The Secret and Attractive Life of a…Magnet?

Magnets are wonderful.  They can pull or push things without ever touching them.  They can even move things from across a solid barrier.

Don’t you sometimes wish you could do that?

Why not?

After all, the physical magnet is just a simplified version of the metaphysical magnet – the human mind and spirit.

When I was a kid I thought the same thing most people did.  Since the north pole of a magnet attracted the south pole of another magnet, I thought, “Unlike poles attract”.

Since then, I have had the opportunity to make the science of magnetism paramount in my engineering profession.  Once, I learned the way a magnet worked, I realized how wrong my childish assumptions were.

You see, a magnet, like every other entity in the universe, is composed of microscopic magnets.  In most materials, these microscopic magnets are randomly aligned, just like our thoughts and feelings.  Because of the opposing direction of the small magnetic fields, these little magnets cancel each other out and no attractive force is generated.

Sounds like the human mind, doesn’t it?  ” I want to do this, but I want that instead!  I want to go this way, but why not that way instead?  Well,…I guess..whatever!”

What happens in a magnet is that all the small magnets within it are aligned in the same direction.  When that happens, the combined power of the small magnets contribute the power of the big magnet.

When one magnet’s north pole attracts another’s south pole, it’s not a matter of attracting poles!  It’s a matter of one magnet aligning in the same direction as the other magnet.  It’s alignment!

Just like us.  When we align our thoughts and feelings (our small magnets) to what we want, then we create a strong magnetic field that is specifically attractive to our object of desire.  That’s why passionate people and, even more, obsessive people, attract the people, things and events that they want.  That’s also why you can feel the field of both extremely happy or extremely grumpy people as they enter a room!

But wait!  There’s more that we can learn from the simple magnet.

Have you ever wondered where the force of a magnet comes from?

Why does the magnet attract only metal?  Why not plastic?

Is the magnet the only attractive thing in the universe?

Do humans have poles like magnets?

How can a magnet make an iron nail a magnet too?

Finally, what does this all have to do with us?

I will be investigating these in upcoming posts.  There is so much the little magnet can teach us about attracting to ourselves what we truly want.

It is interesting to note that the magnet doesn’t work at it.  It’s field is already there, with its tiny magnets completely aligned.

That’s the secret of attraction.

Stay tuned for more magnetic information.



One thought on “The Secret and Attractive Life of a…Magnet?

  1. I like this post a lot and I am very interested in what is called ” the law of attraction”. We attract what we need in order to grow, learn, whatever.I often think why did I attract “this” person, situation into my life, and there is much to be learned form it. I could go on and on lol! Look forward to your future posts.

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