Can You See Yourself in a Snowflake?

I always wondered how we, as individuals, connect to all beings and things in the Universe. I just took it as a matter of faith.

Then, it snowed here in Seattle.

As I watched the snow fall, I latched on to a single snowflake floating to the ground.

Then it hit me!

I’m just like a snow flake, one of millions in a meteorological bubble of saturated air, aware only of the others near me, yet immersed in a field of water vapor that engulfs all other snow flakes. I am part of, and in connection, with all the other snow flakes falling to the ground.

The snow flake is the model of the multidimensional being….us!

Like us, the snow flake is the condensation of a higher energy source. In the case of the snow flake, it is merely a condensation of water. Our solid body is surrounded by the Higher Energy bodies that exist in dimensions that our gross, physical eyes are unable to see. But like the snow flake, our not seeing the invisible field is not proof that the field isn’t there!

From the model of physical matter, we can infer the Higher Fields exist!

All “solid” matter is a conglomeration of molecular or atomic particles. When matter condenses, becoming solid, these particles get so close together that they have little room to vibrate. But they do, still, vibrate to a lower degree

As the snow flake heats up, its atoms / molecules gain enough energy (heat) to push each other apart, getting less dense. Their vibration gets more refined and powerful and snow melts, turning liquid. (In the whole Universe, water is an anomaly – liquid water is actually denser than ice.)

In its liquid state, water flows and conforms to its container, if any. It’s does not resist the forces that moves it. It “goes with the flow”, following the path of least resistance.

Add more energy and the water molecules push each other even further apart and water disappears from view. It becomes refined and invisible, taking much more space than liquid water, and merging with the greater atmospheric bubble of water bubble. It moves with wind and permeates all space around it.

Add even more heat, more energy, and the invisible water vapor becomes extremely powerful, powerful enough to move a heavy locomotive.

We are snowflakes. In our dense human form, we can only see those in our immediate proximity. But our Higher Self, the bubble of water vapor from which we came, also engulfs another snowflakes at the farthest edge of the snow fall. Like the snowflake, we exist all forms simultaneously touching each other through an invisible field of Energy. We are merely the physically visible part of that Energy.

When we absorb Energy from the Universe, we merge into that more powerful field and we can move the planets.

I finally understand how my thoughts can affect people I can’t even see.

The snow flake model also tells me that we all come from a common Higher Self. Perhaps there is no fine line between my Higher Self and yours. Perhaps, from this model,we are all One and the Same. And if we could only be aware of our Higher Selves, we may even see the greater dimensions that surround Us.

You and I are the same Entity.

And with that, I wish you only the best in life.


How To Get From Earth to Jupiter on a Gallon of Gas – Using the Energy of the Universe

You might be surprised to know that the shortest path from point A to point B is not a straight line.

In fact, if you look at the orbit of planets and stars and all things that travel in space, everything moves in curves – circles and ellipses. Things only appear straight to us because our narrow view. Zoom in on a curve, get close enough, and you see a straight line!

To get from Earth to Jupiter, with the least amount of fuel, spacecraft use what is known as the Hohmann Transfer, an elliptical path between the Earth and any planetary object that takes the least amount of work. All you need is a kick at the start and a reverse kick at the end. In between, the spacecraft just… coasts!

The majority of the work is done by something that exists all over the Universe – gravity! And, its free!

NASA gets it right. Why work so hard to move in a straight line when it costs practically nothing to follow a curve, and still get from Earth to Jupiter!

That’s how I would love to live life – know what I want and use the Energy of the Universe to get it. Just kick-start the process and coast (play, have fun) all the way to success.

I often have an expanded view of my own power. I tend to think that I have the strength and the wisdom to accomplish anything if I try hard enough. That’s what I have been taught. Work hard and succeed. But that’s not what happens is space. Work hard and you’ll miss your destination!

In space, your destination pulls you!

I have been guilty of trying to solve problems from my own limited thinking, believing that I can control things through my physical actions. I forget that I am a multidimensional being who can create solutions from my own Higher, much more Energetic Self.

I don’t want to go from point A to point B all the while saying, “I going to make this work, or die trying! I’m going to work my butt off.”. Then, as I work 80 stressful hours a week, some nut passes me by on a measly 40 hours or even less. What’s his secret?

He, or she, is surfing the Universe’s energy waves.

I have found that those who work the hardest gain the least. Those who work the least seem to gain the most, but only when they let the object of their desire pull them in.

They are the ones who have the most fun doing what they do (coasting), because they do what they are in love with.

Now that’s a life!

Indeed, blessed are you who live your passion, who follow your heart. You are in touch with the Universe’s Infinite Energy. You don’t push. You are being pulled!

That’s how spacecraft travel enormous expanse of space on so little fuel!

If it is a Universal Law, then it must work for to me too!

Do You Know What You Really Want?

Do you know what you want? That’s the secret to success after all! Isn’t it?

Here’s my problem – it’s so easy to say, but so hard to do!

Even after half a century on on this planet, I’m still searching for this answer. Oh, fortunate are those who know that for themselves at a young age.

I am a successful engineer, an excellent singer, and I have practical knowledge and experience of all the principles and processes in the science of the mind. I know how to attract. But attract what?

Yet, even today, I have re-visited this question. What do I really want out of life?

There is no doubt I am successful at what I do. My own income reflects that. I have a reputation in the engineering world. But there is still something missing. There are things in engineering I like and things I do not like. There are things in the performing arts I wish I had every day. I wish I could spend my time delving into the science of the mind and not even think about making a living. But take away one of the three, and I start to get that empty feeling.

I would love to design one occupation that uses all my skills in somethig that is emotionally satisfying, not just for me, but also for clients. There is something that is common to all three occupations that I am especially adept at.

For the nth time, I tried my journal. I use a journal to “speak to myself”. I find that this works best when I write longhand. I can write this way unconsciously. With the keyboard, I keep making corrections. It is a form of automatic writing, where I have a conversation with myself, which this tends to clear things up in my head.

But today, that seemed to be inadequate. I needed a different approach.

As an engineer, I revel in solving puzzles and mysteries. Every time there is a problem, I know there is also a solution. The wonderful thing about engineering is that if I give myself enough time, with an open mind, the answer comes to me intuitively. It’s like digging into the ground pulling up stone after stone until I find a diamond. There is always a good answer, a good solution. When that happens, there is an incredible feeling of exhiliration. I know I’m right when I feel a quiver. I’m full of excitement and I can’t wait to tell someone.

Only then do I resort to mathematical analysis. I already know that answer, but I use physics and mathematics to prove it. When the math works, then I go from belief, to knowing. Then I can stand in front of others with full confidence in my answer. That feeling of confidence radiates strongly to others and I generate a lot of trust and admiration.

So today, I diagrammed my thoughts, digging for the commonality between the performing arts, engineering and mind science. I dumped the written word for sketches and flow charts, using short phrases instead of complete sentences. I looked for the inputs and evaluated the outputs.

The funny thing is, every time I do this kind of soul searching, I seem to come up with the same answer, but I want to prove it logically.

So no surprise, I came up with the same answer I’ve had in the past. The common thing through all three is the creation of positive emotion in myself and in others. That is an obvious answer for the performing arts and mind science, but engineering?

As it turns out, as an engineer, I am a conceptualizer, a designer, an analyst, a solver of puzzles, and I have a reputation of coming up with good answers for hard problems. I rarely ever touch hardware, but hardware is just the manifestation of a mental solution. I leave hardware to others who enjoy tinkering. The emotional part comes in the exhiliration of solving the puzzle, and sensing the joy and relief in the other engineers who desperately needed a solution to a problem.

The hard part for me was admitting that I enjoyed the adulation and that it was an important output for me. It seemed prideful. I like being looked up to. I’m just like a theatrical performer who lives for the applause.

So, do I know what I want?

Yes and no. I know the essence, but I want to know more about how to turn that essence into a practical reality that is emotionally satisfying for me and for my clients, or audience. I would like to know how to converge these three occupations into a single joyous work.

I know I’m going to do this again.


Following the Path of Least Resistance – The Flow of Life

Whenever I design a magnetic device or a flow system, I’m always looking for the path of least resistance. Wherever I want my flow to go, wether it be water or magnetic lines, it has to be flow easily in the right direction. If there is a bypass path that offers less resistance than the way I desire, I could lose a lot of valuable flow.

All flow, whether it be water, traffic, money, electrical current or love, will flow through the path of least resistance.

In engineering, this path is usually the one that has the most room. Put two roads in parallel, one with two lanes and one with ten, most traffic will flow through the 10-lane highway.

Put a wire between a battery and a lightbulb and attach the other end of that wire to the ground and your bulb won’t light. Most the current flow goes to the ground where it’s wasted.

If you want to get to where you desire, you need to remove all resistance to that path.

Once again, we use the physical model to extrapolate the metaphysical model. Here is what engineers do to remove, or at least minimize, resistance to flow:

1. Provide as much room as possible – make the flow path as wide as possible
2. Remove restrictors – eliminate as many doors and gates as possible
3. Make the path smooth – polish the walls so remove friction
4. Make all changes as gradual as possible – very sudden changes costs a lot of lost energy.

How do we do these in metaphysics?

Provide as much room as possible

Whatever flows into our life is limited by the size of our imagination. OUr imagination is the conduit for creation. You can’t make a million dollars flow through a ten-dollar imagination. Try to push a million dollars through that and that pipe will either stop flowing or burst. Imagining flowing a million dollars, and doing that imagining again and allows your pipe to gradually increase in size and capacity until it no longer resists a million dollar flow.

Remove as many doors and gates as possible

Toll booths are great restrictors. Take a lot of cars during rush hour traffic passing through a single toll both and you get a back-up that is miles long. Put a series of these “bottlenecks” along the freeway and the way isn’t so free anymore! In life, these gates are our beliefs and decisions. Beliefs and decisions are also called “gates” in program management. Indecision slow down flow and beliefs can practically close these gates to bring flow to a complete stop.

Make the path smooth

Smooth pipes are important when the pipes are long. Such smoothness is important when the magnitude of our desire requires some time to manifest. These rough features are the constant, nagging thoughts that are ever-present along the flow path of time. It is the ever-present, annoying voice that keeps saying , “Are you sure? Do you know what you’re doing? What are they going to think about this? This isn’t going to work!” A little of this may not stop you in the short term. But taken over a period of time, it may burn up just enough energy to stop short of your goal.

Make all changes as gradual as possible

This is one of the greatest hurdles to efficient flow. A lot of very sudden flow path changes in room and direction cause large losses of energy. In fact, when engineers actually want to slow down flow (there are times when this is advantageous) without changing the pipe size, they make the flow turn over and over again using corners or baffles. The more turns, the more energy is wasted.

That’s also what the Space Shuttle does during landing. The Shuttle comes in at a speed that is over the 25 times the speed of sound. But to land, it has to really, really slow down. To do this, the Space Shuttle does a series of turns. Each turn slows the Shuttle more and more until it is slow enough to land.

How does this apply to life?

We often want to change things from where we are because of dissatisfaction. The biggest temptation is to just change things immediately. For many, this occurs with jobs and careers. The bigger and more drastic the change, the more resistance there is. It is easy to tell. When the change feels scary, and dangerous, then you are embarking on a sudden change.

I did this when I moved from the West to the East coast for a job that took me from engineer to manager, with no previous experience in management. I made the move for prestige rather than for the joy of the work. It was very scary and a likely disaster.

I knew it, I felt it and I ignored it.

It went against everything I knew about flow. The change was too sudden. I lost a lot of energy, not just in my physical health, but also in my financial state. That move was a financial disaster. I was able to rectify the change more gradually later (with the change occurring over a year rather than a few weeks) through which I gained both prestige and money back.

Flow is always most efficient where there is least resistance.

When we create a goal, we start to move towards that goal. There is a way, unseen to us, that allows us to flow from point A to point B with the least…angst! Force our way there by our intellect, and we can feel the resistance in stress and worry. Go with the flow, and we get there easily, putting our trust on the clear vision and wisdom of our Higher Selves.

Our intuition and emotions are the keys. These are part of life’s “tricorder” that points us in the right direction.

Just go with the flow.

How To Harness the Power of Your Life’s Flow – Energy

In the physical world, it very well-known that energy is neither created nor destroyed, but merely converted from one form to another.

Einstein also proved that matter and energy are one and the same thing. In other words, mass is nothing more that and enormous amount of condensed energy.

Ergo, anything we want, whether it be things, events or relationships, are also condensed or converted energy.

Then, the more energy we have, or more precisely, the more energy we can harness, the more likely we are to get what we want. Life’s flow is dependent on the total energy we have access to.

The question is a matter of form.

The Yoga disciplines explain that the human body is merely the coarse form of more subtle refined bodies. Of course, this body is the only one we see. Wrapped around the physical form are other bodies, one wrapped around the other like an onion, each one more energetic than the next with access to dimensions and powers unseen.

The physical body utilizes physical energy drawn from food and air to produce energy needed for physical work.

But metaphysical work can’t make use of physical matter. It’s like the perfect making use of the imperfect to create the perfect. However, by using the physical body as a model, we can extrapolate that the metaphysical realm must use a parallel but more refined type of energy to create our manifestations.

It’s like comparing (in very imperfect terms) the steam engine to the rocket engine. A steam engine runs on coal. But there is absolutely no way that a coal engine can propel the Space Shuttle to low earth orbit! The tremendous work of lifting four-and-a-half million pounds into the air needs a more refined, highly energetic fuel using powerful rocket engines. On the other hand, you can strap a rocket engine to a Model T and race it, dangerously, along California’s 5 Freeway!

Metaphysical work requires metaphysical energy to create both metaphysical and physical manifestations. Energy can create “downwards” but not “upwards”. Our physical form cannot create metaphysical objects.

That means we, as physical mortal beings, need to create, or attract, our manifestations through our much greater, much more energetic metaphysical forms, forms that we have so much trouble being aware of. Fortunately for us, our Higher Self is much more aware of us, and need only have a clear template from which to work from.

And this we do through Imagination. We create the template (the visualization) in the minds, and with absolute desire (emotion) transmit that template to our Higher Selves which has all the resources available. Just like any engineering blueprint, it has to be clear, involving as much of the physical senses as possible – how it looks, how it sounds, and especially how it feels!

That’s just how NASA built the Space Shuttle and the International Space Station. Someone put the idea on paper, creating a clear template from which to base the final product on. From that concept, came reams of drawings that allowed engineers to create millions of parts, which went to other engineers who put the parts together. Then other engineers filled the tanks and assembled the procedures required to lift off these heavy parts to low earth orbit. From the template of one man, a juggernaut of an organization made it real.

The energy to place fly the Space Shuttle and the International Space Station did not come from the one person. It came from the organization of which that one person was a part of. It was the organization’s energy that made it real. This is the model for metaphysical creation. We just don’t have the eyes to see the marvelous orchestration in work. With our physical awareness, all we can do….is trust.

That’s the power of Imagination. The energy to manifest does not come from our physical sources. All the food and exercise is meant for the body. But an even greater Energy source, something that parallels our own physical energy to a much finer and much grander degree, builds our “reality”.

Our job, as physical life engineers, is to create a clear template to project to our Higher, much more aware, Selves to build. We are the designers. Once our design is clear, we “email” our design to our Higher Selves using the power of our emotions.

Our emotions are the transmission power. Strong emotions, burning desires, send out strong and clear “wifi” signals. Weak emotions send our weak, garbled, hardly understandable signals that often drops out. That’s why much of our waffling and “so-so”, “whatever” desires never come to fuition – not enough signal power.

We don’t need to work so hard. We just need to be clear and let our more powerful Selves do the work. A million dollars is a hardship for most of us, but for Bill Gates, that’s a drop in the bucket. Wouldn’t you feel better if you had plans for a million dollars with Bill Gates backing you up? How about having a million Bill Gates?

Or beyond…..

The Science of the Flow of Life

Flow is everywhere. It’s part of life.

We talk about the flow of water through rivers, the flow of traffic, the flow of conversation and even the flow of light particles. Even money flows. Where there’s life, there’s flow.

Life flows from birth to death, from relationship to relationship, from event to event, from manifestation to manifestation.

From a scientific point of view, flow is simply moving things from one place to another as efficiently as possible. As engineers design flow systems, they are ever concerned with efficiency since efficiency means saving energy.

All flow, when you boil down things to their essence, is simply the movement of energy…of any kind.

What if we apply engineering design principles to the flow of life? What life strategies can we implement?

Engineers do two basic things to improve flow. First, they increase energy and second, they reduce resistance.

Flow and Energy are linked. High energy means high flow. That’s why towns and cities build water towers. The higher the position of the water source (higher energy) the higher the water pressure and the better water flows through taps. The higher the energy, the more powerful the force of our flow.

Life is that way. When we are at a high, things flow well. When we are at a low, we can’t seem to flow at all.

What give us this kind of energy?

Positive emotion!

Emotion, more than any other energy source, powers the human spirit. This is really so easy to prove. Runners know this all too well. Take a drive down any street and watch joggers. How many of them listen to music as they run? Why? Because music is emotional and its raises emotional energy. Physical energy draws much of its power from emotions!

Emotion, the high kind, is power for flow!

Once enough energy is raised, engineers then minimize resistance to flow. They increase the sizes of pipes so that there is more room for the water to flow. They minimize the number of valves along the way because each valve is like a doorway that crowds have to pass through. They avoid sharp turns because moving around sharp turns is like trying to run at high-speed around the corner of a corridor.

For life flow, we encounter these resistances as opposing thought, negative emotions, and limiting beliefs. These are anything that moves in opposition to where you want your energy to flow.

Sometime we want to move directly from one place to another but there is a mountain in the way. We encounter life’s mountains all the time. We can either make our flow more efficient by blasting through the mountain, or we can build a flow path around it.

That’s when life “throws us a curve”. Whether you have to blast through a mountain or lay additional pipe, additional energy is incurred.

Then it becomes a matter of which expends the least energy.

The key thing is to always keep the end product in mind. From our limited point of view, we can’t see the mountains. The flow of life is being designed and managed by our Higher Selves. To get where we want to go, we need to keep the goal in mind, improve our emotional level, then avoid resistance by following the signs that we are given.

In other words, go with the flow!

The path of flow need not always be straight. But the more gentle the turns in the flow path, the more powerful the flow can be. Try to make a change too quickly and we easily find ourselves losing a significant amount of energy, whether than be time or money.

My own experience has been to set the goal, then go with the flow. Allow changes to occur gently and gradually. It requires patience and trust. With this life strategy, I tend to get what I want in the easiest and happiest way possible.


The Magic of the Personal Magnetic Field – Lessons from the Magnet

Have you ever wondered where the invisible force of a magnet comes from?

Scientists will explain to you that a magnet, like all physical entities, have microscopic magnets (known as dipoles) in their make-up. Unlike the physical magnet, the directions of these microscopic magnets in most material are randomly aligned such that their attractive field cancel each other out.

Result? Nada! No power whatsoever!

The physical magnet, on that other hand, has all its microscopic magnets pointing in the same direction so that the combined fields of these little magnets join forces to create the great attractive force.

Now, you’ve got the power!

But where does this force come from?

And what does this have to do with personal magnetism?

I’m glad you asked!

The physical magnet is a physical representation, a simplified model, of a much more complex and much more powerful metaphysical magnet – the human being. Us!

We are magnets too, with the power to attract or repel whatever we set our minds to, whether we are aware of it or not. Like the physical magnet, the power of our metaphysical magnet depends on the alignment of our thoughts, feelings and beliefs. When these are random and undecided, we are powerless. Once decided and aligned, we start to generate a powerful magnetic force.

Need proof? Have you ever been attracted to a highly popular charismatic personality who radiates great attractive force? Have you also ever been repelled by other personalities to bring doom and gloom to any gathering? We are magnets! We can attract, as well as repel.

But it’s not limited to your personal relationships. Have you ever encountered people who are always lucky? How about those who always attract bad luck? It’s the same thing. It’s a matter of the dominant nature of each person’s magnetic field.

It is clear that our thoughts and feelings are the key “dipoles” in the creation of our metaphysical attractive force. When thoughts and feelings are aligned in one directions, that is, when there is no internal and even unconscious conflict, then magnetic power exists.

The nature of the magnetic power depends on the positivity or negativity of your thoughts and feelings. Point these in the negative direction, and its power can destroy just as effectively as positive power can create. It behooves us to work towards positive magnetic energy.

But where does this force come from?

The answer can be found in the simple magnet. It’s built-in! It’s there! It’s part of our nature. We simply don’t know how to use it! The Great Video Game Designer put it there for a purpose. Magnets are the portals for energy transfer. Electrical generators are powerless without them!

I don’t think anyone in this world (maybe some Ph.D. in the University of Somewhere) has a full understanding of where the force of a physical magnet comes from. We all learned that energy cannot be created or destroyed. So what was converted to give the magnet its power? And how come it lasts for such a long time? What’s sustaining it?

I personally believe it is because of dipoles – polarity. When you split something in two at the microscopic (quantum?) level, there is a strong force that wants to reunite the split parts. Prevent the parts from re-joining and the force remains. Add enough of these force packets and you may have enough to be used for practical purposes. The force flows from one pole to the opposite pole in an everlasting attempt for unity.

Magnetic science shows that magnetic field FLOWS through a magnet. The stronger the flow of magnetic lines through a magnet, the stronger the attractive force.

I believe the Yogis and the Taoists understood this, but in their own spiritual way. These disciplines teach of an Energy called Prana, or Chi. It is all around us and flows through our body, very much in the same was as a magnetic field FLOWS through a magnet. Yoga and Chi Kung strive to increase the flow of Prana or Chi through the body. In advanced work, this energy can be projected from the body to affect others. These disciplines teach that the body has lower and higher poles, and that the body is also a microscosm of the entire creation!

The stronger the flow between the body poles, the stronger the field. The Yogis and Taoists practice flowing this Prana or Chi through breathing and mental concentration and visualization. The stronger the flow of this intrinsic energy, the more magnetic, in many different ways, a person becomes.

Flow is the secret to personal magnetism.

Would you like to know more about this personal magnetic energy? The eastern descriptions are a bit hard to understand because of the esoteric nature of the discussions. However, there is a little know book by T.Q.Dumont called “The Art and Science of Personal Magnetism”. It describes his theory about the creation and projection of personal magnetism that I have personally used effectively. It explains what he calls “nerve force”. By his description, it is the same energy as Prana and Chi, and is the refined energy that the physical magnet’s field is based on.

Otherwise, you can study up on magnets and see how a magnet truly works and apply that to your own feelings, thoughts and beliefs…Nah! Not unless you want to dig into all the math…yes, personal magnetism can be describes through mathematics. Imagine that!

The attractive field of the physical magnet is a microcosm of the larger, more complex magnetic field that we, as human beings generate. We were born with it, and we take it with us when we leave this world. We were born magnets and live as magnets. We were less resistant to magnetism as children. As adults, our logic tends to get in the way and adds, what in magnetism is called, reluctance, a resistance to magnetic flow. We have a lot to learn from children. Or maybe, we have a lot of things to remember.

Whatever we infuse our magnetic fields with, that is what we attract. Magnets don’t attract everything, just what is consistent with the nature of their magnetic fields.

Next, how do we design the nature of our attractive magnetic fields?