The Law of Attraction – Testimonial – Imagineering Disneyland

I have studied the thoughts of both supporters and detractors of the Law of Attraction. Of course, everyone is entitled to their own opinion and I have no desire whatsoever to argue. I am no preacher, or missionary. I’m simply a person who likes to know how things work, then use that knowledge to make my life better.

I have been the recipient of both positive and negative results of the Law of Attraction which has led to a deeper understanding of the Law.

In this and upcoming posts, I have decided to share the stories of such manifestations, not to teach, preach or shove things down your throat but, maybe, it may inspire you to keep a positive outlook in life. With all the negativity in media, keeping positive can be very hard indeed.

These happened to me in accordance to my own thoughts and beliefs. You will have your own results depending on the make-up of your own mind.

The first thing that always comes to mind when I think of the Law of Attraction is Disneyland.

Disneyland in California is my family’s favorite vacation spot. However, now that we live a thousand miles away, getting to Disneyland is an expensive matter, especially when there are bills to pay and we only have one income source. There was no extra money for vacations.

But I kept getting pummeled from spouse and kids alike for a trip to Disneyland.

I had come across “The Secret” at that time and I found myself relating to the part where we tend to say, “I can’t afford it!” all the time. At that particular time, that was a very true and real statement.

So I decided to change my mind. I kept everything to myself (something which is extremely important!) I merely worked things out in my head. No one had any inkling I was considering it. In fact, because I said nothing, that usually meant “No”!

I went into my imagination daily. I experienced the whole trip. It began with packing the bags, including my obsessive routine with checklists. I visualized driving down our driveway and taking one look back at the house. Then there was the plane trip, the hotel and finally…..Disneyland.
I decided not just to see and hear the trip but to experience the joy of Disneyland. I experience the smiles and my kids laughing and enjoying the rides. I even brought in the hot sun and the joy of drinking ice-cold water while resting our tired feet in the shade. I even included the exhaustion at the end of the day. That was part of Disneyland. You can’t spend a whole day in the park and not get tired. It was a good kind of tired. That made it just as real.

And I added one more feeling – the feeling that the money for the trip did NOT affect my savings account at all. In other words, the money for the trip would come from outside my normal take home pay. It was a relaxed feeling, as if someone else were paying for the trip.

Because I actually had money in my savings account for the trip, I felt no anxiety. I just didn’t want to touch that money. It’s actually quite hard to build up a savings account on a single income basis and blow it in an expensive vacation.

As I continued this “fantasy”, I intended for it to come true, while not being attached to a specific way of it coming to fruition.

I actually had no idea how to make it happen. The hardest part of the whole process was to throw that thought away.

Even then, I was the mind engineer. For me to move in one direction, I knew I had to remove all friction and all opposing forces. Saying, “yes, I go” while simultaneously saying “but, I don’t know how..” creates a resistive force that prevents forward motion. The thought of “how” just had to go!
I was looking towards having the trip during the summer.

My past experience with the Law of Attraction is that solutions usually pop up in unexpected ways.

I made the decision for Disneyland in January. I found a vacation package which included a special plane fare in which the kids flew free! That came out to $2500. Sounds low now, but it was a special package and that was back in the 2005 timeframe when the kids were less than 10 years old.
Around the April – May time frame, something happened.

At work, I was given two awards in recognition for jobs well done. Because of the level of economic prosperity at time, these awards included cash prizes. The total cash prize came out to something like $1500!

At that same time, I received a tax refund of about $1000. The combined total was exactly what I needed for the Disneyland trip.
Only when these monies appeared did I reveal to the family that we would be taking a trip to Disneyland. At no time did I bring up the Law of Attraction. This is a personal thing. It was between me and the Universe, and now I share it with you.

As I look back at the supporters and detractors of the Law of Attraction, and my own studies into the religions of the word, it became apparent to me that the most difficult thing for people is to detach themselves from a specific outcome.

People want a certain something in a certain way and they make specific plans and work those plans with great intensity. That’s because we are told that the harder you work, the more likely you are to achieve your goals. Fun is not part of the picture. The problem comes up when the goal is so specific that only one prize is available to meet the desires of many.

By being too specific, we close our eyes to the potential for other emotionally satisfying ways to achieve our goals.

Yes, it took a few months for the money to appear but (1) I didn’t have to “make” it happen and (2) August was a great month for visiting Disneyland.

I would consider that highly satisfying!

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