Breathing In Magnetic Energy

A lot of seemingly complicated things often boil down to a very simple principles.

This is true of many engineering disciplines. As a specialist in electromagnetic devices, I often resort to simple analogy to explain complicated magnetic principles. To mechanical engineers, I use water flow. For electrical engineers, I use current. To musicians, I use the vibration of sound.

I have researched the principles of metaphysical energy for decades ever since I first learned about the power of breathing to control weight. My first exposure to it was though Yoga. But I also researched Tai Chi, the related Chi Gung, and the surprisingly similar Nerve Force breathing.

I later realized that breathing energy has metaphysical as well as physical benefits.

Over the years, I have found other teachers who preach their own kind of breathing for purposes of health as well and for power.

While these techniques are presented as being unique, I find they all boil down to a single, common principle. The rest are variations to suit a particular application or purpose…or business.

The principle is simple:

Air contains not only the oxygen we need, but a metaphysical energy called Chi, or Prana, or Nerve Force, that vitalizes our bodies, emotions and minds, through nerve centers called Chakras. Through deep, slow, rhythmic breathing, we absorb this energy and exhale old, stale, negative energy, thereby revitalizing our physical apparatus. The rhythm is slow, with the exhalation longer than the inhalation. The energy responds to our attention. The center where we place our attention, retains the energy.

I have theorized earlier that our physical and metaphysical bodies must breathe in parallel. While our physical bodies absorb the oxygen, our metaphysical bodies absorb the Chi. Through the connections between our metaphysical and physical bodies, our physical bodies benefit from the infusion of such energy.

Because the metaphysical energy flows through the connections between the metaphysical body and physical body, it not only revitalizes the physical body, but also creates the awareness of the metaphysical body. This allowed the Yoga and Chi Gung masters to feel the chi flow, and raise themselves spiritually. The martial artists strengthened their ability to project their more pliable metaphysical bodies to influence their opponents. The visionaries were able to project their metaphyical bodes as well to influence others.

The energy responds to attention. And, attention is guided through the imagination. By visualizing energy flowing in with each breath and directed towards an energy center, we are able to store energy for our use. The location in our body which can hold the most energy is located between the navel and the genitals.

Most people breathe shallow, through the chest, resulting in practically no accumulation of energy. The more energetic people breathe through the diaphragm, like a child, moving the energy towards the navel.

So breathe low and slow, like a child, in rhythmic play, relaxed and imaginative, bringing in the positive energy and expelling the old. All other techniques are just variations of a theme.

Focus your imagination. Imagination is the guiding software tool of the metaphysical and physical bodies. Whatever you entertain in your imagination is energized by emotion which, in turn, is strengthened by the Chi.

Through your imagination, move the energy where you want it. It goes where your attention goes. That is why whatever you give your attention to develops. What you take your attention away from decays. Keep you mind on your goal and energize it with energy. High energy produces high positive emotion. Low energy causes depression.

Energy accumulation, therefore, is as much a mental exercise as it is physical. This is where the metaphysical and the physical come together. This is where people of strong will succeed. It is a matter of strong mental focus combined with breathing.

Take the time to breathe consciously. Do it for only a short time in the beginning to allow your body to get used to it. Don’t shock your system.

Maintain a slow rhythm. Exhale longer then the inhalation while keeping the exhalation relaxed. Don’t breathe too fast as you can hyperventilate. That is hazardous to your health. Treat it like a preparation for a marathon. Increase your power little by little. Take on too much and your body is likely to buckle under the strain. Be patient.

Relaxation during breathing is extremely important. Never force your breath into an unnatural rhythm.

I can’t emphasize enough to go slow. In engineering, we never like to shock a system. Any sudden and drastic change is a shock. Give the system time to acclimate.

For more information on breath energy, I encourage you to look into Chi Gung (Also spelled Qi Gung, and Chi Kung) as well as the breathing techniques of Yoga.


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