Law of Attraction Testimonial – A Rendezvous With The Dance

In the performing arts, I began as a dancer. Even as the years have degraded my ability to perform, it had not diminished my desire and ability to create. Give me the music and the dance appears immediately in my mind. The work of choreography had been one my greatest joys.

It was the year 2003. I found myself in an engineering position in the East coast that was not very much fun.

At the same time, I became part of a very small church which gave me a chance to perform once more as a singer.

The thing about the performing arts bug is that, when it bites, it infects you dramatically (pun intended). I began to sing again, and write songs again. But I missed the stage.

I wanted to create.

I wanted to choreograph.

I knew at this point that if I could make anything real in my mind, I could make it happen. What separates the fantasy from the manifestation is the intent to make something happen. Otherwise, it is nothing more than a vivid daydream.

No! It was my intention to re-enter the theatrical world and create once more.

The only problem was, I didn’t know how to make this happen. I had no connections with any theatrical group. I didn’t even know where they were. By this time, this did not bother me. I had already seen my desires come to fruition in ways I could not have imagined, nor controlled. All I needed to do was to intend and to imagine the intention fulfilled.

That was easy. I simply play music, close my eyes and experience the choreography in my mind.

That’s a funny thing about imagination. You have the freedom to imagine anything, but the only imaginings you can do easily, are those that are aligned with your true desires. I could easily imagine an enjoyable and satisfying choreography session, but I sweat at trying to imagine myself playing in a football game. The former is easy, fun, as simple as taking a step. The latter is WORK!

There was always a social gathering after church. I was with a group of men, chatting about something which I can no longer remember. At a certain point, one of the gentlemen proudly announced that his son got the lead role in a high school’s production of the musical “Bye Bye Birdie”.

Then he mentioned the high school was in desperate need of a choreographer!

My body gives me a signal whenever I come across the right answer for a problem. It is a quiver. Even though I look relaxed outside, I quiver and shake within. It’s like a wild vibration that only I can hear or sense.

Needless to say, I informed this gentleman that I was a choreographer and I offered my credentials from years past. He brought that list to the show’s director and I was requested to come in for an interview “audition”.

I knew I was going to get the job. Whenever the quiver comes, things always turn out right.

I came in the middle of the production so I had very little time. But the work was right and the dance came to me whenever I heard the music.
The work was successful and the choreography was noted in the newspapers.

The school was happy enough to have me back for the next year and planned a production that would utilize even more dramatic choreography.

Unfortunately for the school, but fortunately for me, I was on my way back to the West coast.

As has been my experience with achieving my desires, it was not important to know how to make something happen. Plans are fine, but attachment to a single and very specific plan closes the door to other easier ways to get what you want.

It’s like a comparing the ability of a kindergarten student to a rocket scientist on ways to get to the moon. One can cut out paper rockets and stay firmly on the ground. The other can get to the moon in a hundred different ways.

So plan your trip and take your first step. But trust in the Universe to get you there.

As a postscript, there was something else of note that happened during that production.

I was struggling with the choreography at one point. There was something that was not working and I couldn’t quite put a handle on it.
During one rehearsal, one student’s mother was watching and told me that the energy seemed a bit low. She told me how one choreographer used to give the cast exercises in the beginning to get them going.

That brought me back to another time when one stage director told a cast that their actions had to be large on stage to be seen by the audience.
The quiver hit me again. I knew what I had to do. I realized what the problem was.

The next rehearsal, I “commandeered” the stage from the director and musical director. I had the entire cast on stage and had them copy me as I danced to some simple steps. With each step, I made the movements bigger and bigger, wilder, more and more energetic. By the time we were done, they were hyped up, breathless, and excited! They got the idea. Make the movements big, increase the energy, and even the simple steps excite the audience. It wasn’t the steps that made a difference. It was their attitude of fun!

What’s the point? The answers to your questions often come from others around you. The direction you have to go is shown to you by others. The Universe speaks to you though people, circumstances and intuition. That’s why humility is so important. It makes you open to receive.

All you have to do…is see…and listen.

3 thoughts on “Law of Attraction Testimonial – A Rendezvous With The Dance

  1. evelyn2012 says:

    Hi! I’m glad to read this. It’s wonderful to find likeminded people. The law of attraction requires an effort to use when you are a newbie, but then it works! 🙂

  2. evelyn2012 says:

    Hello! It’s wonderful to find likeminded people. The law of attraction requires an effort to use when you are a newbie, but then it works! 🙂

    • Arturo says:

      Hi evelyn2012 – Yes I am indeed on the same wavelength as you are. I have visited your blog as well and I find it very inspiring especially since it is coming from a very personal level. I would certainly recommend your blog to those who have been introduced to “The Secret”. The movie is a great starting point, but is still that, a starting point. Many can learn from you.

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