How To Get From Earth to Jupiter on a Gallon of Gas – Using the Energy of the Universe

You might be surprised to know that the shortest path from point A to point B is not a straight line.

In fact, if you look at the orbit of planets and stars and all things that travel in space, everything moves in curves – circles and ellipses. Things only appear straight to us because our narrow view. Zoom in on a curve, get close enough, and you see a straight line!

To get from Earth to Jupiter, with the least amount of fuel, spacecraft use what is known as the Hohmann Transfer, an elliptical path between the Earth and any planetary object that takes the least amount of work. All you need is a kick at the start and a reverse kick at the end. In between, the spacecraft just… coasts!

The majority of the work is done by something that exists all over the Universe – gravity! And, its free!

NASA gets it right. Why work so hard to move in a straight line when it costs practically nothing to follow a curve, and still get from Earth to Jupiter!

That’s how I would love to live life – know what I want and use the Energy of the Universe to get it. Just kick-start the process and coast (play, have fun) all the way to success.

I often have an expanded view of my own power. I tend to think that I have the strength and the wisdom to accomplish anything if I try hard enough. That’s what I have been taught. Work hard and succeed. But that’s not what happens is space. Work hard and you’ll miss your destination!

In space, your destination pulls you!

I have been guilty of trying to solve problems from my own limited thinking, believing that I can control things through my physical actions. I forget that I am a multidimensional being who can create solutions from my own Higher, much more Energetic Self.

I don’t want to go from point A to point B all the while saying, “I going to make this work, or die trying! I’m going to work my butt off.”. Then, as I work 80 stressful hours a week, some nut passes me by on a measly 40 hours or even less. What’s his secret?

He, or she, is surfing the Universe’s energy waves.

I have found that those who work the hardest gain the least. Those who work the least seem to gain the most, but only when they let the object of their desire pull them in.

They are the ones who have the most fun doing what they do (coasting), because they do what they are in love with.

Now that’s a life!

Indeed, blessed are you who live your passion, who follow your heart. You are in touch with the Universe’s Infinite Energy. You don’t push. You are being pulled!

That’s how spacecraft travel enormous expanse of space on so little fuel!

If it is a Universal Law, then it must work for to me too!

2 thoughts on “How To Get From Earth to Jupiter on a Gallon of Gas – Using the Energy of the Universe

  1. grimeysole says:

    that was beautiful.. its not work when grace is on your side

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