The Science of the Flow of Life

Flow is everywhere. It’s part of life.

We talk about the flow of water through rivers, the flow of traffic, the flow of conversation and even the flow of light particles. Even money flows. Where there’s life, there’s flow.

Life flows from birth to death, from relationship to relationship, from event to event, from manifestation to manifestation.

From a scientific point of view, flow is simply moving things from one place to another as efficiently as possible. As engineers design flow systems, they are ever concerned with efficiency since efficiency means saving energy.

All flow, when you boil down things to their essence, is simply the movement of energy…of any kind.

What if we apply engineering design principles to the flow of life? What life strategies can we implement?

Engineers do two basic things to improve flow. First, they increase energy and second, they reduce resistance.

Flow and Energy are linked. High energy means high flow. That’s why towns and cities build water towers. The higher the position of the water source (higher energy) the higher the water pressure and the better water flows through taps. The higher the energy, the more powerful the force of our flow.

Life is that way. When we are at a high, things flow well. When we are at a low, we can’t seem to flow at all.

What give us this kind of energy?

Positive emotion!

Emotion, more than any other energy source, powers the human spirit. This is really so easy to prove. Runners know this all too well. Take a drive down any street and watch joggers. How many of them listen to music as they run? Why? Because music is emotional and its raises emotional energy. Physical energy draws much of its power from emotions!

Emotion, the high kind, is power for flow!

Once enough energy is raised, engineers then minimize resistance to flow. They increase the sizes of pipes so that there is more room for the water to flow. They minimize the number of valves along the way because each valve is like a doorway that crowds have to pass through. They avoid sharp turns because moving around sharp turns is like trying to run at high-speed around the corner of a corridor.

For life flow, we encounter these resistances as opposing thought, negative emotions, and limiting beliefs. These are anything that moves in opposition to where you want your energy to flow.

Sometime we want to move directly from one place to another but there is a mountain in the way. We encounter life’s mountains all the time. We can either make our flow more efficient by blasting through the mountain, or we can build a flow path around it.

That’s when life “throws us a curve”. Whether you have to blast through a mountain or lay additional pipe, additional energy is incurred.

Then it becomes a matter of which expends the least energy.

The key thing is to always keep the end product in mind. From our limited point of view, we can’t see the mountains. The flow of life is being designed and managed by our Higher Selves. To get where we want to go, we need to keep the goal in mind, improve our emotional level, then avoid resistance by following the signs that we are given.

In other words, go with the flow!

The path of flow need not always be straight. But the more gentle the turns in the flow path, the more powerful the flow can be. Try to make a change too quickly and we easily find ourselves losing a significant amount of energy, whether than be time or money.

My own experience has been to set the goal, then go with the flow. Allow changes to occur gently and gradually. It requires patience and trust. With this life strategy, I tend to get what I want in the easiest and happiest way possible.


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