The Magic of the Personal Magnetic Field – Lessons from the Magnet

Have you ever wondered where the invisible force of a magnet comes from?

Scientists will explain to you that a magnet, like all physical entities, have microscopic magnets (known as dipoles) in their make-up. Unlike the physical magnet, the directions of these microscopic magnets in most material are randomly aligned such that their attractive field cancel each other out.

Result? Nada! No power whatsoever!

The physical magnet, on that other hand, has all its microscopic magnets pointing in the same direction so that the combined fields of these little magnets join forces to create the great attractive force.

Now, you’ve got the power!

But where does this force come from?

And what does this have to do with personal magnetism?

I’m glad you asked!

The physical magnet is a physical representation, a simplified model, of a much more complex and much more powerful metaphysical magnet – the human being. Us!

We are magnets too, with the power to attract or repel whatever we set our minds to, whether we are aware of it or not. Like the physical magnet, the power of our metaphysical magnet depends on the alignment of our thoughts, feelings and beliefs. When these are random and undecided, we are powerless. Once decided and aligned, we start to generate a powerful magnetic force.

Need proof? Have you ever been attracted to a highly popular charismatic personality who radiates great attractive force? Have you also ever been repelled by other personalities to bring doom and gloom to any gathering? We are magnets! We can attract, as well as repel.

But it’s not limited to your personal relationships. Have you ever encountered people who are always lucky? How about those who always attract bad luck? It’s the same thing. It’s a matter of the dominant nature of each person’s magnetic field.

It is clear that our thoughts and feelings are the key “dipoles” in the creation of our metaphysical attractive force. When thoughts and feelings are aligned in one directions, that is, when there is no internal and even unconscious conflict, then magnetic power exists.

The nature of the magnetic power depends on the positivity or negativity of your thoughts and feelings. Point these in the negative direction, and its power can destroy just as effectively as positive power can create. It behooves us to work towards positive magnetic energy.

But where does this force come from?

The answer can be found in the simple magnet. It’s built-in! It’s there! It’s part of our nature. We simply don’t know how to use it! The Great Video Game Designer put it there for a purpose. Magnets are the portals for energy transfer. Electrical generators are powerless without them!

I don’t think anyone in this world (maybe some Ph.D. in the University of Somewhere) has a full understanding of where the force of a physical magnet comes from. We all learned that energy cannot be created or destroyed. So what was converted to give the magnet its power? And how come it lasts for such a long time? What’s sustaining it?

I personally believe it is because of dipoles – polarity. When you split something in two at the microscopic (quantum?) level, there is a strong force that wants to reunite the split parts. Prevent the parts from re-joining and the force remains. Add enough of these force packets and you may have enough to be used for practical purposes. The force flows from one pole to the opposite pole in an everlasting attempt for unity.

Magnetic science shows that magnetic field FLOWS through a magnet. The stronger the flow of magnetic lines through a magnet, the stronger the attractive force.

I believe the Yogis and the Taoists understood this, but in their own spiritual way. These disciplines teach of an Energy called Prana, or Chi. It is all around us and flows through our body, very much in the same was as a magnetic field FLOWS through a magnet. Yoga and Chi Kung strive to increase the flow of Prana or Chi through the body. In advanced work, this energy can be projected from the body to affect others. These disciplines teach that the body has lower and higher poles, and that the body is also a microscosm of the entire creation!

The stronger the flow between the body poles, the stronger the field. The Yogis and Taoists practice flowing this Prana or Chi through breathing and mental concentration and visualization. The stronger the flow of this intrinsic energy, the more magnetic, in many different ways, a person becomes.

Flow is the secret to personal magnetism.

Would you like to know more about this personal magnetic energy? The eastern descriptions are a bit hard to understand because of the esoteric nature of the discussions. However, there is a little know book by T.Q.Dumont called “The Art and Science of Personal Magnetism”. It describes his theory about the creation and projection of personal magnetism that I have personally used effectively. It explains what he calls “nerve force”. By his description, it is the same energy as Prana and Chi, and is the refined energy that the physical magnet’s field is based on.

Otherwise, you can study up on magnets and see how a magnet truly works and apply that to your own feelings, thoughts and beliefs…Nah! Not unless you want to dig into all the math…yes, personal magnetism can be describes through mathematics. Imagine that!

The attractive field of the physical magnet is a microcosm of the larger, more complex magnetic field that we, as human beings generate. We were born with it, and we take it with us when we leave this world. We were born magnets and live as magnets. We were less resistant to magnetism as children. As adults, our logic tends to get in the way and adds, what in magnetism is called, reluctance, a resistance to magnetic flow. We have a lot to learn from children. Or maybe, we have a lot of things to remember.

Whatever we infuse our magnetic fields with, that is what we attract. Magnets don’t attract everything, just what is consistent with the nature of their magnetic fields.

Next, how do we design the nature of our attractive magnetic fields?


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