Charismatic Presence – The Radiation of Genius

The goal of this and subsequent posts is to investigate a particularly interesting personal ability. This is the ability of one to influence others without saying a single word. It is influencing by mere presence. For this investigation, I shall call it the Charismatic Presence.

I have encountered this from some “special” people. I call special only because only a few seem to exhibit this Presence while being unaware of it. Physically, there is nothing special about them. They look and sound just like everyone else. They range from short to tall, from thin to large. They come independent of race or gender. Some are healthy and some are physically infirm. In other words, there is nothing physical about them that you can identify as the source of their particular magnetism.

The company I once worked in produced tanks for the Navy. One day, Navy engineers visited for a design review and a tour of the facility. The Navy group was divided into two groups and I was given responsibility one for during the plant tour.

Halfway through the tour, the two groups converged in one assembly area. Around that same time, my boss showed up and shook the hands of the people in the other group.

That’s when someone in my group said something that just floored me.

He looked at my boss and commented to me, “Now that’s a genius!”

I was shocked! I knew that. But how did he, without even as much as a handshake?

There was a reason why my boss was boss. He was, and still is, a very creative engineer who could invent a new valve on the back of a napkin while having lunch, with only seconds to come up with a design. He was self-taught in many analytical software packages and is a brilliant presenter. He comes up with solutions to problems within minutes of learning the problems to the amazement of those around him.

He has been considered as a genius, not only within the company, but also among the customers who use his designs. It is an accolade that he is completely aware of and is comfortable accepting. His genius is apparent as he talks about his designs.

Yet, one person who has never met or spoken to him before, immediately senses him as a genius.

Considering the fact that he does not look like Einstein, and wore the same type of shirt and tie we all did, how did he get singled out as a genius?

Perhaps part of that may be the title of “genius”. Everyone is a genius is one thing or another. The only thing is that a few may have had the good fortune or drive to actually work in their field of genius. The feeling of prestige from being considered a genius must radiate out to others.

This particular radiation must be sensed by something other than our eyes and ears.

His case in not the only one I have encountered. I have encountered others who projected powerful magnetism upon entering a room. Most of these people, though not all, are in positions of authority, not by decree, but by personal achievement. I believe that this self-made achievement is also a factor.

I encounter such individuals now as I watch their videos online. This type of radiation is so strong that it even comes through digital media.

This has convinced me that such magnetism and influence exist and that there is a science behind it. If one person can create charisma, then so can others. Charismatic Presence is not a physical condition but must emanate, radiate, from the higher dimensions of our being. The search for it must, therefore, transcend the physical.

Being unable to see and touch the metaphysical, I can only infer from the physical models. The laws of nature are the imperfect reflections of the greater laws of mind, emotion and spirit. And from observation of physical mechanisms, we can learn how to use the metaphysical mechanisms.

From the charismatic presence of matter, we can learn the Charismatic Presence of humans.

In the next post, I will touch on the models of the magnetism and vibration the combination of which result in attraction and influence.

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