Charismatic Presence – Tapping Into the Power of Universe

Influence and attraction are manifestations of power. And power is a function of Energy. The more Energy one can draw from, the more power one has for influence and attraction.

In this world, there is one true thing about energy. Energy flows from high to low. Water flows downhill. Wind blows from high pressure to low pressure. Current flows from high voltage to ground.

Extrapolating this principle to the higher dimensions, it must also be true that Energy must flow down to us from the much more energetic Higher Dimensions.

So how come we don’t feel it?

When we want to run a flashlight, we need a battery. If we want the flashlight to shine brighter, we add more batteries, or use higher voltage batteries, to increase the flow of current to the bulb filament for it to glow brighter.

What if life were the same? What if each dimension was like a battery of exponentially increasing potential. That is, the mental power source is greater than the physical, the emotional source significantly greater than the mental, and the spiritual source infinitely more powerful than the rest.

If we installed a D-cell battery, a 6-volt battery and a 12-volt car battery end-to-end to a light bulb, and connect the other end of the light bulb to ground, the bulb would glow to a brightness commensurate with combined power of all of these batteries.

But, what if we installed the 6-volt battery backwards? Since the 12-volt and D cell batteries are still correctly installed, their combined energy, being greater than the 6-volt battery, would still supply current to the light bulb. But the bulb’s brightness would be significantly reduced.

Now what if we reverse the direction of the 12-volt battery as well? With the majority of the current now flowing away from the light into ground, the light bulb will fail to glow.

Is this how the flow of life current is but in a much more complicated way?

Perhaps physical, mental, emotional and spiritual energies are connected in a single power circuit connecting the Highest Dimension to the physical. Perhaps this is how we are always connected to the Source. Then the flow of Energy will always be there, but dependent on the polarity of the Energy source.

For example, let’s talk about success. Success is different for each person, although the world loves to put a standard to it. A tycoon’s version of success differs from the street artist. When the one tries to succeed in the other’s field, the misalignment in polarity cuts the flow of energy resulting in failure and stress.

I know no one better than myself so I offer myself as an example.

The physical body is attuned to a certain polarity for individual success. At 5’7” tall and would never succeed in the NBA even if I was any good in basketball (which I’m not). So my physical battery is misaligned for sports but offers no resistance whatsoever to a research and writing career.

Now, go to the mental field. I have a knack for concepts and ideas but I lose track of details. When I’m focused on theories, ideas, concepts and puzzle solving, my ideas and energy flow. I am at my very best. But when I am put in a position of managing money, schedules and people with emphasis on details, my energy falters, and I get tired and fatigued. Not only do I tire and fatigue easily, I tend to do a terrible job.

Rise to the emotional field. There is no form to speak of and the effects of emotional polarity can apply to anyone. When people feel good, positive energy flow they are at their best. When people feel bad, energy flows away from them they are at their worst. The power of the emotional battery is enormous and is the hardest to align. Can you remember a time when you felt incredibly bad? Can you remember how hard it was to feel happy then?

Unfortunately, it seems to be easier to flip from happy to sad than to flip from sad to happy. With the power of this particular Energy, being able to create and maintain a positive emotional level goes a long way in both influence and manifestation. It is also the dimension that offers the strongest connection to other people.

Enter the realm of spirit. Unfortunately, I don’t think I have a good analogy for this. To me, it must be like being immersed in a pool full of energized water. This would be a region beyond thought and feeling so, being a creature dominated by thought and feeling, I can only intellectualize this state. I can only extrapolate that rising from the positive emotional field to this must be an indescribable orgasmic experience.

Since Energy flows from the Highest Source to the lowest, being able to align the Highest Energies to our goal provided the power to overcome reverse polarities in the physical and mental fields. That’s why the emotions are so important. Sales people know this! Strong emotions will overcome logic in human interaction.

What does this say?

This means that we are already connected to an immense power source. The problem does not lie in being connected. The problem lies in our misalignment to it.

We misalign in thoughts and emotions. These misalignments are thoughts and emotions that are opposite in polarity to what we want. We want to succeed but we think we can’t. We want to have a house but we feel like we are not worthy. We are extremely complex beings whose physicality is merely the tip of an upside-down, infinitely huge, iceberg!

But that does not mean access to power is not accessible. The power needed for influence and manifestation must only be a miniscule fraction of the available energy. After all, other people have done it and, in the grand scheme of things, there is hardly any difference from one person to another. When looking down from the Higher Dimensions, Bill Gates and I probably don’t look much different from each other.

The secret is in allowing and alignment. And for that, we need the tools of mental and emotional disciplines to achieve our goals.

Foremost among these tools is meditation.

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