Following the Path of Least Resistance – The Flow of Life

Whenever I design a magnetic device or a flow system, I’m always looking for the path of least resistance. Wherever I want my flow to go, wether it be water or magnetic lines, it has to be flow easily in the right direction. If there is a bypass path that offers less resistance than the way I desire, I could lose a lot of valuable flow.

All flow, whether it be water, traffic, money, electrical current or love, will flow through the path of least resistance.

In engineering, this path is usually the one that has the most room. Put two roads in parallel, one with two lanes and one with ten, most traffic will flow through the 10-lane highway.

Put a wire between a battery and a lightbulb and attach the other end of that wire to the ground and your bulb won’t light. Most the current flow goes to the ground where it’s wasted.

If you want to get to where you desire, you need to remove all resistance to that path.

Once again, we use the physical model to extrapolate the metaphysical model. Here is what engineers do to remove, or at least minimize, resistance to flow:

1. Provide as much room as possible – make the flow path as wide as possible
2. Remove restrictors – eliminate as many doors and gates as possible
3. Make the path smooth – polish the walls so remove friction
4. Make all changes as gradual as possible – very sudden changes costs a lot of lost energy.

How do we do these in metaphysics?

Provide as much room as possible

Whatever flows into our life is limited by the size of our imagination. OUr imagination is the conduit for creation. You can’t make a million dollars flow through a ten-dollar imagination. Try to push a million dollars through that and that pipe will either stop flowing or burst. Imagining flowing a million dollars, and doing that imagining again and allows your pipe to gradually increase in size and capacity until it no longer resists a million dollar flow.

Remove as many doors and gates as possible

Toll booths are great restrictors. Take a lot of cars during rush hour traffic passing through a single toll both and you get a back-up that is miles long. Put a series of these “bottlenecks” along the freeway and the way isn’t so free anymore! In life, these gates are our beliefs and decisions. Beliefs and decisions are also called “gates” in program management. Indecision slow down flow and beliefs can practically close these gates to bring flow to a complete stop.

Make the path smooth

Smooth pipes are important when the pipes are long. Such smoothness is important when the magnitude of our desire requires some time to manifest. These rough features are the constant, nagging thoughts that are ever-present along the flow path of time. It is the ever-present, annoying voice that keeps saying , “Are you sure? Do you know what you’re doing? What are they going to think about this? This isn’t going to work!” A little of this may not stop you in the short term. But taken over a period of time, it may burn up just enough energy to stop short of your goal.

Make all changes as gradual as possible

This is one of the greatest hurdles to efficient flow. A lot of very sudden flow path changes in room and direction cause large losses of energy. In fact, when engineers actually want to slow down flow (there are times when this is advantageous) without changing the pipe size, they make the flow turn over and over again using corners or baffles. The more turns, the more energy is wasted.

That’s also what the Space Shuttle does during landing. The Shuttle comes in at a speed that is over the 25 times the speed of sound. But to land, it has to really, really slow down. To do this, the Space Shuttle does a series of turns. Each turn slows the Shuttle more and more until it is slow enough to land.

How does this apply to life?

We often want to change things from where we are because of dissatisfaction. The biggest temptation is to just change things immediately. For many, this occurs with jobs and careers. The bigger and more drastic the change, the more resistance there is. It is easy to tell. When the change feels scary, and dangerous, then you are embarking on a sudden change.

I did this when I moved from the West to the East coast for a job that took me from engineer to manager, with no previous experience in management. I made the move for prestige rather than for the joy of the work. It was very scary and a likely disaster.

I knew it, I felt it and I ignored it.

It went against everything I knew about flow. The change was too sudden. I lost a lot of energy, not just in my physical health, but also in my financial state. That move was a financial disaster. I was able to rectify the change more gradually later (with the change occurring over a year rather than a few weeks) through which I gained both prestige and money back.

Flow is always most efficient where there is least resistance.

When we create a goal, we start to move towards that goal. There is a way, unseen to us, that allows us to flow from point A to point B with the least…angst! Force our way there by our intellect, and we can feel the resistance in stress and worry. Go with the flow, and we get there easily, putting our trust on the clear vision and wisdom of our Higher Selves.

Our intuition and emotions are the keys. These are part of life’s “tricorder” that points us in the right direction.

Just go with the flow.

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