Shedding Light on Charismatic Radiation – The Power of Personal Magnetism

I have always been fascinated about charismatic personalities. What is it about these individuals that can draw the attention of a whole room of people without saying a single word? I have been in their presence and have sensed the certain radiance and glow that shines from them.

It wasn’t their apparel or physical beauty. The same radiance came from the shabby to the elegant, from the beautiful to the downright ugly. Their radiance does not register in the light meter of a camera. It can’t be seen physically yet, somehow, lights up their faces and being.

In nature, radiant objects glow due to a high level of energy emanating from within the object. The radiance of the Sun comes from intense nuclear reactions at its core, creating extremely high temperatures. For the heat of the Sun to reach us from 93 million miles across the vacuum of space, its surface temperature needs be extremely high. But for the surface temperature to be extremely high, the core temperature, where all the reaction takes place, has to be even hotter.

The Sun has no radiant coating. It’s not dressed up. It’s not like gold coated lead which shines only on the outside but is dull and lifeless inside. It is the inside the glows and escapes through the surface to the Universe around it. It’s the interior that counts!

Using the Sun as a charismatic model, I can infer that radiant charisma is a property of our invisible selves and has little to do with the outer. All the clothes and make-up are really skin deep and do not radiate. Physical things, unless they are really, really hot, or excited, don’t radiate! Place a handsome man in a tuxedo in a dark room and he just disappears from view! the true charisma comes from within a person.

So how can we, as physical human beings, radiate charisma?

Radiation is a by-product of energy. The Sun is incredibly energetic, so much so that its surface cannot contain its power. As a result, the energy escapes in the form of thermal and light (as well as some invisible) radiation. Fire up a piece of steel to 2500°F and its atoms vibrate to such a high degree that it radiates visible light! Apply 110 volts to the fluorescent light bulb and the gas within gets excited enough to emit visible light.

Uncontainable energy, fired up, excitement!

For humans, these are terms of emotion! It can wrapped up in one single word…

Passion! The moving power of Emotion!

There is something magnetic about passionate people. Those in positions of leadership “fire themselves up” before addressing large crowds. The more “fired up” they are, the more “fired up” the audience gets. Such charismatic personalities take pains to increase their emotional intensity when meeting others. It gets to the point sometimes that the charismatic can influence large crowds without making any sense at all. They influence with only with the radiant power of their emotions. Take the emotion away and their logic falls apart with the simplest argument.

This is so easy to prove for we see and sense it all the time. We radiate all the time and others reflect back to us what we feel. The Sun shines on planets and reflected sunlight from those planets allow us to see them. Let an intensely angry man in a room and, very shortly, everyone in the room reflects that same grumpiness. The is as true when an intensely cheerful person enters the room. Within seconds, a light cheerfulness is reflecting back and forth within the room.

People pick up on our emotions all the time because we continually radiate emotional energy. Most of us have a low emotional intensity, depending so much on logic, that we have very little persuasive and influential power. We try to convince with logic and intellect. The movers radiate while the reactors merely reflect back.

This is the secret of charismatic leadership. The passionate leader who influences through the power of intense belief and emotion can sweep even the most logical among us away. That’s because we are emotional beings, transmitting and receiving waves of emotional information. The more powerful emotional beings among us tend to lead the way. Powerful emotions will trump intellect any time. That’s why we do so many things that don’t make sense. We’re human!

Charisma is radiant emotion. Just like any tool, it is neither good or bad. The charismatic leaders of history come in both flavors. That’s a choice that we, as emotional (charismatic) individuals, must make.

For me, it is better to be a small radiant sun and foster life than a dense and powerful black hole that pulls everything to itself and never lets go. Both are radiant objects, one radiant with light, and the other with inescapable gravity. One creates. The other destroys.

2 thoughts on “Shedding Light on Charismatic Radiation – The Power of Personal Magnetism

  1. Raouf says:

    Hello Arturo, Happy new year to you and your family.

    This is really an impressive blogs !!! I didn’t know that someday i will find someone who actually believe that there is a relationship between the Force of attraction in planet earth and the human magnetism.

    Actually i have this Charismatic Radiation, wherever i go all the people knows about me and are looking at me for no reason at all !!! and since my childhood until today i was trying to get some scientific explanation why this is happening to me, until i found this site which is indeed illustrating exactly what is going on when this Magnetism Power radiates.

    Just want to let you know i am not a Metaphysics Genius like you are 🙂 but all my life i believe that there is a huge relationship between Planet Earth and the Humans. I believe that when god gave his breath to the dust and created Adam, his body was not made of dust only but from a small portions from the whole planet, starting from the planet “Core” until the outer surface “The crust”. All these portions have been transformed into a Humanity Form. which means that humans are having the same potentials as planet earth, if we are talking from the “Force of Attraction” Point of view.

    The above relation lead me to believe if planet earth is attracting any object exist within its magnetic field, the humans as well are capable to generate that magnetism which can attract Humans and “Objects” as well but in a very lower level than the earth because if we compare the mass of Planet Earth and a Human, the force of attraction of a human will be of course neglected comparing to Planet Earth. That’s why if you hold an object in you hand and you drop it, it will fall to the ground due to the gravity of planet earth although the human body have a very small power of magnetism, it’s neglected and not affecting on this object.

    I know the above tends to be ironic and every time i try to say the same to anyone he laughs but i was thinking about a lot of experiments that can be applied to prove about the same because if it turns out that this theory is true, the scientists will be able to reveal the secrete of this gravity and will be able to revert it. Can you imagine the scientific evolution behind this !!!

    Please reply back your opinion if all the above looks logical or i am just crazy 🙂

    • Arturo says:

      Hi Raouf, I’m very glad to meet others who ponder the science behind personal magnetism. Your insight shows you to be highly intuitive and your charismatic experience is of one with a great deal of Energy. Not many people can see the correlation between the human body and the Earth. You have focused on the God Energy as the source of this magnetism.

      I encourage you to never stop asking these questions and analyzing. Do not be discouraged if others fail to see what you see but don’t expect it of them either. There are very, very few who will search for and even grasp these principles.

      I use physics to explore metaphysics for these answers just as you have. You have a natural charisma that people can sense. Magnetism is not physical but upper dimensional which is why it cannot be seen or heard but yet it is the very principle behind our physical electrical generators.

      Our bodies are like the Earth with its dual poles, a moving electrical field and a magnetic field. But that not where it ends. If you extend that to the whole Universe, you will find it is also the same.

      Your magnetic potential is not just with people. Personal magnetism attracts people, objects, events, resources and conditions that are aligned with your magnetic field as a physical magnet will attract only iron.

      Thank you for your insights and for the pleasure of meeting a fellow investigator! No, you’re not crazy. You are aware and see things most people cannot see and appreciate. mentioned gravity. Scientists are able to solve the question of gravity by including multiple dimensions and universes in their mathematical equations. Some of that science found its way into the movie “Interstellar”. The equations imply that gravitational force flows across dimensions..

      My best wishes to you for this New Year!

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