How To Harness the Power of Your Life’s Flow – Energy

In the physical world, it very well-known that energy is neither created nor destroyed, but merely converted from one form to another.

Einstein also proved that matter and energy are one and the same thing. In other words, mass is nothing more that and enormous amount of condensed energy.

Ergo, anything we want, whether it be things, events or relationships, are also condensed or converted energy.

Then, the more energy we have, or more precisely, the more energy we can harness, the more likely we are to get what we want. Life’s flow is dependent on the total energy we have access to.

The question is a matter of form.

The Yoga disciplines explain that the human body is merely the coarse form of more subtle refined bodies. Of course, this body is the only one we see. Wrapped around the physical form are other bodies, one wrapped around the other like an onion, each one more energetic than the next with access to dimensions and powers unseen.

The physical body utilizes physical energy drawn from food and air to produce energy needed for physical work.

But metaphysical work can’t make use of physical matter. It’s like the perfect making use of the imperfect to create the perfect. However, by using the physical body as a model, we can extrapolate that the metaphysical realm must use a parallel but more refined type of energy to create our manifestations.

It’s like comparing (in very imperfect terms) the steam engine to the rocket engine. A steam engine runs on coal. But there is absolutely no way that a coal engine can propel the Space Shuttle to low earth orbit! The tremendous work of lifting four-and-a-half million pounds into the air needs a more refined, highly energetic fuel using powerful rocket engines. On the other hand, you can strap a rocket engine to a Model T and race it, dangerously, along California’s 5 Freeway!

Metaphysical work requires metaphysical energy to create both metaphysical and physical manifestations. Energy can create “downwards” but not “upwards”. Our physical form cannot create metaphysical objects.

That means we, as physical mortal beings, need to create, or attract, our manifestations through our much greater, much more energetic metaphysical forms, forms that we have so much trouble being aware of. Fortunately for us, our Higher Self is much more aware of us, and need only have a clear template from which to work from.

And this we do through Imagination. We create the template (the visualization) in the minds, and with absolute desire (emotion) transmit that template to our Higher Selves which has all the resources available. Just like any engineering blueprint, it has to be clear, involving as much of the physical senses as possible – how it looks, how it sounds, and especially how it feels!

That’s just how NASA built the Space Shuttle and the International Space Station. Someone put the idea on paper, creating a clear template from which to base the final product on. From that concept, came reams of drawings that allowed engineers to create millions of parts, which went to other engineers who put the parts together. Then other engineers filled the tanks and assembled the procedures required to lift off these heavy parts to low earth orbit. From the template of one man, a juggernaut of an organization made it real.

The energy to place fly the Space Shuttle and the International Space Station did not come from the one person. It came from the organization of which that one person was a part of. It was the organization’s energy that made it real. This is the model for metaphysical creation. We just don’t have the eyes to see the marvelous orchestration in work. With our physical awareness, all we can do….is trust.

That’s the power of Imagination. The energy to manifest does not come from our physical sources. All the food and exercise is meant for the body. But an even greater Energy source, something that parallels our own physical energy to a much finer and much grander degree, builds our “reality”.

Our job, as physical life engineers, is to create a clear template to project to our Higher, much more aware, Selves to build. We are the designers. Once our design is clear, we “email” our design to our Higher Selves using the power of our emotions.

Our emotions are the transmission power. Strong emotions, burning desires, send out strong and clear “wifi” signals. Weak emotions send our weak, garbled, hardly understandable signals that often drops out. That’s why much of our waffling and “so-so”, “whatever” desires never come to fuition – not enough signal power.

We don’t need to work so hard. We just need to be clear and let our more powerful Selves do the work. A million dollars is a hardship for most of us, but for Bill Gates, that’s a drop in the bucket. Wouldn’t you feel better if you had plans for a million dollars with Bill Gates backing you up? How about having a million Bill Gates?

Or beyond…..

3 thoughts on “How To Harness the Power of Your Life’s Flow – Energy

  1. evelyn2012 says:

    Hey! This is a great artixle 🙂 The law of attraction is hard to implement at first, but then it works! It is working for me 🙂

  2. evelyn2012 says:

    Hello! It’s wonderful to find likeminded people. The law of attraction requires an effort to use when you are a newbie, but then it works! 🙂

  3. evelyn2012 says:

    Hey! It’s great to find likeminded people. The law of attraction is hard to implement at the beginning, but then it works! It is working for me 🙂

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