A Story of Point

Point lives in a two-dimensional world.  He is surrounded by millions of other points living in the same world.  Point can move from place to place and when he does, he leaves a line that shows his path.

When Point want to go someplace, he never seems to go straight to that place.  He finds himself taking unusual routes and sometimes encountering other points in their journey to their destinations.

Point wonders why things never so directly to where he wants to go.  Sometimes, he seems to be going away from where he wants to go.  Sometimes, he just stops and suddenly finds himself in a totally different place, unaware of how he got there in the first place.  He sees points get born and he sees them die only to reappear in some other area of two-dimensional space-time.

Sometimes, Point is sure he is going to get to his destination and sometimes he doesn’t.  Sometimes it can happen quickly and sometimes it takes the longest time.   When he wants to go left, he finds himself moving towards the right or instead of going forward, he goes backwards.

He sees other points moving towards their destinations and find that some are moving quickly while most seem to move in random directions.  Sometimes, they are just standing still.

One day, Point wanted to know why things were the way they were.  Was everything random?  Was there any reason to the strange paths some points take in their lives?  Why does life sometimes take points towards their goal and why life sometimes oppose them?

Things should be easy!  Just move in the direction of your goals and take control of your actions and you will get to your destination.  But why so many detours?  Why are there other points and lines in his way?  Is there any rhyme and reason to all the things that happen to points?

One day, Point did something very strange.

Point looked up!

Other points thought he was weird.  No points look up!

Why look up?  There was no such thing as “up” in a two-dimensional world!  All the scientists and rational points said we can only perceive two dimensions and time!  But something made Point look upwards and Point looked for a long time.  Somehow, he knew there was such as thing as “Up”.

Point kept gazing upwards asking for a sign, for enlightenment.

One day, Point was given a gift.  He was able to move up!  He climbed something, and from a new vantage point, he saw something and began to understand.  His awareness grew.  He began to remember something he already knew, but not as a point.  He was no longer just a point!  He was something much greater!


He was part of something called a pen!  Each point just the tip of a pen, manifested from many other unseen points.  He was in a world of infinite number of points arranged in three physical dimensions!  He saw other pens on top of similar points.  From his new vantage point, he could now see that the movement of lines in his any other points’ lives were not random at all but part of an expression of forms that meant something!

When he looked down for the first time, from his new awareness, he recognized letters, words, sentences and paragraphs.  He could see pens moving. not in random patterns, but it intelligent lines and curves each one meaning something profound.  Everything had meaning!

There was nothing random after all.  All the lines, all the gaps, all the detours were part of a whole story written by a larger consciousness of which he was a part.  He came from one of  countless pens, becoming part of a line, a curve, a letter, a word in two-dimensional space, sometimes to leave it and then return to it, etching another mark, another set of points, another life!

Then Point wondered..

Was there any more?

So, Point looked upward again.


Am In Awake or Am I Still Dreaming?

I woke up one day with an epiphany.

While I was asleep, I didn’t know I was dreaming.

Now that I am awake, how sure am I that I am really awake?  What if I am just dreaming a more lucid dream in just another level of soul-sleep?

When I am asleep, my subconscious mind constructs a drama that seems natural or normal.  I don’t question any of the weird things (and there were a lot!)  in my dream that I would consider unusual or impossible when I am awake.

If I am in a more lucid dream, then my mind is also constructing my life drama around my dominant thoughts, my unconscious imagination and my belief system, just as my subconscious mind did in my sleeping dream.  In other words, my life is just a reflection of who I am, what my dominant thoughts are, and what I believe is possible or impossible at this moment.

Then, that’s why spiritual sciences call the material Creation a grand illusion!  It is a construct as pliable as modeling clay!  It just flows and changes with the life template embedded in your mind.  When your mind is red, your world turns red.  Think blue and you see blue all over the place.

So, if the mind constructs the drama, then changing the plot, the belief system, must change the direction of life drama.  Just like in a sleeping dream, we don’t have direct control over the events in the dream, yet the dream drama continues within the confines of our subconscious thoughts and beliefs.  That is the whole idea behind dream therapy.

What if the same is true while we are “awake”?  We don’t truly have any control over the events in our lives (though we may fool ourselves into thinking so) but these events unfold in accordance with our belief system.  That is why we see patterns in our lives and why we can almost predict what is going to happen in our future.

We must be able to redirect our life drama by changing the premise of the drama itself.  We don’t need to control the drama.  We just need to choose the premise and give it our attention.

That is where imagination comes in.

Our environment has programmed negativity into our belief system and we are usually unaware of how we tend to reinforce that by negative imagination.

Because of this, negative imagination is easy.  Imagining well-being is harder.

But disciplined, deliberate imagination is the key towards changing that belief system.  Consciously change your beliefs (not lip service) and your life drama changes.  You can’t control specific life events, but you can choose the essence of those events by changing your beliefs.  Then it does not matter how events evolve because they will always conform to your belief system and the depth and breadth of your imagination.

If you change your beliefs and expectations towards the positive, then life must reflect that back to you.  That’s why life is just an illusion.   It is a play.  It is theatre.  It is a drama that revolves around the main themes and images that your entertain, develop and protect in your mind.

Change you mind, consciously choose only feel-good thoughts and pictures, and you give the Universe the well-being theme around which to build your life!

Imagine Being Rich…

“Everybody needs money.”

I overheard this one morning in a coffee shop.  I had been hearing a lot of this lately.  I get these daily reminders that money is a major issue in almost everyone’s life.

I don’t have any current issues with money and I consider myself pretty well off.  So, I asked myself, “Would I consider myself rich?”

I read “Rich Dad, Poor Dad”.  I am not a business owner.  I am an employee with a fixed income.  That would put me in the Poor Dad category.  Is that so bad?

But I tried being Rich Dad and that didn’t seem to work very well for me.

I  once followed the Rich Dad advice.  I tried starting a business.  I did all the dream building things – visiting mansions, sitting in brand new cars, reading about rich people’s lives, investing in businesses, talking to people (I am an introvert, and INFJ), attending sales seminars, listening to inspirational talks and reading book after book after book, searching for inspiration.  I focused on money for money’s sake.

But that was the problem.  I found no inspiration in being Rich Dad.  My passions were in the mind, in intuition, in solving engineering problems, in exploring the mysteries of the Universe and creating new, innovative rocket designs!   The money wasn’t it!  In fact, for me, the work required for getting wealth was a chore, not a joy!  it was something I had to force myself do!

I was one of the weird ones who was not motivated by money.

Rich Dad is not for everyone.

But, of course, like everyone else, I needed money.  Money is necessary, money is important!  You can’t barter (or hardly can) anymore and you sure can’t trade favors for a new house!  You can’t buy food without money and you cannot have a magical life if you are constantly in need of it to pay your bills!

Yes, like everyone, I do need money.  But I am not needy!

I started to realize that millionaires and billionaires do what they do because, for them, making money is fun!  It’s wasn’t about the money at all!  It was about the fun of creating and discovering  new ways to make something from almost nothing!  It was their passion!   While I don’t share their passion for money, I do share their passion for creation and discovery.  My mind was in the stars, in the laws of physics, in the metaphysics of creation, in subject matters too far removed from the hallowed  halls of business.

It’s not the money!  Money is just the by-product of passionate work.

I just wanted to make much more money than I spent and devote my time and energy to understanding the mechanics and laws of the Universe.  And that is how I came to learn that being rich can be seen in a different way.  Being rich is a ratio – a ratio of money made to money spent, regardless of how many zeros were in the numerator and denominator.  Thus, the fisherman is just as rich as the tycoon (see my blog about the fisherman and the tycoon).  This was something I could easily wrap my imagination around.

I remember the story of a physicist who lived in his van by the beach doing the two things he loved the most all year round – physics and surfing.  That, to me, is a rich and magical life.

So am I rich?  Yes!  Am I wealthy?  No!  But would I trade my engineering and metaphysical work and my middle class life for the luxurious world of a billionaire tycoon?

Not in your life!

In this way, I am rich beyond measure.

Imagination is Reality

Nothing is more misunderstood and underutilized as the human power of imagination.  To most, imagination is nothing more than the act of daydreaming or the formation of mental pictures from which human hands form works of art and the marvels of technology.

Even then, artistic credit is given to the action of the hands rather then the power of imagination itself.

But imagination is so much more.

Imagination is not limited to artistry and the creation of technology.

Its power is behind the very drama of everyday human life.

Whatever one can imagine will eventually become a reality.  What was once considered magic is now called science.  What was once called fiction is now a reality.  What were once dreams of human civilization are now integral to today’s society.

But that is just the tip of the iceberg.

Imagination is behind every event, every situation, every condition in our lives.  Imagination is the ax that carves the template of our belief system upon which our very life drama is based.  It is the creation of the source code of our life’s operating system.  The conditions of our lives find their genesis in the images we unconsciously entertain every second of our days.

Imagination produces our successes and our failures.  It forms and breaks relationships.  It creates money, or throws it away.  It leads to our destiny, creating seemingly random events which interlock, forming a magnificent jigsaw puzzle of life, presenting a complete picture that conforms to our belief system.  Life simply progresses within the boundaries of our imagination, presenting ever similar patterns regardless of place, time and character.

Imagination is the cause.  Life is the effect.

Creating a magical life means probing the boundaries of our imagination, understanding those repeating patterns of images we entertain, realizing how self limiting they are, then choosing to entertain and cultivate only those images that we wish to see in our lives.

We may not be able to control the drama of our lives, but we have the  power to choose the essence, the plot, around which the drama revolves.

What we imagine is not just the basis for reality.  Imagination is reality!  Imagination is magic, and magic is just science misunderstood.