Is Life a Video Game?

There is a metaphysical principle that says – As Above, So Below.

In some of the more spiritual Yoga disciplines, there is an explanation that Creation has many levels. It is said that each level is an imperfect creation, a muddy reflection, of the level above it. It is impossible to create something that is better than the source of that creation.

Just as the lower worlds are imperfect reflections of the upper worlds, the governing laws are also imperfect reflections of the higher laws.

However, they are still reflections!

This means that we can infer the spiritual or metaphysical laws from the physical laws (gravity, electromagnetics, fluid dynamics, thermodynamics, etc.). By understanding magnetism, for example, we can have a basic understanding of how to attract or repel the people, things and events in our life.

More about magnets later!

One excellent analogy for this is today’s video games.

Interactive video games are our creations. These are the imperfect reflections of our worlds. They are approximations, even those that are so-called 3-dimensional. We cannot create something better than ourselves. No matter what they do, our computer characters can only do things in two physical dimensions.

What would happen if a character could leave and enter the third dimension through the computer screen. He would disappear from the 2 dimensional world and appear at a different screen, seemingly being outside the realm of space and time!

That would be magic! A video Ninja or wizard! But not to us who can witness the entire thing from a higher dimension!

If you talk to video game designer, you will learn that the video games follow a certain set of rules or laws. These are laws of cause and effect, something that says for every action your character takes in the game there are certain consequences governed by a certain laws with outcomes that determined by probability. And, even that probability follows certain mathematical rules.

The designer does not have to monitor every action the character does! The game can be self-sustaining.

So your character’s actions in the game, which are a reflection of your decisions, drive a set of circumstances and chain of events.

The same is true of our world and the Law of Attraction. The only difference is we are looking from the bottom up while a video game designer sees things from the top down, a much clearer view. From our physical point view, we can only infer the results of our actions based on our limited viewpoint. We know the law is there, but we cannot see the inner workings.

But as some of the great contemporary teachers have said, you don’t need to understand electricity to turn on a lightbulb. You just need to know how to throw the switch.

So we are in God’s video game. The Universe has a set of laws in place, many of which can be explained mathematically. The deeper of this laws are beyond our awareness.

Still, whatever we think, whatever we feel, whatever we do, creates waves that propagate through the Creation using a set of metaphysical laws. There is a metaphysical cause-and-effect in the Universe.

It means nothing happens at random. What we do, what we think, affects someone in the other side of the world, or activates someone else’s thought and action. Like the video game, our thought electrons affect other electrons, and create a whole chain of events that respond to the thoughts we send out.

The complexity of the Universe is such that the chain of events that result in something today may have even started before we were born. What a complicated net it must be.

As we think, we truly become. The Law of Attraction is the software of Creation.

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