ice cubes is a single atmosphere of air that contains molecules of water. This water vapor not only includes water from the atmosphere and other water sources, but also molecules from both ice cubes.

So the solid ice cube, water and water vapor all exist simultaneously. The ice cubes’ deep connection to each other occurs in the liquid vapor. But in its higher gas phase, formless state, the ice cubes merge not only with each other, but with all other water molecules in the Universe. In the gaseous state, it impossible to tell where the molecules of water have come from.

The greatest connection to all other water entities occurs when the water is at its higher energy, formless state. The less form there is, the greater and more fluid the Energy.

This model, which is the imperfect reflection of the higher physical forms, offers a highly simplified description of how the multi-dimensional human communicates with everything and everyone in the Universe.

In our physical state (the ice cube), we are limited to awareness of whatever is in our proximity. Our more fluid thoughts (liquid water) can reach out and touch others of similar thought. Our emotions and spirit, formless in nature (water vapor) is not limited by shape or proximity and connects easily, not only others in our proximity, but with all other entities and the Universe itself.

The premise, therefore, is that the power of Charismatic Presence lies in the higher dimensions. Charisma radiating from thought is more powerful than that radiating from linguistics and body language. Charisma radiating from emotion is even more powerful. And the one radiation from the spirit is one that is in direct communication with the Universe and is the most powerful of all.

Charisma radiating from higher dimensions would automatically influence the radiation from lower dimensions. This is charisma radiation “from within”.

The secret is in learning how to tap into that Energy.

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