Can You See Yourself in a Snowflake?

I always wondered how we, as individuals, connect to all beings and things in the Universe. I just took it as a matter of faith.

Then, it snowed here in Seattle.

As I watched the snow fall, I latched on to a single snowflake floating to the ground.

Then it hit me!

I’m just like a snow flake, one of millions in a meteorological bubble of saturated air, aware only of the others near me, yet immersed in a field of water vapor that engulfs all other snow flakes. I am part of, and in connection, with all the other snow flakes falling to the ground.

The snow flake is the model of the multidimensional being….us!

Like us, the snow flake is the condensation of a higher energy source. In the case of the snow flake, it is merely a condensation of water. Our solid body is surrounded by the Higher Energy bodies that exist in dimensions that our gross, physical eyes are unable to see. But like the snow flake, our not seeing the invisible field is not proof that the field isn’t there!

From the model of physical matter, we can infer the Higher Fields exist!

All “solid” matter is a conglomeration of molecular or atomic particles. When matter condenses, becoming solid, these particles get so close together that they have little room to vibrate. But they do, still, vibrate to a lower degree

As the snow flake heats up, its atoms / molecules gain enough energy (heat) to push each other apart, getting less dense. Their vibration gets more refined and powerful and snow melts, turning liquid. (In the whole Universe, water is an anomaly – liquid water is actually denser than ice.)

In its liquid state, water flows and conforms to its container, if any. It’s does not resist the forces that moves it. It “goes with the flow”, following the path of least resistance.

Add more energy and the water molecules push each other even further apart and water disappears from view. It becomes refined and invisible, taking much more space than liquid water, and merging with the greater atmospheric bubble of water bubble. It moves with wind and permeates all space around it.

Add even more heat, more energy, and the invisible water vapor becomes extremely powerful, powerful enough to move a heavy locomotive.

We are snowflakes. In our dense human form, we can only see those in our immediate proximity. But our Higher Self, the bubble of water vapor from which we came, also engulfs another snowflakes at the farthest edge of the snow fall. Like the snowflake, we exist all forms simultaneously touching each other through an invisible field of Energy. We are merely the physically visible part of that Energy.

When we absorb Energy from the Universe, we merge into that more powerful field and we can move the planets.

I finally understand how my thoughts can affect people I can’t even see.

The snow flake model also tells me that we all come from a common Higher Self. Perhaps there is no fine line between my Higher Self and yours. Perhaps, from this model,we are all One and the Same. And if we could only be aware of our Higher Selves, we may even see the greater dimensions that surround Us.

You and I are the same Entity.

And with that, I wish you only the best in life.


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