Can You Really Engineer Life?

There is nothing new about the Law of Attraction.

It’s principles have existed long before written history and passed down from master to pupil. It has been said in many different ways:

As above, so below

As a man thinks, so he becomes

Like attracts like

It recent times, more visible teachers have taken the Law of Attraction to the public which has accepted these principles much quicker than earlier generations, most likely due to dissatisfaction with religious teachings.

The Law of Attraction simply states that one attracts what one thinks about consistently.

For the most part, the Law of Attraction had been distilled to a set of rules that religious organizations use to simplify the principles for the masses. Unfortunately, rules tend to be followed blindly. Without the understanding of the reasons behind these rules, such rules eventually degrade into dogma.

So where does engineering come in?

Engineering is nothing more than the use of the laws of nature to create something practical. The laws of gravity and aerodynamics, for example, allow us to lift over a hundred tons of aluminum into the air and fly from coast to coast. The laws of astrodynamics allow us to propel a spaceship from the Earth to rendezvous with a small planet called Pluto five billion miles away.

In like manner, understanding the Law of Attraction allows us to influence, if not fully control, the events and circumstances in our lives. There is a metaphysical teaching that the physical world is an imperfect reflection of the higher invisible (at least to our physical eyes) worlds. The Law of Attraction is a principle of Magnetism. Through my engineering background, a full understanding of the principle of magnetism offers a clear analogy to that of the Magnetism associated with the Law of Attraction. As above, so below, and from below (the physical) we obtain an idea of how the above (metaphysical) works.

The Law of Attraction is eons old. But contemporary teachers, with today’s advances in media presentation, make the principles accessible to the masses. And the time has come that many more minds are open to these teachings. It also can be presented in an entertaining way that easily influences human minds and emotions.

This blog views the Law of Attraction from a scientific and engineering point of view. That is, by understanding its principles, I can show how we design and build our lives, just as an engineer would design and build a hundred million pound metal ship that can float on water. There’s no magic to it. It’s science. And there’s no faith needed. You don’t need faith to know that the moon will rise at night. Our scientific analysis already tells us it will.

We know!


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