How To Build Charismatic Energy for Personal Magnetism

Charismatic radiation is a by-product of internal energy. Like a piece of iron that glows white-hot after absorbing heat from a furnace, so must a person “glow” after absorbing copious amounts of Energy.

It’s the type of Energy that matters. Physical energy, the one derived from the chemical reaction of food and air doesn’t bring about charismatic radiation. It sustains our bodies, but trying to absorb increased amounts of physical energy just causes storage of additional physical mass. Nothing more.

So where does this truly attractive energy come from?

It is apparent that charismatic energy is not from a physical source. Hence, the only other source must be non-physical, especially since charismatic radiation is not sensed through our physical apparatus.

As multidimensional beings, our physical bodies are modeled against other more refined and more energetic bodies. These are bodies that may not exist in the same space-time dimension as our physical bodies, yet have a direct connection to it. These connection points are the conduits through which Energy flows from these refined dimensions to our physical one.

If our physical being draws physical energy from food and air, then our greater bodies, must draw a parallel process of energy. But because our ethereal bodies and our physical ones are connected, we also receive this metaphysical Energy.

The most important energy source for our bodies is air. Without it, we die in a matter of seconds. Our ethereal bodies must have a similar type of “air” to gain energy.

As we breathe in air, so our ethereal bodies must simultaneously “breathe” in an ethereal “air”. A study of the Yoga, Chi Gung and Thought Science offer a singular source though being given different names – Prana, Chi and Nerve Force. As we breath in air to sustain our physical bodies, our ethereal bodies must, simultaneously, breathe in Chi!

We generate and collect charismatic Energy through breathing! We just don’t realize what we are doing and fail to consciously accumulate such Energy. We breathe it in, and we breathe it out, accumulating practically nothing.

In engineering, there is a basic process for everything. But from the basic process, there are specific process for every application. The science behind aerodynamics, for example, is the same for a car, a jetliner and a supersonic fighter. However, each application, uses aerodynamics in a different way to may their specific application work.

The same is true for Chi, Prana and Nerve Force. The Energy is the same, but the development and intensity depends on whether it is used for spiritual development, health, the martial arts and even..manifestation. All encompass the use of breathing, but years (and centuries maybe?) of trial and error for specific goals by those who have studied and practice its cultivation have resulted in variations in technique.

Yet, the principle is the same for all. And it is simple.

Breathe in, imagine you are breathing in Energy, hold the Energy within you and breathe out what you don’t want. Through this practice, Energy is accumulated. Then, through the power of the mind, this Energy can be directed to whatever purpose is desired. With practice the flow of this Energy can be felt within the body.

For all the special techniques and colorful names used in the practice of Energy accumulation, it all boils down to this. It is done through breathing and controlled through visualization or imagination.

We have a natural way of doing this. We knew it as children and lost it as adults.

Perhaps that is the reason we need to be like children again to enter the “Kingdom of God”.

Being children one more, we relearn the mechanics of creating magnetic energy and re-connect with our Higher Selves.

Need proof?

Is there any one in this world more magnetic and charismatic than a child? ‘Nuff said!

I will be offering more about this Energy process in upcoming posts.

One thought on “How To Build Charismatic Energy for Personal Magnetism

  1. evelyn2012 says:

    Hey! It’s great to find likeminded people. The law of attraction requires an effort to use when you are a newbie, but then it works! 🙂

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